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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-140 Chapter

Chapter 140 - On foolish questions.

140,1. Cyrenius says: “Lord, we are all unable to thank you enough for this infinitely important lesson which we have all received from You, and I do now understand a great deal more than before! There is also nothing which is unclear to me in the last rich experience related by viceroy Mathael. It is only the status of the two or three mighty angelic spirits who received Lazarus that is still not completely clear to me! Perhaps we could at least know the names of these saints and also perhaps more details of the circumstances regarding Lazarus’ words to his children when he later returned to this earth. The story was otherwise most unusual although to be frank I would be very pleased to know how and where the body of old Lazarus was buried and what later became of the little rabbi. Also more information about the famous fern herbal elixir would not be undesirable. Would You, My Lord, give us some further details?”

140,2. I say: “My friend, these are just unimportant side issues, which we should not regard as essential to the understanding of the main theme as they do not really have anything to do with it and have almost nothing in common! What significance has the names alone of the angel spirits who met Lazarus?! They do not need a travel document to satisfy any law neither do they need any worldly court to protect them. Of what use can the names be to you?! But as you insist, they were the archangels Zuriel and Uriel and way in the background also Michael in the guise of John the Baptist, about whom Zinka has already given us much information.

140,3. But there were also many other spirits present, which Mathael could not see, since they are still completely pure spirits and can not be seen with the eyes of the soul but only with the innermost eyes of the purest spirit himself - an ability which Mathael has never acquired. After all that, what is the significance of the burial place of Lazarus’ body or the little rabbi or the fern herbal oil which alleviates rigid cramp conditions and kills worms in the stomach if it is genuine - if it is not it has no effect whatsoever! Therefore let us leave it at that as all this is only of very little or no value to us. Let us return in our minds to our bid to improve cognition and knowledge but only in spiritual matters!

140,4. Therefore ask about something spiritual, perhaps relating to Mathael vision in the spirit world, instead of pursuing subjects which are as insignificant to the spirit as the snow which covered the wild plains on this earth a thousand years before Adam! What materiality is and how it originated, survives and is regenerated, has already been made clear for you to grasp with both hands and we therefore should only occupy ourselves with spiritual things. Of what value to mankind is all the knowledge and science the whole world possesses if man does not know himself down to the deepest depth of the root of life, in particular within his soul, and in the scope of his spiritual life and existence?!

140,5. Can he ever be able to become truly happy, even if he has obtained all manner of earthly goods, if from time to time he has to ask himself: ‘What will become of you after death? Will you continue to be aware of yourself or will it all be over for you for ever?’ If the fearful questioner does not obtain satisfactory answers, either from someone who is more experienced or, more improbably, from the dark vaults of his own life on earth into which the spiritual light of truth has never penetrated - what then? Will the serious questioner, no matter how rich he is, enjoy his great treasures and his wealth? With only minimal awareness of love of life, certainly not! Of what value can it be to man, to gain for himself all the treasures of this earth, if he suffers damage to his soul in the process?

140,6. Let us therefore rid ourselves of everything that can be destroyed by rust or by moths! Only the spiritual remains unchanged for ever while everything appertaining to materiality is frequently subject to innumerable changes until it has reached a spiritual state. Therefore ask about the spirit and the soul but never about earthly things!” { Matt.06 19; Jas.05 02}

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-140 Chapter