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Chapter 120 - Procreation in the animal and human being.

120,1. (Raphael:) ”The mating process in animals only provides the stimulus for the orderly activation of the basic thought which gives life to the soul and which is already present in the egg, since without this stimulus it would remain in its silent sated rest position, living off its immediate surroundings and in turn feeding them. This continues until they have mutually consumed each other down to the last particle. But this can also happen with the other eggs which have been stimulated during mating, if the necessary pre-requisites for later development are missing or are not available in the appropriate quantities.

120,2. With all animals the act of mating only serves to stimulate elements that are already present in the female body as plant and animal soul clusters continuously congregate in pre-determined numbers and formations at appropriate places in a mother’s body. Once they are there, they first arouse the mother, then in her aroused state she stimulates the male who then fertilizes the female - but not by the act of placing a new seed in the mother, only by the act of arousing the small cluster of life which is already present in her body.

120,3. This happens because the male seed, consisting of more free and unfettered life spirits, uses these properties to encourages the life spirits imprisoned in the little clusters of life within the mother to react positively, forcing them to play an active part. Without this compulsion they would remain in their state of sweet lethargy, would never combine with each other to shape and arrange the inner workings of a being. The spirits in the male seed continuously tease and irritate the life spirits in the female and give them no rest, while the maternal life spirits continuously oppose their efforts and sometimes, if they are very powerful, they can even cause the male seminal spirits to be still – a process which in animal husbandry is called ‘shedding’, which quite often occurs especially with cattle, but also with other animals and frequently even with people. The life spirits in the mother’s life clusters are designed too much to be at rest, rather than to enjoy any continuous, orderly activity. But once they are sufficiently and properly aroused, the process moves forward.

120,4. Consider closely this cluster of maternal life which we have here before us in full view! Look how it has already become calmer during the time taken up by my explanation to you! If I were to leave it like this, it would continue to strive to shrink to its rest position, as its component parts would increasingly be drawn towards its centre, would in fact suck it completely dry and finally it would all wither away. Because these life spirits are to some extent like little children, shy and fearful, who once they have cocooned themselves, take no more food from outside sources, preferring to suckle continuously at their maternal core, until they are compelled to shrink to a tiny cluster the size of a dot. Now however we will bring in powerful, primordial male life-spirits which are already aroused for the purpose, allow them to stroke these lethargic female clusters continually and you will observe the effect this has.

120,5. Look how, in accordance with the will of God, I have used the numerous subordinate spirits which serve me, to bring here the very brightly shining spirits of primordial thought life, which look like long fiery tongues and were playing down there on the water! Observe closely now how they start to tumble eagerly among the hovering female life clusters before us! Watch how all the smaller female life spirits have already begun to bestir themselves again and how they are trying to get rid of those lively, male spirits; but the males never give up, and the arousal of the female life spirits penetrates ever more deeply into the central core of their life!

120,6. Now even this core begins to stir and as the life spirits surrounding it become very hungry again because of the vigorous activity, they are obliged to take sustenance from the light of the male life spirits and this in turn causes them again to become brighter and fuller in themselves while the spirit of the principal central life thought also receives a similar input of male nourishment. Driven by this activity, the spirits surrounding the core are stimulated from within to become more and more organized into a kind of well-ordered bulwark. However, the more powerful life spirits towards the centre, now shining brightly, are fully aware of themselves, their purpose and their order and band themselves together according to their inclinations and how they are interrelated. Already you can see organic links forming and its outer skin now takes a shape which increasingly starts to resemble an animal being.

120,7. This activity and this struggle cause all life to become more in need of sustenance and this is increasingly supplied by the male. The outward life spirits become more and more organized and start to become more confident with the intrusive male spirits, the old fear and shyness disappears and this change is also transmitted to the spirits in the inner core. Everything begins to behave and move more freely, and as a result the being is made so perfect and within a very short time has developed to such an extent that you, the children of the Lord, can already determine which type of animal has begun to appear. Look how a very strong female donkey is emerging which the Lord wishes to remain and not vanish again!”

