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Chapter 123 - The rebuke of Judas.

123,1. Judas Iscariot says: “If this is how things stand then I must unburden myself because the Lord has always given others the opportunity to cleanse themselves completely of their wickedness and deceit. If this privilege is permitted to strangers, why is it denied to me?! I actually belong to your group and have always shared your joys and sorrows with you!”

123,2. Bartholomew finally says: “With foreigners it was entirely different! Wrong was endemic in most of them for many years. Basically they could do nothing to prevent themselves being wicked and evil; but when they heard the enlightening words of eternal truth, these words began to simmer, then to boil within them. The people began to purge themselves of their old impurity and to become clean. But you, Judas, have already been standing for a long time in the full glare of spiritual truth and, to prove its complete authenticity, you have already received thousands of examples of the most compelling evidence both in the words you have heard and in the variety of all kinds of miracles you have witnessed! However all of this makes no impression on you as you would rather perform miracles yourself, so that you, like the Pharisees in the temple, are able to earn as much gold and silver as possible. You yourself do not need a God, except perhaps one who can provide you with a supply of money, so that you can live on earth in supreme comfort and without any regard for the realities of life described here by God - carrying on in your sinful ways until you die!

123,3. As that is the nature of your innermost thinking, there is no advantage in the unburdening yourself of the thoughts in your innermost being, since it can not improve you and does not provide us with any way in which we, by our words and actions, might be able to create a new heart within you - and without a new heart you will stay as you are.

123,4. If the Lord’s almighty word is unable to change you, what can a human postscript achieve?! You should rather return whence you came and not bother us in future with your utterly trivial chatter! That is all I wish to say!”

123,5. Judas wished to reply to this strong reprimand, but Cornelius said to him: “Just speak when someone asks you to do so; otherwise be silent and do not disturb the Lord’s work! If you really want to talk, go some way into the nearby forest and address the trees and the bushes. They will not answer back which could anger you and finally even offend you greatly! Or go down to the lake and talk to the fish and they will also approve of everything you say! Invariably, you understand little or nothing of the matters discussed here or the events which have taken place and your sullen stupidity, together with the continuously revived selfishness and greed which it generates, is above all a distraction as we give the necessary deeper consideration to the great truths of life revealed by the Lord our God!”

123,6. At these words Judas Iscariot retreated into the background and did not say another single word as he had immense respect for Cornelius and he knew only too well his enthusiasm and empathy with Me and My teaching.

123,7. When everyone had calmed down again, I said to them all: “To him who has, even more shall be given; but from him who has not, even that shall be taken away which he had! {Matt.13 12}

123,8. You have now convinced yourselves that worldly greed and avarice are evil therefore shield your hearts carefully from these faults! This is the reason why a greedy heart can not possibly comprehend spiritual matters and can also not be enlightened to achieve this end or to understand what is necessary for its salvation.

123,9. All of you have now absorbed quite difficult lessons although you have only been in My presence for a few days. On the other hand that disciple has now been with Me for nearly half a year and his eyes and ears have witnessed all manner of miracles and teachings - and still he cannot grasp the truth! The reason for this lies in his excessive greed for money which has its roots in the fact that he is extremely lazy and lethargic.

123,10. A truly diligent person easily provides for his own daily needs, and even leaves something over which will be useful to him in his old age. Even if he has not been able to save, the fact that he willingly gave some of his surplus assets to the poor and needy ensures that he will still be provided for when he is old.

123,11. However, a lazy person loves idleness and wishes to ride on the backs of his diligent neighbours. He therefore becomes a liar, a swindler and a thief in order to pile up his own fortune and be able to live like a king.

123,12. In consequence of this greed he cloaks his soul in darkness so that it can no longer grasp purely spiritual concepts and even if his soul is enlightened by a supremely bright spiritual light, it will soon change into a self-centred being, composed only of coarser substances and again obsessed by materialistic considerations alone.

123,13. The way in which the spiritual makes the transformation into materiality, has already been shown to you in the process which brought this grazing donkey into existence and I do not have to give you any further explanation. Because those of you who understood this have done so without difficulty or hesitation while those who did not grasp it easily and immediately, will not do so for a very long time and assuredly never in this world!

123,14. You should therefore all ask yourselves, what progress your understanding has made! He who has it has it; those who do not, will not have it for a long time. For those whose soul is spiritual, spiritual values easily gain ground; but for those in whom the soul desires materiality, any understanding of spirituality in its supreme purity is impossible!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-123 Chapter