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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Wrath of God, Volume 4 - Chapter 141-145)

Chapter 143 - The Flood.

143,1. (The Lord:) “God in His wisdom can certainly display antipathy if already fully grown and partially mature people should wantonly and wilfully rebel against His ordinances. However the love of God is again there to serve a specific purpose and with great patience love knows how to find suitable ways of opposing mankind’s perverse ambitions and how to guide men back to the path of righteousness. This means that My final goal for mankind must always remain attainable and there is no compulsion for man to react like a machine in his initial response to some almighty act of vengeance by His God.

143,2. