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Chapter 119 - Raphael presents how the organic beings were created.

119,1. At this, Raphael comes forward and says: “God in Himself is eternal and infinite. Infinite space is filled by Him alone. As the most noble most pure and most exalted thought and the eternally perfected concept developed within and originating in His own Being, He can only continue, as has happened for all eternity, to generate thoughts throughout the whole of His infinite space, which is full of these thoughts emanating from Him. We (the primordial angels), being His concepts of life which have already matured over time spans unimaginable to you people and are now independent examples full of light, wisdom, cognition and will-power, have an infinite number of servile spirits under us, who lend a hand so to speak, recognising our wishes and giving them effect immediately.

119,2. The pure thoughts of God are the substance, out of which everything which infinity contains, has been created -while we alone originally came into existence only through the will of the highest and most almighty spirit of God - but then all these objects and beings were channelled through us, as we are and were the first and the most perfect vehicles to receive the thoughts and ideas coming from God. This is how matters will remain from now on and for ever more, but in a more refined and increasingly more perfect manner.

119,3. We take the concepts of life which come from God, which make themselves visible to you in the shape of long tongues of fire, and we then combine them and shape them continuously within ourselves into forms and beings according to God’s ordinance. If you were to be asked, from which source God, or we ourselves as His constant servants, messengers and labourers, have taken the physical substances to construct these beings - and you now have the answer in front of you! These snake-like, long tongues of fire are the spiritual building blocks from which everything has been created which all eternity contains as the essence of its materiality.

119,4. How this is achieved, the Lord Himself has already shown you very clearly. However you will only then gain clear insight into and comprehensive understanding of the true concept of life when you yourself enter God’s presence having completely achieved spiritual perfection in life and no longer burdened by the weight of the flesh

119,5. It is however the will of the Lord, and now within your power, that you shall see how we mighty, long- established servants of God are able to transform God’s thoughts, as they hover around us in space, into shapes and beings. Look with the eyes within your souls and you will have an experience which no mortal has ever had on this earth before!

119,6. Look how, in the name of the supreme God, I have now asked the spirits who help me, to bring a large quantity of this necessary materiality here to me! You can see that we now have a brightly shining cluster of these long fiery tongues before us and that its only form is than that of a round ball of fire! Just look how these fiery long tongues clutch each other and crowd together, as if each of them wished to creep insinuate itself into the very centre! It gradually appears that after a while they are coming to rest. Nevertheless this is not a rest position, merely an obstacle to movement caused by the increased pressure as they strive to reach the centre.

119,7. Why then does each one thrust towards the centre? The answer is that if I have various balls of some substance to throw and they are of similar size, then the one which is heaviest can be thrown at the highest speed and will travel the farthest distance; alternatively, if the distances are equal and the start time simultaneous, the heaviest will surely arrive first at its target! It is the same with the endless flow of essential thoughts emanating from God. Among them there are some which are, so to speak, quite heavy ones which are almost already developed as an idea, while some less heavy ones are still just very mature thoughts; then there are lighter thoughts which are less mature and less brightly lit, followed by fresh ones which are nebulous and finally those which are very light and airy. They are the ones which can be compared to the early germination of a seed or, perhaps better, the first buds on a tree. In themselves they are already something, but have not as yet reached the required divine development so that, looking at them in isolation, one could say: ‘They will develop this or that shape!’

119,8. If one of us now wishes to create a being from this life substance now known to you, in accordance with God’s ordinances and properly following, as he must, the innermost driving forces of the supreme spirit, he asks the spirits who serve him to bring together an adequate quantity of this substance of which you now have sufficient knowledge; and in this context it as easy for the spirit to understand as for the eye to see the materiality physically and that the heavier thoughts will arrive more quickly than the lighter or the very light ones. The heaviest clearly form the centre, while the lighter ones, arriving later, must be content with positions progressively more remote, while the very light ones will form the extremities.

119,9. As the central thoughts are already well nourished, the more empty, poor and still hungry ones cling to their richer neighbours to obtain some satisfaction from their excess. You therefore already have the picture before you, which shows how and why the outermost long fiery tongues continuously strive for the centre of the cluster, finally seeming to come slowly to rest, although their efforts are undiminished to reach a position as close as possible to the centre in order to be able to consume more of the nutritious core.

119,10. Here you therefore have a cluster, which is still to a large extent very hungry and does not wish to settle for anything less than complete satisfaction. It is similar to a spherical polyp in the sea which sucks its food from the mud of the seabed with its thousands upon thousands of little suckers until the polyp finally starts to grow bumps due to overindulgence and using these he can reach out further and in time even change his position. Its gluttonous arms also give it a unique and more distinctive look which is significantly different from its original spherical shape.

119,11. All of you are secretly astonished by my presentation of the origin of a being as I have based my explanation on its primordial beginning and its shape, but this is how it can only be and could never be otherwise. Just look around you at the outward appearance of other things and you will make the same discovery only too easily and quickly!

119,12. Just take for example the ovary of a hen and consider carefully the little clusters that are the eggs! Some of them you will note to be still very small, like small peas, others are already like berries, and others again like small apples. Inside a light covering is nothing but the yellowish yoke substance! How shapeless this being is!

119,13. Now this core substance becomes more nourished and begins to surround itself with the egg-white. As feeding continues the coarsest substance becomes separated from the white. It does not however move away from the egg, but deposits itself as a very firm shell around the egg which serves to protect it from damage when it is laid by the hen. Now consider the finished egg and how different is it from the first embryonic egg in the mother’s body!

119,14. Now the hen sits on the egg and warms it for a time. What changes take place inside the egg! In the yoke there is movement and a change of order, the right thoughts (the long fiery tongues) find and join with each other and attract their nearest neighbours to themselves. They combine again partly with the first group and even more firmly with each other, also immediately drawing in their closest outer neighbours, the lighter ones, to themselves. Within a short time you will already discover the little chicken’s heart, head, eyes, entrails, feet, wings and little downy feathers. Once the being has progressed this far, the parts already arranged in order attract more and more compatible elements from the substances available to them and increasingly develop from moment to moment.

119,15. Once the shape and the organism has nearly been completely developed, during which continuous activity the original main and intermediate thinking is increasingly being strengthened, supported and saturated. It now begins to use its surplus life force, to enter the organism and take over the reins. The being then becomes visually alive and only then finishes its development.

119,16. Once it has been completely developed, the life thought which now pervades the whole organism - which is actually the soul - soon discovers that it is still imprisoned. It therefore becomes more active, breaks open the prison and walks completely exhausted and full of apprehension into the big wide world, because the soul does not yet feel sufficiently strong. It immediately starts to take in the food of the outside world, with the result that it immediately starts to grow again and this process continues until it has achieved a readily visible balance with nature in the outside world.

119,17. We now see a fully developed, fertile hen before us, which again has the ability to take in, partly from the air, partly from the water, but mainly coming from her organic food already incorporating them, the soul substances specifically designed to nourish the soul. In these, the spiritual elements are used for the further development of the soul of life itself while the coarser elements will serve not only to help in the preservation of the organism, but also in the creation of fresh little egg clusters from which, in accordance with the orderly process I have described to you, female hens or male cocks will emerge.

119,18. Gender has its origin in every case in the greater or lesser proportions of original weight, degree of maturity and strength of the basic thought generating the soul of life. If this thought is already fully matured from its inception, so that it is already in itself an idea, its development will result in a male being, while if the original basic life thought stands on the second and lighter level, its development will take female shape.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-119 Chapter