120,8. Hebram and Risa comment: “Our good friend Raphael must have a special urge to create donkeys! Two days ago he also rather astonished us by having one available so quickly!”

120,9. Says Raphael: “Let us disregard something that took place only to improve your education! Here, this female donkey signifies something completely different as she is is present as a necessary symbol of true humility for all of you. It is just the same with you people on earth, when you make your judgements and decisions too quickly, with the final result that normally only a donkey or at the very least a good part of one appears. Here my purpose was to illustrate quickly yo you how a creature develops from its primordial beginnings, but because it was rushed through quickly a female donkey appeared – just so that you could find something amusing in the outcome.

120,10. This female donkey will be covered by the donkey from yesterday. Next year a man from Jerusalem will buy the two of them, and her colt will be remembered for all time! {Matt. 21 02}

120,11. Enough of that however. It is sufficient that you have seen, how primordial life spirits (God’s individual thoughts) can be the source of a natural being, just as happened at the beginning of time. But if you wish, I can of course also produce other beings extremely quickly!”

120,12. Those present all said: “Mighty servant of the Lord, this is absolutely not necessary. This one quite wonderful example is more than enough for our education! More would only confuse rather than enlighten us!”

120,13. Raphael says: “Good, then listen to me a little longer! I have now shown to you the procreation and development process for one being, irrespective of its species, firstly emerging from the womb of a living mother and secondly, here and now, one produced at random, which is the option destined to be used and to continue in use on every new planet or on any newly formed island on an already established planet, as must always happen from time to time.

120,14. However you should not now associate this example with the birth and procreation of mankind, particularly on this earth - even though there are many similarities - because the underlying reasoning is very different!

120,15. A human female also contains some nature substance within herself; but if the act of procreation should take place in the manner familiar to everyone, a little cluster is also fertilized and aroused, but then plucked out like a single grape from a bunch, brought to the correct location and an already completed soul is added. The soul then cares for a time for this grape-like life form, until its substance has developed sufficiently for the soul, as it constantly contracts, to penetrate into the still very fluid and loosely assembled embryo, a process which it takes the soul two lunar months to complete. Once the soul has the embryo in the mother’s womb fully in its power, the child immediately becomes perceptibly alive and quickly grows to its pre-ordained size.

120,16. As long as the nervous system in the flesh of the child is not fully developed and remains inactive, the soul consciously and energetically works to control the body as necessary. Once the nervous system is fully formed and its spirit, as it continuously develops, becomes very active in an orderly way, the soul increasingly rests and finally falls asleep in an area near the kidneys. The soul is now no longer conscious of itself and merely vegetates, without any remembrance of its earlier exposed state in nature. It only begins slowly to awake a few months after birth as can be seen quite easily from its diminishing addiction to sleep, but requires a longer period of time to recover greater consciousness. When a child has a mastery of speech, then true consciousness enters the soul, but without any recollection of the past as that would certainly have any value during the further development of the soul.

120,17. However the soul, completely locked in the flesh, now sees and perceives at this time no other input than signals received from the senses of the body. It has no cognition of anything else within itself, as it is and must remain shrouded in darkness by the mass of flesh. The result isthat it does not know, most of the time, that it would have an existence even without the flesh. For a long time the soul identifies itself completely with the flesh, and a great deal is required to bring a soul locked in the flesh to the point at which it begins to consider and regard itself as an ego-centric being - which is again absolutely necessary. Without this conviction, a soul could not shelter a spirit within itself and certainly never arouse that spirit.

120,18. Only then, when the spirit starts to awaken in a soul does greater enlightenment pervade the soul. It begins to increase its self-knowledge and discovers deeply hidden characteristics within itself and of course it little knows what to do with them.

120,19. Only when the spirit and its mighty light become fully active in the soul will all recollection be restored to the soul, but of course everything will be bathed in a new light. No delusion or deceit any longer exists, only the brightest, most heavenly truth, and the soul is then at one with its divine spirit, and everything both within it and outside it is transformed to supreme joy and benediction!

120,20. Do you all now understand a little better the image of Jacob’s mysterious ladder? – I have now finished and the Lord Himself will continue to speak to you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-120 Chapter