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Chapter 126 - The consequences of wrong upbringing.

126,1. (The Lord:) “People indeed consider the laws of God to be quite correct and just; but there are also others who, to judge from their behaviour, do not wish to know anything about them but pure and simply live for this world. It is of course impossible to trade with these people and if there is a chance, it will only be the worst kind in the world. Anyone who does a business deal with them will be thoroughly cheated and outwitted in advance. Those who involve themselves with these worldly people in order to profit from them must be quite stupid as they would otherwise have investigated their prospective business partners more closely before making a deal with them.

126,2. However, one who is only at most half as stupid still has a better heart even if he is somewhat excessively motivated by profit. The effect of his stupidity is that he is unconvinced in his beliefs and has very little faith in God. He always thinks and says to himself: ‘First let me become very rich! After that I will become the best person in the world and acquire all the means available to me to obtain better and clearer knowledge of the mysterious being that is God! I will then perform every conceivable manner of charitable work for the poor of this world and they will speak my name for thousands of years to come! Let the rich people of this world be my servants and everything else will then suddenly follow!’

126,3. A fool like this motivates himself with blind hopes like these. He makes plans, tries them out and approaches the rich and powerful with his ideas but they use their sharp worldly minds to discover any benefit for themselves in his inventions. The stupid speculator is taken in by them and is at the same time cheated in a manner which screeches to the heavens to be recognised, while he personally remains completely in the dark.

126,4. With all his plans plundered and his hopes completely dashed he now stands there with no resources and with no knowledge as to how to escape. Faith in God and greater trust in the power, goodness and support of God were in him previously almost zero. The deception, which cost him everything he possessed, made him lose all contact with the world. His mind is too stupid and, despite all his attempts and all his efforts, he can not find any way out.

126,5. What is the result? Desperation and with it a burning weariness in his being, as prospects which are even somewhat tolerable prospects appear to be available to him! In this feverish state of mind a fool like this normally takes his own life by committing suicide. This action frequently causes his soul immense harm, as you can easily deduce from the fact that he seeks for a long time to continue the process of self-destruction, as he is consumed by deadly self-contempt, without which he could not commit suicide. Nobody has ever been born with a stupid mind intentionally – that can only arrive as the result of bad, inappropriate upbringing.

126,6. Anyone who truly loves his children must assuredly be convinced above all that it is important that their souls are not influenced in such a way that they are embroiled by materiality. If their souls are brought up in the right way, they will be able to accept the spirit within themselves very quickly, with the result that they will never become stupid and that means there will of course never be any question of suicide.

126,7. When children are brought up like apes, especially in cities, the outcome can not be otherwise. Accustom your children from their early days to search for the true kingdom of God in their hearts and, in so doing, you will have adorned them more than royally and given them the best and most magnificent legacy for the present and for all time to come!

126,8. Great success in life will never be achieved by pampered children! Even if nothing bad happens to them or they do not turn out badly in another way, a certain weak side begins to develop as time passes, which no other person is allowed to offend, or even to touch. If this weak side is disturbed, touched or even offended, then the weakling will reach breaking point. He will become quite violent and nasty and will try to take his revenge on the offender in every conceivable manner or at the very least threaten him in a horribly serious way that he must avoid similar jokes in future, as if not he will find that he will have to deal with the extremely dire consequences.

126,9. This weak side is not basically something bad which emanates from free will or cognition but it is nevertheless a flaw in the soul, a spot where it can easily be injured, not only on this earth but also for a long time in the hereafter.

126,10. You should therefore take extreme care that no weak character traits develop in them, because they have the same effect on the soul as the so-called chronic illnesses which leave partially healed scars. If it is always fine weather and there is also a good breeze, they remain dormant and the person who suffers them feels quite healthy; but if the air starts to change heralding bad weather, the scar tissue in the flesh immediately begins to become active and will often drive the victim to despair with the pain.

126,11. Just as it is difficult for a doctor to cure this old scar tissue, it is often even more onerous to heal these old flaws in the soul. If the ship’s captain wishes to protect his ship form leakage, he must not sail to places where there are all kinds of rocks and coral reefs but rather choose locations where the water is of adequate depth. In the same way a mentor of children must be a helmsman must have a really good knowledge of life, must not steer the little ships of life into any kind of rock-strewn shallow waters on this earth but must venture immediately into the inner depths of life so that he can protect the little ships from the threat of dangerous leaks and be crowned a true helmsman of life!

126,12. May good fortune attend a man who takes these words to heart; as they will certainly bless him and his family!

126,13. As we have now also usefully discussed this secondary issue which was brought up by the appearance of My disciple Judas Iscariot, let us return again to our consideration of creation and apparent mortality and take a closer look at the latter subject in particular!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-126 Chapter