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Chapter 122 - The Lord reveals the inner being of Judas.

122,1. When I had spoken, everyone again began to see using the eyes of the flesh, completely amazed by everything they had seen and heard. They all began to praise Me in loud voices for about half an hour.

122,2. By loudly praising and glorifying Me, they expressed their recognition of the true depth of My life and then Judas Iscariot also came to Me and said: “Lord, for a long time I was uncertain in my belief; but now I too am fully convinced that You are genuinely Jehovah Himself, or at least one of His true sons! But there is something which I still can not understand about You and that is:-

122,3. How could You as Jehovah who is infinite, abandon Your infinity and confine Yourself within this extremely limited shape? Despite all this, however, the former infinity of space has remained just as it was when time began! You as Jehovah are infinite space itself! How can this space exist in its unblemished, endless condition if You as the infinite One Himself have adopted this restricted human form?!

122,4. Look, My Lord, this is quite an important question! If You could shine an appropriate light on it in Your reply, I shill be the most enthusiastic of all Your disciples - otherwise a small doubt will always trouble my soul!”

122,5. I say: “How is it possible that everyone else can now see and you alone have become blind?! Do you then think that this shell restrains Me?! Or is the active light from the sun only effective if it is totally enclosed in the area in which it is active?! How could you see it, if it were not to have reached far beyond its outermost surface skin?!

122,6. I am only the everlasting focal point of My Self; but from that spot I shall still pervade infinite space for ever in an unchanging way.

122,7. Everywhere I am the ETERNAL ONE; but here among you I am in the everlasting core of My Being, the source from which the whole of infinity is eternally and unchangingly maintained just as it expands infinitely and for ever.

122,8. Since time began, I have dwelt in My inaccessible core and been illuminated by the inaccessible light coming from My Self. However, to benefit mankind on this earth it has pleased Me to come forth from that same inaccessible point and that same light - which was also entirely inaccessible for all time to the highest angels. I came down to this earth and I am now accessible to all you people coming from all quarters and you are able to endure the light which comes from My presence.

122,9. When we moved out of Sichar, went to Galilee and rested after midday on a mountainside, I demonstrated to several of you that My will also reaches as far as the sun. Bring this back to mind and you will see how I am at home everywhere and can remain unchanged using the outflow from My all-pervading and all-powerful active will!”

122,10. Judas Iscariot says: “I can recall that You extinguished the light of the sun in that place for a few moments, if I remember correctly! Now, this is of course not a trifling matter - however it is said, that the old Egyptian magicians were also capable of this feat; how they did it is of course another question! In the great world of nature strange, secret powers exist. You know them, and the old magicians knew and made use of them. Of course, to the best of our knowledge, until now nobody has been able to perform deeds of this kind as You do!

122,11. However, even You are not without any worldly schooling! Much has been said about the skills of Your father Joseph and even about Your mother Mary, who was a disciple of Simeon and Anna. If an intelligent young man has parents like these, he can achieve something. But that is my purely temporal opinion as I myself believe that the spirit of Jehovah dwells in You and is fully active within You.

122,12. What value would an everlastingly invisible Jehovah have for me, sitting high above all the stars in His inaccessible light, never showing Himself to His creatures, performing no miracles except for daily stereotypes which could just as well be performed by nature itself?! Therefore You are, at least for me, a real Jehovah, since You have revealed Yourself to our eyes too openly and tangibly as a perfect master of all nature and all creation through Your words and actions. He who, like You, can bring the dead back to life, can control the elements or pluck out of the air brand new donkeys and fish or fill the store cupboards of old Markus with bread and wine also out of thin air, is for me the only true God and I care nothing for all the others! No matter where You have obtained Your supremely divine abilities, You are still a proper God to me! Am I right or not?

122,13. I have not really fallen on my head to the extent that my brother Thomas thinks. I know what I know and what I am saying; but if brother Thomas always thinks that I am a donkey or an ox he is greatly mistaken. If I were to speak with him as I could speak he would not be able to answer me on one point in a thousand! If I had not sensed the true Jehovah in You for a long period of time, I would have returned home to my pottery business some time ago. However, as I perhaps know best where I am with You, I stay and neglect my very profitable skills, not because I am an enemy of gold and shining silver, but rather because I prefer Your spiritual kind!

122,14. When Thomas secretly whispered in my ear, when the angel in response to Your will called a completely healthy donkey into this life, that this miracle took only place for my sake in order to show to me in a moving picture who and what I am, I just can not accept that so easily! If Thomas thinks he is wiser than I appear to be to him, then so be it, but he should leave the wool on my back! I do not put any obstacles in his way, and even if he were to call me a thief, it is certain that I have never taken anything that belonged to him!

