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Chapter 121 - Reason for the revelations of the Lord.

121,1. “What can there be that we still do not understand?!” all those present said at the end of Raphael’s lesson.

121,2. Captain Julius added: “If this situation continues, we ourselves will be transformed into gods! If it were possible to retain this clairvoyance as long as we choose, we could, with suitable strengthening of our wills, become gods ourselves and perform miracles; but our psychic powers are the consequence of the presence of the magic light from the sphere over there. However our will is weak as is our cognition, and therefore we are and will remain weak!

121,3. When I just look on and consider all the things which are possible for this angel while not one iota of it all can be accomplished by a human being with the strongest will-power, it is only then that one recognizes the infinite gulf between God and mankind. The conclusion is readily to hand: God has everything and man nothing. While the great depth of God’s wisdom and power may please some people, they do not amuse me; as I feel only too clearly that I am a perfect nonentity compared with an angel like Raphael. What am I then compared to God?! No, no, the answer can only be: Nothing!

121,4. You know and grasp a great deal and observe miracle after miracle, with the result that they could all rob you of your sight and your hearing. If I were subsequently to try to use own will-power to find out if it could cause a long tongue of fire to obey and merely join one of these pure clusters - Oh no! - Not one single atom will move out of position, far less one of these tongues of fire! I therefore regard it as preferable, if I know and understand far less, because then there is no temptation to try to perform miracles. I am already becoming anxious and fearful because of this enormous amount of knowledge and cognition! Why then must I see, hear, grasp and know such an enormous amount of information?”

121,5. I reply: “The reason is so that you can also at the same time recognize, how insignificant man is in himself, and that his being, his knowledge, his cognition and his capability all totally depend on God alone!

121,6. With your own will-power you will of course never achieve anything, just as this angel would achieve nothing on his own but if you have made My will your own, then you will also have the same capability as this angel!

121,7. For now it is good that you should recognize and grasp all this, but at the same time you should also begin in a practical way to understand that your own will can do very little or even nothing at all outside your body. You can recognize and understand everything that the angel understands and recognizes; but if you have not made My will and also My wisdom your own, all this knowledge and cognition is of course of no value to you. If you are striving to be active, it will merely torture you. However, this is also beneficial as only through humility can a man become a man and a true child of God!

121,8. Moreover, this revelation is not shown to you to imitate, but merely so that you can completely recognize God in Me, and then even more resolutely do the things that I, as the Creator of all life, have taught you and commended to you in order to achieve perfection in life.

121,9. You must therefore first aspire to the rebirth of the spirit, since without it My will can not actively take root within you. If you can merely grasp My will in such a way that you voluntarily subordinate your will to Mine in your actions and put this diligently into practice, so that My will as adopted by you totally gains the upper hand, then My spirit will become fully alive in you and will soon permeate your whole being.

121,10. After you have first of all diligently practised My will, it will develop its full power and whatever the adoptive will wishes to happen, will happen, as in My own case. However, as I have said, only then - and not before!

121,11. your powers of cognition, however, should only be the reins which serve for you to draw your will into My own; since you must recognize through My deeds, that I am in reality the One I constantly say I am.

121,12. If you fully recognize this, it will be so much easier for you to follow My will, which is founded on everlasting, incontrovertible truth. This will enable you to take possession of it.

121,13. If someone recommends a road to you, and you notice as he speaks that he himself is not completely familiar with it, you will certainly hesitate to follow the road which he has pointed out and described to you. You will rather say: ‘We prefer to stay where we are!’ If on the other hand you can quite easily infer from someone’s description, that he is completely familiar with the road as he originates from the place to which the road leads and it seems that he has described it to you precisely and in detail, you will say: ‘He has knowledge and good will; he can not and does not wish to mislead us and we will unhesitatingly take that route!’ In this way, you will confirm your trust by subordinating your own will to the will of the other man who has expert knowledge and has shown you the best and most appropriate way!

121,14. Look how we have the same here! If I were to appear before you in a nebulous and mystical half-light, then some of your doubts would always remain and it would be very understandable if new doubts should enter your minds. However, as I have already revealed Myself to you in word and deed and in the most minute detail, showing you with all My wisdom, love and power, that I really am as I have introduced Myself to you, the outcome is certain! Firstly it is impossible for you to have any doubts concerning Me, and secondly the observance of My will, which is the only path your spirit can follow to be reborn again anew, must be very easy for you. In consequence, you must clearly recognize that to follow My will is not to take a step into the unknown, but rather that it will lead to the true reality of eternity. I believe you now see why I perform incredible feats before you and fully reveal Myself to you!

121,15. A completely wise master of his craft does nothing without good reason and, as such, nor do I. It is not only for your own sake that I teach you, but also so that you can then become teachers and guides, leading the way for your other blind brothers and sisters in My name. You must therefore be even more deeply aware of the secrets of My kingdom and of My being, and you must also understand your fellow men in their entire complexity from primordial origin to maximum possible perfection and the most complete resemblance to God!

121,16. Your most complete and positive trust can awaken similar trust in your disciples in the shortest time, and in this way they too can quickly look upon and understand the secrets which you can now see and grasp.

121,17. Have you understood Me and do you now understand why I have revealed all this to you?”

121,18. All those present say, deeply moved: “Yes, Lord, our Master and our God!”

121,19. I then say: “Now, wake up again in the physical world so that I can show you even more because you must recognize and understand other things more fully and comprehensively!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-121 Chapter