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Chapter 132 - The death of the crucified murderer robbers.

132,1. (Mathael:) “Within half an hour we were back at Golgotha and nobody else was there except the guards. But the condemned men presented a very dreadful picture and I do not wish to speak too much about the awful appearance of the seven half-dead corpses. However their souls, which were still not detached from their bodies, were making every effort to destroy and tear the bodies asunder. Theses black tigers, bloodily striped with dark red blood attacked their own bodies and sank their teeth into them; but as a result they were made to feel the painful response from their bodies as their nervous systems were still active. With each bite into their bodies, they all grimaced painfully and immediately put their paws onto the wounds where they had inflicted the bites on the half-dead bodies.

132,2. We watched these manoeuvres for about an hour, and I had to tell my father what I had seen happening with the seven. But the captain of the Roman guard noticed this as he must also have been watching my wandering eyes for quite some time with the greatest attention. He came to us and asked us in the Roman tongue what we had seen as we had both, but more especially me, looked intently at the scene and I had had to report to my father. We were to reply to him in his own language, otherwise he would be forced to ask us to leave.

132,3. My father talked to him in Greek, with which he was more comfortable than with Latin, although both of us understood Latin quite well because in Jerusalem even a child had to know three languages if he wished to converse with the many foreigners. My father explained to the guard captain that he was a doctor and that he and his son who was also a student conducted medical diagnoses and made psychological studies. He also told him that he encouraged me to describe all the symptoms in great detail and that he was simultaneously explaining various matters to me according to the teachings of Hippocrates.

132,4. However the captain, thirsty for knowledge, was pleased by this and requested my father to give his explanations in Greek as well so that he too could profit from them. Now we were caught! The part about my father explaining matters to me was only included as a ploy to put the captain off his guard, as it was clear that the nature of my reports about the psychological aspects of the scene to my father, would certainly be such that the captain would have laughed in our faces, if he even bothered to listen. What were we to do now? Both of us were helpless!

132,5. But now I saw a spirit, standing in the air on a cloud as he descended, and in his right hand he carried a large, shiny sword. ‘What will he do here?’ I thought to myself. But the captain saw the enquiring look in my eyes and immediately asked me if I could see anything unusual. And I answered him very brief and a little gruffly as that was then my way: ‘Certainly, - but if I were to tell you, you would still not believe me!’

132,6. The captain of the guard tried to insist that I tell him more but it was already getting late and from Cornelius an order arrived to use axes to sever the feet from the legs as was the Roman custom and, if anyone was still alive, to finish him off with blows to the head and chest. Our captain now had strict orders to carry out and we were able to continue our observations unhindered.

132,7. I now looked at the great spirit which was dressed in a dark sky-blue pleated garment, and wondered what he was doing at the scene. Listen! As the leg breakers waited for the command to smash the legs of the seven and to end the life of the one survivor still alive with the blows prescribed, the mighty spirit raised his sword and severed the thread-like links attaching the black tiger souls to their bodies.

132,8. When those dreadful souls had been freed from their bodies, they suddenly became a little more human in their appearance and walked on their hind legs but absolutely silently and with a very sad and sorrowful expression. The spirit then said to them sharply: ‘Go to the place of your evil love; it will draw you in its direction! Your reward is commensurate with your deeds!’ However the seven souls shouted out: ‘If we are already damned there is plenty of time for that! Why was it necessary to torture us, if everlasting damnation awaits us here?!’

132,9. The mighty spirit said: ‘Everything depended on and still depends on your love! Change that according to Jehovah’s ordinances which are known to you and you will be your own saviours; except for yourselves no one in the whole of God’s infinity can save you! The life is yours, and the love is yours; if you can change your love, then that act will transform your whole life and your whole being! Now leave this place!’

132,10. Hearing these sharp words spoken by the great and mighty spirit, the seven, howling horribly, left quickly. However, I was impudent and asked the great spirit what would finally become of them.

132,11. The spirit rose again and merely said: ‘Their individual wills shall decide! With them it was not a lack of upbringing, nor a lack of cognition, nor were they possessed - except by their own evil wills. The vermin you saw escaping when they were stripped and flogged were not demonic intruders, they were all the output and creation of each of their own evil wills. Therefore the judgement is fair as it was handed down to seven perfect devils, for whom this world held no teachings, no scripture and no prospects! But here with us in a place where everything is revealed, their destiny will be as they wish it to be out of love. The opportunities, even if only illusory, will be there in plenty to tempt them to more evil but also to betterment. Understand this, young man, and also explain to your father, who has not been granted the necessary vision!’

132,12. Having spoken these significant words, the mighty spirit disappeared and the leg breakers began with their work. With five victims no blood issued from their gaping wounds but some still escaped from the last two. They at once received the axe blows to end their lives but that was a completely futile exercise as once the good or evil soul has departed, the body itself is certainly completely dead.

132,13. After this not too invitingly pleasant activity, the executioners went home and the corpses were handed over to the undertaker and his servants for disposal. The method of disposal was however was then different and still is, the only restriction being that they were not allowed to be buried. Normally they were cremated using wood which had been cursed or boiled dry in poisoned water and only then thrown to wild animals as food. But the fierce creatures in the wild which devoured it normally then perished, which was the reason why the undertaker would simply boil the corpses in foul water and sell it for quite good money to people who wanted to kill wolves, hyenas, bears and foxes.

132,14. This, My Lord, is again a short account of some of my experiences during my youth. Everything is clear to me, except the appearance of the souls which lacked any human form and before that the countless number of despicable vermin which left the criminals as bats and small dragons. The mighty spirit did indeed gave me an explanation that they were the output from their evil wills; but how this all came about is an entirely different question, which only You, My Lord, can answer and clarify! Please resolve these matters for us, My Lord, if that is Your divine will!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-132 Chapter