122,15. Previously you have given us all a splendid, extremely divine, wise teaching about sickness in a human soul and showed us from its beginning how we should have even more patience with a sick soul than with the sick body of a person! Why does a wise Thomas does get this lesson into his head in my case as I could also be a sick soul, even if there is no place in his heart for a purely divine teaching like this?! I do not in the least consider that he should ask for my forgiveness, because it pleased him in his wisdom to call me a donkey - as meek as he thinks he is, I am his equal! However, I felt myself compelled to make an open confession here, that I am indeed a sick soul, but not at the same time to envy a Thomas the excellent health enjoyed by his soul! I therefore still wish to remain his friend and his good brother, as I always was - but there is only one thing I do wish to receive from him, and that is that he should in future exercise his correctional zeal on someone other than me as up to this point I am still what he is, namely a disciple like him called by You, my Lord and my God!”

122,16. I say: “It is not very creditable on the part of My Thomas that he always keeps you in his sights but I am also aware that you began by making a very untimely joke during the completion of this donkey which is still here. This was the actual reason why Thomas threw your own words in your face!

122,17. Tell me for what reason you made the remark to the effect, to use your own words and emphasis, that in the end all My miracles would end in the production of completely healthy donkeys! Look here, your remark was quite spiteful and very much deserved the retort which came from Thomas! I do not find fault with your faith, according to which you view Me as your only God and Lord, I only admonish you that beliefs and opinions of this kind only exist in your words and do not originate in the life of your soul.

122,18. The truth is that you really still regard Me as a seer from ancient Egypt and as a magician, highly familiar with all the secret forces of nature, who clearly understands how to utilise these forces, with the result that they do not deny him their services. You must see that I regard you as worthy of blame in this respect!

122,19. While hundreds grasp facts with both hands as the purest truth, you are still able to raise one doubt after the other and quite openly make assertions which always show Me in a doubtful light to some of our weaker brothers. When I brought several totally drowned people back to life, you immediately stated that this place itself and the position of the stars had contributed a great deal, and that it was therefore not only very easy for Me to perform all kind of miracles but that in another place I would not have had similar success by a long way! In Nazareth, Capernaum and Kis, in Jesaira and even in Genezareth I also performed major miracles - not nearly as many as here on this spot. However, if you in all seriousness regard Me as your only God and Lord, why do you always express your suspicions about Me in front of strangers?!”

122,20. The answer came quite cheekily but also quite firmly from Judas Iscariot: “If one observes very closely the world and nature, it seems that God always considers how favourable the location will be if He wishes to show something out of the ordinary! If we climb a very high mountain, for example Mount Ararat, we will see nothing but bare rocks, snow and ice. Why is it that no grapes, figs, apples, pears, cherries and plums grow there? It is my opinion that Jehovah does not regard that spot as sufficient favourable for Him to produce these sweet miracles there as well! Therefore it seems as if Jehovah Himself closely considers whether or not a locality is favourable, otherwise He would surely have placed these succulent sweet miracles on Ararat as well!

122,21. I also believe, that I do not diminish Your divinity in any way if I maintain that You always regard one locality as having a more favourable effect than any other when a miracle takes place: take for instance Nazareth, where You surely did not overburden yourself with miracles. As Jehovah you could also easily transform the great African desert into the most blissful and productive farmland, were You to regard this region as favourable! However, since that area is still a desert and will most probably stay that way for a very long time to come, I believe that Your Divinity will not suffer any setback if the great African Sahara desert remains unchanged for a long time in the future. - This is my opinion, although my brother Thomas will probably not be in agreement with it!”

122,22. Thomas comes closer to Me at My request and says to Judas: “Your words would be quite in order, if you also felt them in your soul and were similarly to regard and recognize this opinion as the absolute truth; but there is no trace of that in your attitude! According to your inner conviction the Lord is in still primarily a wise eclectic who understands how to select one aphorism from the many teachings known to him and who has also mastered all aspects of magic to such an extent that, given certain opportunities and favourable conditions, He can never be unsuccessful. However your concept is somewhat similar to Satan’s related idea, that a magician of that stature, who understands how to bend all the most secret forces of nature to his will, must in the end truly be a God!

122,23. This now reveals that the Lord Jesus of Nazareth totally meets your requirements and that you also have no hesitation in removing the old God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob completely from the throne and in placing this magician on the throne instead! The thought that you should regard the spirit of this holy Man from Nazareth as one and the same as the One who once thundered His laws to our forefathers on Sinai, is not even the trace of half an idea in your heart.

122,24. As nothing appears to change with you, I can not do otherwise than admonish you at every turn when you take the opportunity to show off and to loosen your always treacherous, vicious, double-edged tongue. Anyone who thinks and feels in one way and allows his tongue to say something to the opposite effect, is a traitor in the sanctuary of truth. You should therefore accept the reprimand and in future never think and feel one thing and say something completely different! That is the way of fierce wolves which wear sheep’s clothing in order to simplify their task of sinking their killer claws into an innocent, gentle lamb. Understand me well as I can read your mind and I only admonish you when you speak your mind loudly as I can then immediately see that you are a consistent liar because you invariably say things which differ from your true thoughts and feelings!. I am certainly not your enemy because you are a sick soul, - my quarrel is with the illness itself!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-122 Chapter