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Chapter 13 - The Templars' attempt on the life of John the Baptist.

13,1. (Zinka:) “John said to him however: ‘Do not have anything to do with Herodias and her mother; since the old woman is a snake and the young one a viper! Besides, you know the will of the almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and are aware of His ordinance, which, from the very beginning of all creation, gave a man one wife only. The fertility or otherwise of a woman who has been given in marriage to a man, does not confer the right to take up with a concubine. However if you endure the situation with due patience, it is still easily possible for God to implant a living fruit in the body of your wife even in her old age! Read the story of the patriarchs, and you will find that their patience and acquiescence has been rewarded even in old age with blessings in abundance!

13,2. Do not therefore have anything to do with Herodias and do not under any circumstances accept an annulment letter from the temple; since God has never authorised divorce letters! Moses did this of his own volition, because men’s hearts are hard in so many ways. He did not however act correctly and the Lord God was not very pleased by such a letter, of this you can be very certain! Therefore remain with your wife and do not allow Herodias to come near you! Give Zinka (namely me) the authority, and he will know what to do so that the viper will not enter your house again! If you follow this advice, you will stay within Jehovah’s circle of friends. If not, you will be destroyed and become an enemy of Jehovah!’

13,3. Herod took this to heart and decided to keep away from Herodias. But the old snake and the young viper did everything possible to deceive Herod. They knew when he went out and where he went, and Herodias knew how to cross his path, always as attractive as possible in make-up and dress. He did not have anything to do with her but nevertheless his heart had started to warm to her again to such an extent that in the end he himself sought out opportunities to meet with the beautiful Herodias as often as he could.

13,4. When his feast day finally started to approach, Herodias called upon all means available to her to enable her to come to the great celebration. In the meantime the priests of the temple also enquired of Herodias, what progress she had made with Herod. And she could not tell them anything more than that, despite all her tricks and evil cunning, she had made no progress whatsoever. She could not say who or what the problem was, she hardly knew herself, even though she could only too clearly see Herod’s pleasure in her company and knew that he was secretly trying to meet with her more and more frequently.

13,5. When the temple cleric heard this, he said quite openly to the two: ‘This can only be the fault of the water and baptism prophet whom Herod has started to cultivate for his own salvation! Herod himself arrested him at the Jordan, in order to protect him against us; but this will not serve his purpose! The water prophet must and will fall! He is the most dangerous bone of contention both for you and for us! If it can not be accomplished sooner, it will happen on Herod’s day! Try to destroy the prophet at any price, and you will be able to wind Herod around your finger!’

13,6. With these words, the two women had more than enough explanation to understand the reason why their efforts had failed. They discussed with each other how they could destroy John, and the young one took me into her confidence and promised me a reward of gold and silver, if I could find a good way to kill John. I did not of course consent, but I pretended little by little to go along with her plans. I only did this however in order to ensure that I understood the exact nature of the devilish plans which were being hatched against poor John by the two women and the priests of the temple.

13,7. Herod scratched his head thoughtfully and said to me: ‘This is how things stand and as I have understood them to be for a couple of days; but what is to be done? The best option might still be to isolate John even more by preventing easy access to him, only allowing his most well established disciples to come to him while showing any stranger the door. It could of course easily happen that an assassin paid by the two women or by the temple might plunge a knife into the heart of our John and the temple’s evil plan would have achieved its goal. You can believe me that these women are also influenced by the priests! In order to save John, I will however allow the two women, and by this I mean Herodias, access to me. Go therefore and tell Herodias that from now on she may visit me!’

13,8. As the servant I was forced to obey, although I could only too clearly see that this help could only assist John in a most unhelpful way. From then on Herodias came nearly every day to Herod’s house and she knew, as no other person could, how to feed his growing attraction to her. The swarthy temple clerics learned of this only too quickly, and they continually whispered in the ears of the two women, that they would be richly rewarded with gold if they would use every opportunity to persuade Herod to kill John because he had turned so many people against the temple. The old woman swore in their presence that she would not rest until the water prophet has fallen! The young woman also knew how to prevent Herod from visiting John in order to obtain new advice from him and I as a servant did not dare to remind Herod of John’s words, since I knew only too well, what a tyrant he could become, if his mind were passionately obsessed.

13,9. And so the wickedness continued until Herod’s feast day. Shortly before this occasion something must have happened between him and Herodias, otherwise she would certainly not have stayed away for several days. However, those few days filled Herod’s heart with even greater longing for the beautiful Herodias, and the triumph which she would enjoy over Herod on his day, became an even greater certainty.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-13 Chapter