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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-127 Chapter

Chapter 127 - The fear of death.

127,1. (The Lord:) “The occasion when a thing, a being or even a person comes into being always involve a joyful element, but visible deterioration and degeneration, especially of a person, is a rather sad event which fills everyone’s mind with melancholy.

127,2. My own question is however: Why is this indeed so, if people still retain any belief in the immortality of the human soul?! The reason is more profound than you might think. First and foremost this sadness originates from the fear of death but there are also many other reasons, which I can not reveal to you all at once so as not to confuse you both now and later when we consider other issues.

127,3. Once a soul has been completely reborn and has taken up all the real activities of life, all the sadness and all the empty fear of death or of leaving this life of course belongs in the past but for souls which have not yet achieved the required level of perfection in their inner lives, there is always a tinge of a sadness over the death of a close relative and, in themselves, a trace of the fear of death. In this world they can only completely rid themselves of this fear, when their soul has entered their spirit and the spirit has matured.

127,4. Consider a completely pampered child, if it has not been progressively accustomed in due time to increased physical activity, how terribly sad a face it will make, if after its thirteenth birthday it is forced to work hard for long hours, even within the limitations of its own strength! It starts to be tearful, extremely sad, very sullen, full of annoyance and even anger directed towards those who have begun to compel it to work without a break.

127,5. Just compare it with another child of the same age, which has been kept busy from very early youth with serious work appropriate to the development of its strength! How happily and comfortably will that child romp around the whole day, without even becoming tired!

127,6. Just as a lazy soul has a great aversion to any serious or sustained work, that same lethargy gives rise to fear of death in the soul, and even to fear of one of the more threatening illnesses.

127,7. You will also sometimes have met quite industrious and busy people who have no great fear of death, certainly by comparison with the work-shy ones who are by comparison more pleasure-seeking and full of the joys of living. In these lazy souls this fear does not evaporate, until they have undertaken serious work.

127,8. Of course you think that this fear is only a result of doubtful knowledge and understanding of the hereafter but I say this to you all:- Absolutely not true, this is in itself only the result of a deep-rooted work- shy element in the soul, and because the soul secretly suspects that, after severance from the body, its continuing existence will be extremely active, it becomes quite disconsolate about this thought and lapses into a kind of fever, which brings with it some uncertainty about its continuing survival – consider this point for a moment and we shall then continue our examination of this very important matter!”

127,9. On hearing My words, Mathael stands up and says: “With Your permission, I wish to add a few words to ensure that the subject is properly understood!”

127,9. I say: “Please proceed to tell us what you know and how you understand the subject as your knowledge and insight are based on the best possible foundations!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-127 Chapter