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Chapter 133 - Composition of the souls of the murderer robbers.

133,1. I say: “You have presented the account of your personal experience in a very good, truthful way. The reason for the bestial appearance of the souls of those seven major criminals lies the loose way they are put together, but of course only to the extent that the effective parts of the soul’s make-up in the body either clinging together or changing places, just as a bundle of worms will wriggle randomly hither and thither, continuously seeking a more comfortable resting place. It is immaterial when they have found that position, whether they are a good type or a bad one, as their outer form will assuredly adapt to become appropriate to one or the other.

133,2. Look at these different plants; one has healing properties, the other is poisonous! Look at their shapes in the light of our sphere, bright as the sun! See how smooth, delightfully soft and modest the shape of the healthy plant appears to be by comparison with the angular, shredded and in parts quite suspiciously smooth appearance of the poisonous plants and yet both species are composed of the same primordial substances, they stand in the same earth, they absorb the same dew, precisely the same air and the same light! Yet the healing plant is healthy, the poisonous one is quite deadly! The reason is to be found in the different ways their elements are assembled.

133,3. You have already seen a little while ago how the completely identical glowing tongues or the hovering fiery snakes, invisible to the naked eye because they are too tiny, have changed into a perfect, quite acceptable donkey. Do you believe that by selecting another order for the assembly of the primordial substances into an organic form, it would have been just as easy to produce a tiger, a camel, an ox or an elephant or anything else?! Most certainly! Yet another cluster arrangement would also have a complete different nature and characteristics and would display some hostility towards other clusters. The reason for this is, that each differently organized individual form has as its one principal ongoing aspiration, the conversion of everything else which is somewhat weaker to its own specification.

133,4. This property generates love, inner warmth, aspiration, greed, hunger and thirst. If this greed, which is the same as the desire to dominate, sometimes becomes excessive and tries to integrate too many other souls as subordinates within its original order, the victim often becomes too powerful that it compels the acquisitive organic order, to join its own good order or even a better one – but just as easily a worse one, a poorer one or finally a very poor one!

133,5. But what is the result? Mathael, we are now coming to your vision of the tiger-like criminal souls! These souls were excessively controlled by the greedily absorbed primordial soul substances which were not compatible with their existing order and it is only those absorbed primordial substances which have converted the souls to their own exceedingly evil state and have thus changed human souls into true tiger souls, also creating all the vermin which you saw leaving the bodies of the frightened criminals in large numbers. But now tell Me, all of you, if you have understood all the aspects of this important teaching!”

133,6. Most of them say: “Yes, Lord, we understood Your teaching at least to some extent; but to boast that we feel completely at home with it, would be a lie. From the earlier creation of a donkey we have seen and noted how the spiritual primordial substances combine to make a thing or a being. We could see the grass grow and how a donkey, in some way from within, created itself from the tongues of fire. Yes, by Your goodness and mercy we even know, what and who these tongues of fire are, where they originate and how in their relationship they can combine with others to create a distinctive idea and shape. We well how Your countless primordial thoughts overflow in infinity and that, although similar in outer appearance, they are nevertheless in themselves very distinctive, some lighter, some heavier, depending on whether there is any concept within them which might be somewhat deeper, more serious or of higher quality, and how those that are alike cling to each other and begin to form an organism.

133,7. As we have said, all this we understand quite well; but there is still something which greatly puzzles us, which You, Lord, could resolve for us, please. We surely do not all have to tell You where the problem lies since You know all our shortcomings which we ask you to rectify graciously, if You deem it necessary! If that is not of any great importance to us in Your view, then we are more than satisfied with what we have and have understood.”

133,8. I reply: “To understand the secret of the kingdom of God in all its profound depth, you must all first be reborn in the spirit but that is now impossible for you. Only when the Son of Man has returned whence He came, will He send the holy spirit of universal truth to you; he will arouse you fully, perfect your hearts and awaken the spirit of universal truth within you, which means, in the heart of your souls. By this act you will be reborn in the spirit and see and understand what the Heavens contain in their deepest recesses in the brightest light.

133,9. But the things I am now showing and explaining to you are merely preparation for what the spirit will bountifully reveal to you. There are many things which I still might tell you, but you would not be able to endure any more right now. The spirit of universal truth will however come down and guide you in universal wisdom! Since you now know this we shall immediately begin further important preparation for that coming and our Mathael with his wide experience will tell us another little story from his past life.

133,10. You, Mathael, can go to work again and tell us the story of your personal experiences in Bethany! We still have four hours until sunrise and there is therefore still time to learn and experience many things. You, Mathael, may immediately begin to speak!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-133 Chapter