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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Wrath of God, Volume 4 - Chapter 141-145)

Chapter 142 - On the first human couple.

142,1. I say: “My friend, the way you have just spoken about wrath and vengeance, justice and God’s love, is similar to the way a completely blind man speaks about the harmony and splendour of the colours of the rainbow!

142,2. "Have you really not yet understood that all five of the books of Moses, as well as all the prophecies and the writings of David and Solomon can only be understood and grasped by inner spiritual comparison?!

142,3. Do you seriously think that God drove Adam out of Paradise using an angel carrying a blazing sword in his right hand as a weapon to ensure his expulsion? I say to you that even if this was the spectacle which confronted Adam as an apparition, it was merely a comparative reflection of what actually took place in Adam’s own mind. It therefore amounted to a step in his upbringing as well as a move towards the establishment of the first religion and the primordial church of mankind on this earth.

142,4. However, on earth there was never a material Paradise where grilled fish swam into people’s mouths. Then as now they had first to be caught, cooked and only then eaten, but with moderation. However if man was industrious and collected the produce which the earth offered and retained the surplus in his storehouse, then every place which was cultivated by man was truly a Paradise on earth!

142,5. What would have been the outcome for the spiritual development of man, if he were to have lived in a truly lethargic, gastronomic paradise with no worries at all. The best fruit would fall into his mouth while he lay on the softest lawn and he would only have to wish and all his desires would immediately be granted. He had only to open his mouth and the tastiest morsels would drop into it?! When would a man with this upbringing reach his necessary independence in life?! I say this to you: According to your idea of paradise mankind until now would be nothing else and know nothing more than a herd of sizeable greedy oxen or a shoal of voracious polyps at the bottom of the sea.

142,6. What was therefore represented by the apparition of the angel with the flaming sword? What does this word picture mean? Man was naked and up to now no man has ever entered this world wearing clothes. Even if he, like this donkey here, had not lived through childhood years during which his body would develop and even if he was quite tall - Eve herself was not small in stature - he nevertheless remained a child regarding direct experience of the natural world on this earth and was therefore mainly taught by the lessons of life as he lived it.

142,7. During the warmer days in spring, summer and fall he was able to endure the weather in his nakedness but in winter he started to feel the cold, and he asked himself within his heart which God was increasingly arousing in him using both His spiritual and physical influence: ‘Where am I? What has happened to me? Earlier I felt so comfortable and now I am cold and the cold winds are painful to my skin!’ Obviously he had to look for shelter to protect his body from the winds and he began to cover himself with all kind of foliage from the trees. This enforced activity stimulated his thought processes and they progressively became more logical.

142,8. However, he also became hungry as the branches of many of the trees and bushes were now bare. He walked long distances as he searched for food and found trees which still offered plentiful supplies of food. He gathered the fruit and carried it to the cave which he had selected to be his home. He thought to himself with his greater fresh experience of life ‘At this time the earth is cursed and you as a man can only gather food by the sweat of your brow!’

142,9. However, after the first human being on this earth had endured one winter in the cave on these heights forming the north-easterly border of the Promised Land to which our Galilee also belongs, he and his wife found time to probe their own minds and examine themselves more closely. He felt the need for more companionship and in a dream he was told what to do and afterwards he began by fathering Cain and soon afterwards Abel and Seth.

142,10. It was Adam’s wife who first gave him the incentive to procreate as it was Eve who had a vision regarding the procedure. We do not wish to pursue this subject but I can tell you, My friend Stahar; that everything progressed quite normally and nothing supernatural occurred. Moses however still perceived that everything that had happened only took place because that was Jehovah’s wish. God’s spirit showed him that all the completely natural guidance in travelling along the path of experience was provided by Me and that means by My spirit. Moses therefore chose suitable images to illustrate that God was constantly at the side of the first pair of human beings and also personalized My influence by selecting very focussed, but nevertheless pertinent images, as was customary at that time but was also essential as these images offered necessary guidance to this nation and to mankind generally.

142,11. It is moreover readily understandable that God and the angels realized and fully appreciated that the first human couple should live and further the development of their lives in one of the most fertile places on earth.

142,12. When later natural phenomena, which were specifically planned, forced the first humans to leave their first garden to look for food supplies elsewhere on earth, this also did not happen as a result of any kind of divine wrath. The only motivation was love of humankind, and the effect was that man was again aroused from his increasingly lethargic sensuality so that he became active once more and went in search of wider experience.

142,13. When Adam and his wife and his sons discovered that nearly everywhere on earth there was some source of food, they started to journey further afield and in so doing became quite familiar with Asia and Africa. This enriched them by adding a wealth of experience in all aspects of their lives. Secretly guided by the spirit of God they returned to their first Garden of Eden remaining there as it became the starting point for the process of populating the world..

142,14. Tell Me from your heart: Do you detect any sign of the wrath or vengeance of God in all this?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-142 Chapter