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Chapter 124 - On the upbringing of children.

124,1. (The Lord:) “There must be differences between one person and another; but nobody has been placed in this world with such a neglected soul, that it must adopt materiality alone. The reason is that not a single human soul is transformed into the flesh without the benefit of free will and individual intelligence.

124,2. The main reason for the destruction of the human soul lies principally in its early, normally ape-like upbringing The little tree is allowed to grow as it will, and this makes every possible contribution, together with untimely pampering, to the trunk growing in a crooked way. Once hardened off, all efforts to straighten it the tree again are of little or no use; similarly, once a soul has become misshapen it seldom straightens completely again!

124,3. Therefore you all should keep your children straight in their youth when they are supple, and in a short time there will be almost no materialistic souls to be found which can not understand spiritual matters or readily show compliance by behaving correctly on the path to God’s true way of life! Remember this well as it was for this reason that I have shown you the incarnation of a soul in the mother’s womb!

124,4. Until its seventh year, a child is far more animal than human as the human element generally remains dormant. Because a child is far more animal than human, it also has many animal needs, but only very few truly human ones.

124,5. They should only be given necessities! They should become accustomed from an early age to all kinds of privation and good behaviour should never be excessively praised. One should also however not bear down too hard on the less capable or less well-behaved children but preferably treat them with appropriate love and patience.

124,6. Cultivate all their good and useful traits and do not encourage vanity or love of self in a well-behaved child or allow it to regard itself as better than its peers. Furthermore, with some children, especially those who are in some way physically attractive, their vanity and pride should not be inflated by giving them beautiful or expensive clothing, something which these children already love by their very nature. One should keep them pure, but never set them up as domestic idols, so that right from birth they will find that correct path which they would normally only follow in the later years of their youth – just as you have all now achieved this aim in My presence for the first time.

124,7. The virgin will achieve her state of honourable motherhood completely chaste and disciplined. The youth will reach manhood with a mature masculine soul and awareness in his spirit and will be a blessing for his issue, for the earth and for all its creatures.

124,8. If you pander too much to the animal desires and passions of children, you open in them a new, wide gateway to all the vices, which will enter like an army into their world and bring destruction with them. Once they are there, you will vainly try to combat them with all kinds of weapon but you will achieve nothing against their might and power!

124,9. Therefore look after the little trees so that they grow straight towards the heavens and carefully prune any excess growth as once they have maturity and strength, but are badly misshapen as a result of violent storms, then you will not be able to straighten out these trees using force of any kind!

124,10. Earlier you saw the cluster of fiery tongues with your own eyes. In the loose and free state which characterises its soul it had not by a long way been decided that the cluster would become a donkey mare; it was only after the subsequent intervention by the angel that the parts began to combine to form one organism with the final result that the shape of a donkey had to make its appearance.

124,11. Since however the donkey is already perfectly complete, transformation into another animal is almost impossible! There is in fact nothing which is impossible for God; but in that case this donkey would first have to be completely dispersed and all the basic elements would have to recombine to form a different organism, a process that involves the acceptance of specific new characteristics and excludes many of the others of those required for the being we call a donkey. This way would surely incur a hundred times more trouble and effort than the creation of a completely new being, which had never before walked on this earth, using primordial thoughts in the correct ratio.

124,12. Similarly, it is also much easier to develop something from a child, as a grown man or an elderly patriarch will only accept a small change or even none at all.

124,13. Therefore take special care to ensure the correct and proper upbringing of your children and it will then be a simple matter for you to preach this full gospel of Mine to the new nations. The good seed will then be scattered onto good, clean ground and will bring forth a hundredfold harvest! If however you allow your children to grow up in the way apes bring up their young, they will have the same value to you as weeds, just as young apes have no value to the older ones. Whatever their elders may gather, the offspring will wantonly consume or destroy; and if the older apes try to stop their wicked behaviour, these tender young animals will immediately bare their sharp teeth to them and chase the older ones away.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-124 Chapter