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Chapter 137 - The cowardly rabbi who broke his word.

137,1. (Mathael:) “Those present were joyfully astonished to see the incomprehensible and uplifting cheerfulness of old Lazarus’ family. Except for me and the three children nobody else had seen anything but nevertheless everyone suspected something. Some thought that the three must have been comforted by a vision. A few Pharisees who were also present thought that the children had gone out of their minds through too much grief while the little rabbi thought that my father had bewitched them in a very secretive way.

137,2. I then intervened with the little man and said loudly: ‘My man, do you not remember the commitments and the promises you made to my honest father’s face?! How can you judge God’s extraordinary mercy in this way?! Be careful that Jehovah does not punish you this very moment! You are not a man but a wretched animal!’

137,3. My words made such an impression on the little rabbi that he became as pale in the Hippocratic sense as the corpse on the bed and his whole body began to tremble.

137,4. My father, noticing this, went to him and asked what had happened to make him as pale as a corpse so the little man told him in a trembling voice all the bad things I had said to him.

137,5. My father said to him however: ‘It serves you right! Why did you not keep faith with my beliefs as you promised me so clearly you would?! With God and His spirits jokes are not allowed! Do you understand this? Either you believe, even if only because of the experience of others whose word can never be denied, - or you stay as you are!

137,6. What you are, be that entirely, either an angel or a devil! The worst answer of all however is to wish to lead a double life, an angel and a devil in one and the same person! Is it true that the entrance of the two Pharisees who arrived brought a glow to your head and to your heart?! You became fearful and, as a one-time follower of the Sadducee sect, you began to dance to their tune, just as the Greeks make their bears dance for us to the music of their pipes; but then you forgot the one to whom you gave and broke your word! What will you do now, you wretch?’

137,7. The rabbi covered his face and went away, most probably returning to Jerusalem to his room, to reflect on all his mortal sins. What then happened to him until now I simply do not know. My father and I myself have seen him in Jerusalem on several occasions, but he has always resolutely kept his distance and avoided us. Whether that was out of rage or some kind of shyness, I also do not know. He never returned to Lazarus’ house either, although he had forgotten his magic phial - as we easily found out as young Lazarus and his sisters visited us quite often afterwards.

137,8. Now, Lord, this is the story of me and my father in Bethany and I have related our experiences there as truthfully and as accurately as I can. At that stage everything was of course a baffling puzzle to me. Much of it is now much clearer and only the two apparitions are still a riddle which, despite Your many explanations, I still do not understand. Firstly the bright meteor in the night sky at midnight and the spirits accompanying it westwards, and secondly the similar, pure spiritual light above the head of the soul as it already floated freely above the corpse.

137,9. With this soul I also did not see an actual vapour cloud beforehand, merely the same quite fully developed shape of a human being, only attached to the body by a very light purple thread which later sheared off completely. After that the soul was immediately completely free and stood in a brilliant white pleated garment made of the finest linen among some wise and mighty spirits, as I mentioned earlier.

137,10. How these events and apparitions are interconnected, I and all the others too, would certainly like to hear from Your own mouth! My Lord, please explain this to us!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-137 Chapter