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Chapter 129 - The processes during the separation of the soul from the body.

129,1. I say: “This you should immediately know so please therefore listen! The visible vapour cloud – which is distorted but nevertheless has the size and shape of a present-day human being - is the consequence of the profound distress experienced by the soul at the moment of separation, when the soul, because of all the fear and terror, becomes in a way unconscious for a few moments.

129,2. It is an extraordinarily stressful activity for the separating soul to try to maintain itself in the consciousness of its own existence. All its elements are subjected to exceptionally intense vibration, so violent that even the spirit’s very perceptive inner eye can not make out any specific shapes.

129,3. An similar phenomenon from nature is to be found in the bass string of a harp. When it is firmly plucked it will quickly vibrate to and fro for a time and during that movement you can only see the string itself as a transparent nebulous thread. When the string stops vibrating, its true form again becomes visible in its rest position..

129,4. You have the same phenomenon if you consider a buzzing fly whose wings you can only see as wings after the fly has stopped flying and has therefore also stopped buzzing. When it is in flying mode, you only see the fly surrounded by a small misty cloud.

129,5. When the soul makes its exit at the moment of separation from the destruction of the torn, subsequently unserviceable body, it often vibrates with oscillations as great as a hand span and so quickly that you can accept its speed as one thousand to-and-fro and up-and-down movements in one single moment but when this vibration is taking place, even the most attentive spectator will find it completely impossible to identify any kind of human shape. After a while the soul’s movements progressively slow down so that the human shape again becomes visible. Once it has completely returned to its rest position, the state which it achieves immediately after the final separation, it can be seen as a perfect human shape, provided only that it is not been excessively distorted by the variety of sins it has previously committed. - Do you now understand all this?”

129,6. Mathael says: “My most wise Lord, how could I not understand that very clearly? You have explained this phenomenon so clearly that I can grasp it with both hands! But now, Lord, - please forgive me my thirst for knowledge - I would also like to know which tongue the five souls used to speak to each other! I myself am able to converse in various languages but despite that I could not understand one syllable of the words they spoke to each other. Is there any similar tongue in use in this world?”

129,7. I reply: “O yes, the priests in Burma know this language (Sanskrit), and it was this tongue which was the primordial language of the first people on this earth – your own, old Egyptian, and amongst others even that used by the Greeks – have their origin almost in their entirety in this one primitive language of mankind. Do you think that you would understand father Abraham, Isaac or Jacob if they were to be here now talking as they once did? You would certainly not understand one word! You already have difficulty in understanding the writings of Moses, who was nearly a thousand years more recent than Abraham, so how much less would you comprehend the primordial fathers themselves! Indeed, there have been many changes for the Jews, including the language, but without the chaos of a second Tower of Babel. Do you also understand this?”

129,8. Mathael says: “Lord, I am now clear about that as I believe are all the others. I would therefore entreat You on behalf of all those present, to teach us more!”

129,9. I reply: “My own teaching shall not be withheld but you yourself have a great variety of experience with regard to dying and you should therefore speak to us about the most remarkable occasions for the benefit of your brothers. If anything is unclear to you or to someone else, I will enlighten you.

129,10. I have previously shown you the process involved in entering this life up to the point of transition caused by the renunciation of materiality. The death of the body still frightens every creature. I have explained the reason for that in a few words and there will be another opportunity to give you more detail - For now, please continue to speak!”

129,11. Mathael says: “Lord, to answer Your most gracious request I will of course tell you more about several cases which I have witnessed myself with the insight which stems from my soul!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-129 Chapter