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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-139 Chapter

Chapter 139 - The explanation for the spirit apparitions at the death of old Lazarus.

139,1. (The Lord:) “Old Lazarus completed his earthly life so very well that not only did he lose nothing of his former heavenly perfection, he made such great gains, so that when our thoroughly tested angel departed this life, he had surmounted every obstacle in the most exemplary manner. For this reason, therefore, myriads of the most perfected angels united to influence the natural spirits of this earth in such a way that they were obliged to perform at the same level of activity as the spirits of nature on the sun. These extraordinarily active myriads of spirits concentrated in a small space, were the source of the light which was observed by you, your father and young Lazarus, precisely at that moment when the angelic soul and spirit of old Lazarus began to unravel itself from the bonds of the flesh.

139,2. The spirits you saw accompanying the light as it moved towards the west, are not especially part of the phenomenon except in that they had also become unusually excited by the extraordinary activity of the spirits of nature which are normally under their command and, not knowing what was going on, were driven to make partly random movements as well as others which were keenly observant as well as some which were prompted by fear.

139,3. That the tableau could be seen as it went from the east towards the west, to use your own words, signifies an important death here on earth, reflecting the fact that everything on earth awakens in sequence beginning in the East with the sunrise and falls sleep with the setting sun. At the same time, however, evening on earth is in direct contrast to the spiritual morning and, vice versa, morning on earth contrasts with the spiritual evening. The reason is that when earthly mornings dawn, most people probably begin to worry about worldly matters, while there are often enough truly profoundly spiritual evenings, frequently with no dusk, which are actually already formal spiritual nights. It is only in the evening that many people, tired of the worries of this world, reluctantly start to think that the temporal world has taken flight and they then turn to God - this at least is the equivalent of a spiritual dawn.

139,4. This explanation should be clear enough to you and you now know the reasons how and why there is a spiritual and physical connection between the phenomenon of the light at night and its accompanying spirits.

139,5. Now we return in our minds to the room where old Lazarus died! You did not see there any distorted vapour cloud floating above the corpse – it was already a complete human image. The reason for this lies in the great love of activity which is evidence of an already more perfected inner spiritual life entirely devoid of any fear about the great activity to come in the endless kingdom of the Heavens. The soul will not then tremble with fear and therefore the human shape of the soul is already immediately perfected as it begins to leave the body and its relaxed condition is easily visible, but of course only to those who posses the rare ability to see it.

139,6. The small, extremely thin thread which links the soul to the body indicates its almost total lack of empathy with earthly matters and therefore also facilitates its easy and painless release from the body. The same phenomenon of the light above the head of the soul evidences primarily the supremely powerful will of the soul itself and represents itself as a column of light above its head by means of its extraordinary activity in accordance with the ordinances of Heaven - a column which signifies inflexibility as well as a light which is always the product of correct action in compliance with the divine order established in God’s Heaven and which moreover constantly permeates and imparts full enlightenment to the cognitive ability of the soul, so that its will does not act blindly but always has the brightest insight.

139,7. However, as righteous thinking mainly originates in the heart, in the same way that the seat of love and the will are only to be found there, the light of will-power in the free soul, which during its earthly life acted in unison with the reasoning ability in the mind, now becomes visible as a girdle encircling the cloak of love and justice, patience and tolerance covering the loins of the free soul. Meanwhile, the head covering bears witness to a new gift of the purest light from the heavens, which is only given to those who have however already assiduously accepted true heavenly wisdom on this earth and as a result have become human beings full of love, wisdom and true heavenly righteousness. The cap of light covering the head is then a product of the will to acquire wisdom possessed by all the primordially created angels in Heaven and bears witness that he who wears it on his head is now an entirely perfected being in the image of God and is indoctrinated in all the wisdom and all the cognition of all the Heavens.

139,8. A spirit from Heaven who has also followed the way of the flesh in an earthly life has as much understanding on his own as all the other primordial spirits combined who have not yet followed that path, because this halo is also a complex agglomeration of all the intellects in Heaven, just as a human soul is compounded from every particle of earthly intelligence, a fact which surely has endless implications.

139,9. I am of the opinion now that you all understand these somewhat unusual phenomena. However if anyone still has a doubt he should ask now and he will receive enlightenment! Heaven shines a bright light on those who are righteous and of good will. Therefore ask Me without fear if there is something which you still do not understand!”.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-139 Chapter