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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-135 Chapter

Chapter 135 - The rabbi's attempt to resuscitate the dead body of old Lazarus.

135,1. (Mathael:) “When my father heard my words, he turned immediately to the already somewhat impatient little rabbi and said: ‘My friend, in my opinion of this case, it would be a pity to waste even one drop of the strongest life-giving balm as his soul is already hovering the size of a man above the body which is already dead for all practical purposes. Begin to sing your sorrowful psalter and tell the people as their priest that there is no earthly remedy!’

135,2. Hearing this, the rabbi made a rather sour face and asked my father how he was able to reach this conclusion. My father was never a man blessed by too much politeness and said dryly to the little rabbi: ‘How and why I can see or know this is none of your business; just play your part and I know exactly what I should do!’

135,3. At this moment the soul became completely detached from the body and a few very serene, wise-looking spirits received it in their company and gave it a marvellously pleated garment apparently made from the whitest linen. One of them took the column of light, bent it around the waist of the now free soul and it was then transformed into a belt as bright as the sun. At the same time a mighty spirit put a equally brightly shining hat or halo on the soul’s head and said: ‘Brother, may you be for ever adorned with the light of the wisdom of God shining from within you!’

135,4. With that all the noble spirits there present together immediately left the house with the free soul. I also straight away reported this to my father who said to the rabbi: ‘Now, as the soul of the old man has entirely departed from his body, you can go to all these others who are almost blinded by their tears and announce that the old man is now completely dead?!’

135,5. The little rabbi said: ‘Why is that! I will now place a drop of a life-giving stimulant on his tongue, and we will soon see, if his soul – with the proviso and on the assumption that this is a special soul in human flesh – has already left his body! According to my tried and tested intuition, no man has a soul which survives in a special spiritual life after the life-span of the blood and the nerves has ended. Man, once he is dead, is completely dead like a rock or a dry piece of wood, and I swear to you by all things holy, that there is then nothing left alive in a man. However, there are arcana (secret remedies) in nature, which can resurrect in a corpse. I will now do that and prove to you as a stubborn Jew, that the soul has not left the body; also that it is unable to leave as no real soul ever dwelt in it!’

135,6. Here the rabbi took a golden phial from his pocket, showed it to my father and said: ‘Look at this my friend! This bottle contains the soul of a person who is already dead!’

135,7. My father said with a smile: ‘Just go ahead! All my large estate, which you may know of, is yours if the dead man moves at all even for only a short while after your drops are administered. Your arcanum is familiar to me. I also have it, and it has served me well with people apparently dead but in their case the soul still very much remained within the body. Therefore this elixir is very useful with dead people where there is no evidence of Hippocratic symptoms; but once there is a well developed Hippocratic presentation on the face of a corpse, then the soul has left, and you can pour in the content of ten thousand of these little bottles and still the body will not move but remain completely dead, lying there without any feelings like a rock or a dry piece of wood. But now keep on going with your genuine Persian fern herbal oil and, as I have told you in front of many witnesses, my property is completely yours from the moment when this dead man, whose body is already beginning to give off a very slight odour of putrefaction, makes only one single movement after the administration of your drops!’

135,8. The little rabbi is somewhat concerned hearing these quite forceful words from my father, but, nonetheless, goes to the dead man, opens his mouth and puts ten drops instead of the usual one, two or at the most three drops on the already completely dry tongue. He closes the mouth again and waits now with great concentration for the corpse to move even only a little bit. However, after a full hour has passed and then another and when the dawn had already started to break, the body still showed no sign of any movement.

135,9. My father now asked the little rabbi if he was still of the opinion that the dead will start to move under the influence of genuine Persian fern herbal oil and perhaps even start to speak.

135,10. The little man says: ‘Let us wait for another hour until sunrise and the dead man will surely start to move and he will also speak!’

135,11. My father says, again smiling: ‘Carry on, I will not interfere. On the contrary I would gladly sacrifice my property to revive this old man who is well known to me as an honourable person and is devoted to God! Should you lose to me, I do not ask anything of you, except that you should believe in the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who will live for ever, and in the complete immortality of the human soul!’

135,12. The rabbi replies: ‘Yes, my friend, this I will do; but I know in advance, that you will lose! Secretly I belong to a reasonable Sadducee sect and wish to consign the clerics in my temple to the wilds of the vast sandy desert in Africa! However if you really should succeed in winning, I will gladly serve the temple again to the best of my ability!’

135,13. Everything was quiet now and we all awaited with great anticipation the moment of resurrection of old Lazarus.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-135 Chapter