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Chapter 136 - The spirit of Lazarus bears witness to the Messiah.

136,1. (Mathael:) “Meanwhile young Lazarus came to my father and asked him whether the rabbi’s arcana would indeed not succeed in reviving his father again.

136,2. My father said: ‘I am terribly sorry my dearest friend but I, both as a doctor and a human being, must admit the truth to you in its entirety! In any event, of what value is it to keep someone in suspense with false hopes which can never ever be realised! To console you I can give you much better news, namely, that I am giving and am permitted to give a very positive and truthful assurance, that your father is alive and that he has in truth never died!’

136,3. Young Lazarus said sadly: ‘Look there at the bed! He is not alive and is as dead as dead can be!’

136,4. My father said: ‘Yes, he is for sure; but that was not your father, only the flesh which covered your father! My son, however, who is able to see spirits clearly, can tell you something else. Go and ask him about it, and you will find great happiness in hearing his description of the vision he had here!’

136,5. The son of Lazarus now duly turned to me and asked me what I, as the doctor’s son, could tell him by way of consolation. And I told him, in minute detail and at great length, what I had seen. There were many listeners around me, but only very few with believing hearts as young Lazarus had. The more I told him about my vision, the more joy lit up his face. This was also noticed by his two sisters who were still in the flower of their tender female youth and they asked him what had suddenly made him so happy. Lazarus pointed to me and said nothing.

136,6. The two young women then came to me and modestly asked in a few words what I had told their brother to cause him suddenly to put aside his sorrow and now be as cheerful as if no tragedy had ever befallen their home. They said I should also tell them the same!

136,7. At that time I was a little devious and said to them: ‘It will not be in the least harmful for you girls if you have to mourn a little! I will tell you nothing but at the appropriate time you will be told by your brother Lazarus!’

136,8. After that the two girls did not ask me any more to tell them what I had told their brother. They nevertheless became less tearful and my father turned to the rabbi as the sun was now a completely crimson ball above the horizon and said: ‘Now my friend, how do things stand with your Persian fern herbal oil drops? The dead body still lies there motionless like an old piece of wood! How does that come about then? The sun has already risen and everything is quiet and dead calm! Who won the bet, you or I?’

136,9. The rabbi said: ‘My friend, I give up and from now on I will believe what you believe! You are a wise and widely experienced doctor, who does not easily believe anything without good reason. Even if I do not quite grasp your reasoning, I will still believe because you believe, and because you surely know why! I therefore believe you out of respect and will act accordingly. You have won this important bet and I am your prisoner!’

136,10. My father said: ‘You are by no means my prisoner but a completely free man in the name of Jehovah!’

136,11. The rabbi then asked my father: ‘My friend, what must I do to win your friendship completely?’

136,12. My father said: ‘It is already yours! Believe from now on and in your belief the true light will shine on you!’

136,13. I now went to my father and told him what I just have seen, namely that a great spirit who had come into the room, had beckoned to me and said that the children of Lazarus should prepare themselves as their father’s spirit would return once more to bless them and to make them an important promise. I also asked my father to tell the three of them and he did so. The son of Lazarus and both his still very young sisters, girls aged fourteen and sixteen years, were very happy with the news.

136,14. It did not take long before the spirit of the dead Lazarus in its bright heavenly splendour entered the room and all three of them could see him and also hear his voice.

136,15. The brightly shining spirit said to his son: ‘You are an adult; be a good foster father to your young sisters! Let no evil thoughts penetrate to your heart because, just look at me, I live and have not died! What happened was what the Lord wished to happen. He has chosen our house and the miracle of all miracles will take place within these walls.

136,16. The Lord already walks this earth in the flesh as the son of poor parents. He, the Everlasting One, the Most Holy, has already begun the great task of redemption. He wishes to become a eternal Father to all men of good will. From now on the people of this earth shall not have an invisible, forever inaccessible Father, but One who can be reached and is always visible. Furthermore, this God, who created everything which everlasting infinity embraces, will visit this house on a regular basis. Therefore protect your hearts from impurity so that this house may become worthy to receive Him, the One whom heaven and earth can not constrain!

136,17. You can see that I live but you must also ensure you live, as I now live, forever in God, my Father and your own! For now, please receive my true blessing as your father, which I give to you now, no longer in the flesh - which lies there on the bed like a shabby old coat and awaits its redemption as food for the worms - but as a perfected spirit in the Paradise of God, the kingdom of pure spirits! Keep the commandments of God, praising and loving Him above all things and you will already on this earth bring in a more generous harvest than the one which I now enjoy in the splendid Paradise of God! May God the Lord go with you, Amen!’

136,18. Having spoken, the spirit disappeared and the three children were full of a joy which I can not describe.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-136 Chapter