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Chapter 131 - A Sadducee's criticism of Roman punishments.

131,1. (Mathael:) “We ourselves had an archetypal Sadducee with all his family as a neighbour, who was as a person quite civilized, good and acceptable, but it was never possible to say a word to him about God or the immortality of the soul. He regarded everyone as being of very limited intelligence who believed in these things and he said of me that I had the talent to become a poet as I had such a vivid imagination. In a word, my father at times wasted a lot of effort on him, but it was all in vain.

131,2. This time my father asked him if he wished to come with us to Golgotha but he said: ‘Not for the whole world! I am not able to watch an animal dying or even being slaughtered, far less human beings even if they have committed even more atrocities than those seven. If fierce animals were to threaten, well and good, we would hunt them down to put them out of action, and in so doing we will have served mankind well! That should also be the fate of those people who have no further value to a peace-loving human community! They should simply be killed - but they should not be martyred since they have no way to prevent themselves becoming fierce like wild animals! Their nature, temperament, complexion and upbringing are always the causes of their downfall.

131,3. If you say that their example is a deterrent to others, I can only begin to laugh since we peaceful and properly educated people do not need deterrent examples, while those who are the real targets will not be so foolish as to come here and look complacently at the seven examples which have been chosen to deter them!

131,4. Most certainly these examples will have the praiseworthy effect, that the other criminals who have not yet been caught - perhaps a thousand in number - will subsequently inflict much more gruesome cruelty than before on those who fall into their hands! In particular, a Roman is to be congratulated if he is lucky enough to become a victim of the criminals who are still free! I would truly not wish to be in his skin for all the treasures of the world! This must be the only advantage of excessively gruesome martial law!

131,5. Who remembers the times before the Romans came?! The nature of our laws was always serious - but at least reasonable - and we never heard anything about great cruelty. Now the wise gentiles have blessed us with their very sharp political and martial laws, those pompous worldly do-gooders and conquerors of countries and cities, and despite the tenfold reinforcement of the Roman guards, horrors are committed on the roads of our promised land which a civilized man could not hear described without fainting ten times! Therefore you two should just go alone and look at these seven examples of true Roman cruelty which will soon merit a seventy-fold response from the other side!

131,6. People should stay as people since everlasting nature has elevated them as humans to a higher plane than its own! However, if man with all his highly praised intelligence in the end becomes an even more gruesome animal than all the fiercest ones in the woods, then mankind has lost its way and it is high time that we should all go to the fierce wild animals in the woods to learn natural human values from them! Just go to Golgotha, the most accursed place on earth, which is as saturated with the blood of people as a butcher’s shop is with the blood of cattle, lambs and goats! What you will learn there will certainly not be of much value in anyone’s estimation!

131,7. You recognize a God and believe in the immortality of the soul and yet you can light-heartedly look at how deformed and very lost people are painfully tortured to death for a whole day by even greater brutes! Believe me these seven would never become so evil without the severity of Rome’ influence, as they were now of course trembling in their skins! Who made them like that? The very ones who are torturing them sadistically all day long!

131,8. And you as holy Jews believing in God can watch while the most wicked ones torment and torture the less wicked ones?! That certainly makes you rather nice people and desirable neighbours! In my donkey stable it is by far more humane and civilized that in your house with your belief in God! Understood?’ - With that he left and we went on our way.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-131 Chapter