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Chapter 117 - A tangle of soul substances.

117,1. Mathael then said: “Oh, what a tremendously large cluster is floating in our direction from the area of the town! It is coming closer and closer. Look, look, how it surges in a disorderly way and coils like a snake! What are all these strange shapes?! I note the clearly distinguishable ones like oxen, cows, calves, sheep, chickens, doves, all kinds of other birds, flies, all kinds and species of beetle; donkeys, also some camels, cats, dogs, a few lions, fish, adders, snakes, lizards, crickets, straw, all kinds of wood, masses of grain, clothes, fruit, even all kind of tools and a great variety of things which I do not recognise! What does this signify?! Are these also souls, which have been sewn into an extremely large, completely transparent sack and are swirling around inside it like loose chaff in a whirlwind?!”

117,2. I reply: “These are souls or, in some cases, spirits of a lower order, an unfortunate assembly which has clung together for some time, and which will only part company, when it has ripened further inside the sack in which it is being nourished.

117,3. Everything that exists anywhere on earth is soul substance. If something should destroy its material cohesion by whatever means and therefore set the soul free, it will then revert to its earlier materiality and remain in that form for some time. If in time this configuration becomes more mature with increased intelligence, it will gradually begin to leave the old form behind and progress to a form with a greater life potential.

117,4. This tangled cluster is a vehicle to collect everything; any object which has gone through a fire and has been destroyed by that fire is to be found in this tangle as soul substance, with some intelligence attached. The fact that they are all caged together and intermingled in this sack is attributable to fear.

117,5. If for example at any place on earth large upheavals of the elements are shortly about to take place - this phenomenon being of course caused by a major movement among the spirits or the souls in nature - all the animal souls become very anxious. The different animal species start to consort with each other in quite a friendly way and form a very peaceful community. The adder no longer bothers about its venom, nor do the other snakes; fiercer animals do not attack peaceful lambs; the bee and the wasp put away their stings just as a warrior sheathes his sword inside its scabbard. In short, everything changes its character. Even the plant world allows heads to hang down sadly and no plant raises its shy head before the calamity is over.

117,6. With the exception of mankind, everything which has been destroyed by this catastrophe in reality unites afterwards with every other thing in their soul substances, but they all continue to remain fearful, and if necessary protect that substance in an outer skin. When this loosely bound soul cluster has floated around for about a century and the original individual elements of these souls have become more closely consolidated one with the other, they begin in time to form a single entity and as a result one, or even several, quite powerful natural human souls emerge.

117,7. This cluster drifting before us contains everything which was destroyed by the fire at Caesarea Philippi and will require more than a hundred years to develop fully. However more than a hundred mature natural human souls will then penetrate the light outer skin and follow the way of the flesh for about another hundred years.

117,8. During conflagrations or when volcanoes erupt or even during major floods, similar clusters gather. If there are few animal elements, the transformation process takes longer, but if there is a mixture of animal elements, as in this case, the time span is normally shorter.

117,9. It does not necessarily follow that from a cluster containing no animal souls, nature human souls will still develop. It can also happen that natural animal souls or even again the souls of more noble plant life will emerge, although the latter normally develops from the vapour given off by decay, from all kinds of volcanic geysers or from clouds of smoke.

117,10. In short, if with vapours it can be shown that they either originate from decaying coarse animal substances or also from coarse plant material or only result from fermentation processes in minerals, all kinds of plant-life souls develop and combine. The coarsest parts form roots, the somewhat more refined parts the leaves and the most noble parts, if there should be the possibility of producing flowers, may combine with a plant-life soul bursting from its germ to become active. In so doing it will bring about the blissful propagation of seeds and their new germs.

117,11. The least refined elements in these plant-life soul remain in substances like the trunk and the wood fibre, the next higher grade goes into the construction of tender leaves, the third grade controls the production of the fruit itself, including the steps which take place before and after fruition, and the flawless ones work together in an intelligent germ life, which has the ability either to germinate in the creation of similar new life or to start the old process again from the beginning. Alternatively it may immediately combine with the soul of an animal or even of a human by being consumed by that animal or that human as the case may be.

117,12. Therefore man mainly enjoys the fruit produced by plants so that the plant germ souls can immediately unite with his own soul, while the coarser parts in the core and the fruit combine with the blood, the flesh, the cartilage and the bone. After the transformation this is still impure and has to be purified by completing several cycles in the plant kingdom until it has fully matured as a germ spirit and is taken up by a new animal soul or even by a human. Now you know in outline how these clusters originate, what happens to them and what their destiny is. You can now therefore continue your observation and see whether another revelation will appear!

117,13. This that you are now seeing here is the explanation of Jacob’s ladder. When he climbed up he saw the link between heaven and earth as well as the life forces and the thoughts of God as they ascended and descended. {Gen..28 21ff}. Jacob certainly saw the vision, but neither he nor anyone else has ever understood it to this day I have now have revealed it to you; but to achieve that aim you all had to be placed in a sort of sleep brightly lit by the ball of light so that you could see Jacob’s ladder and finally understand My explanation as to how heaven and earth are linked by that same ladder - one rung always leading to the next. - Look over the lake using the insight of your spirit or rather of your soul, and tell Me what you see!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-117 Chapter