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Chapter 14 - Herod's order to arrest Jesus.

14,1. (Zinka:) “The fact that she celebrated his day is well known to me and thousands of others, as well as her manner of doing so. However you will all not know that reports are circulating among John’s disciples that he has risen again, has returned to Galilee and is again pursuing his activities in the place where he originally began. This report also came to the ears of Herod and Herodias who, after the death of John, both strangely started to waste away and this was also true of the old dragon of a mother. The news filled the hearts of Herod and Herodias with great fear and anxiety. Herod therefore sent me, as an acknowledged friend of the victim, to bring him back to Herod, so that he might compensate him for the great suffering that he had inflicted on him. Herodias also regretted every hour in which she had given in to her wicked mother and now wished to be reconciled again with the victim!

14,2. I myself know only too well that John has not risen again; but I heard it from the mouth of John, that a great prophet has arisen in Galilee and that he considers that he himself is not worthy of unfastening his shoes. I told Herod and he said to me: ‘Go anyway and bring to me this prophet, of whom John has spoken with such great respect; since he can possibly be helpful to us as well!’ I also told him what I had heard about the great prophet, principally that he performs extraordinary miracles to emphasize his teachings. I told him that the prophet from Galilee awakes the dead, moves mountains, calms storms and similar unheard of things. I further told Herod, that I might achieve very little or even nothing at all against the power of such a prophet, because he has the power to kill thousands with a single thought. But Herod and Herodias did not back away from their desire to meet him and Herod only said: ‘Three hundred silver coins will be paid to the one who brings him to me!’. He added that if it was not possible to bring him alive, he would still like to see him dead!

14,3. Quite bravely I said to him: ‘If he does not come voluntarily, it will be pointless to go and look for him! If we were to try to kill him, we would not remain alive long enough! He has insight into people’s innermost secret thoughts and also knows their intentions and he would therefore kill us before we even caught sight of him! If this is the case, I really do not see any reason why we should go after him!’ However he said to me: ‘I wish it, and my intentions are good; if the prophet is also well intentioned he will also perceive my positive mind and he will come to me! That I will not do the same to him as I have in my blindness done to the other, will prove the sincerity of my tears for the good John. Go and carry out my wishes!’

14,4. At this we left and are now here for this purpose - and until now completely without success, although we have already been travelling around Galilee for nine weeks with this one aim! In the meantime I have sent numerous messengers to Herod to explain clearly to him the futility of our mission, but to no avail! He knows from other sources that one of them, either the risen John or the great prophet, is present in Galilee and performing great wonders. We must therefore do everything possible to get hold of him. Any lack of effort on our part will be most severely punished by Herod.

14,5. Thus our searches have brought us here, since we heard that great miracles were occurring around Caesarea Philippi! We actually found nothing here other than the city which was totally burned down, an area which was devastated by the yesterday’s huge storm and you, the most powerful of Romans!

14,6. Provide for us and free us from that fool who can not be trusted in his anger, and we will be grateful to you, of that you can be completely convinced! What I have told you now is the whole truth. You know now precisely how things stand. We ask you now to act with justice and fairness! Once you Romans are completely our masters, we are no longer interested in Herod! We are prepared to serve you a thousand times more faithfully than we served that foolish old tyrant! You appear to have the attitudes of a human being, whereas Herod is a monster when consumed by his anger!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-14 Chapter