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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-118 Chapter

Chapter 118 - The nature of oxygen.

118,1. For once Zinka says: “Lord, I see on the surface of the water what appears to be an immense number of fiery snakes moving to and fro. Some are diving below the surface but their speed of movement is not hampered by the mass of water. I see right to the bottom of the lake and at the bottom there are numerous monsters of all kinds, also countless shoals of fish, all of them snapping at these fiery snakes. If a fish or one of the monsters devours one or more of these snakes, they become more excited and active and these water beings display a real expression of lust.

118,2. I now also see these fire snakes in their swarms drifting around in the air although these ones are much smaller and less brightly lit up and their swarms are denser above the water. Birds which habitually enjoy themselves above the surface of the water at night do not seem to seem to like them very much; but the fish are jumping out of the water to catch them. Those floating on the water shine with the brightest light and move with the speed of arrows! What are they, Lord? How should we understand this display?”

118,3. I say: “This that you see there is the actual nutrient which sustains life; it is the salt of the air and the salt of the sea; and at some time in the future natural scientists will call this element oxygen. They will not see it, but will establish its presence or even its complete absence and be able to determine its properties.

118,4. Water, as the main life-giving element in plants, animals and people, must have oxygen in abundance, especially the large oceans on this earth. The animals in the water could not live, if their element did not always contain a plentiful supply of this substance..

118,5. This material is originally the true soul substance and corresponds to thoughts before they have been assembled as a concept. But if you find this soul-life materiality consolidated in a sufficient quantity, it will soon take shape either in a living form, which means that it is soft and mobile, or completely rigid like a rock or a piece of dead wood. Just look especially on the shore, and in some places you will discover strange, pin-pricks of light. These originate from the activity of this life substance as it consolidates.

118,6. You can see now how our fiery snakes are here and there gathering in clusters in their hundreds and thousands. These clusters, which are formed as if by chance, give off a particularly bright light for a short period of time. This intense light comes at the moment when a large number of these fire snakes of life lock themselves into a cluster and this action results in a concept in a form which is already complete.

118,7. Once the shape is established, a rest position is reached and the special lighting effect ceases; but this means that a creative event has already taken place. This is revealed either in the form of a crystal or as a seed germ or an egg or even already shaped as a complete water animal or at the very least a small mossy water plant, - which is also the reason why your human eyes frequently see shallow, flat areas on the shore which are richly provided with all kinds of water plants. In places where this plant life is present in abundance, there will also be no shortage of all kinds of water animals, large and small.

118,8. You will now ask now who models these life spirits, one of which looks exactly the same as the next, into shapes which are either stiff or have an active life?! This question will best be answered by My Raphael. Come, Raphael, speak to us and show how practical you are!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-118 Chapter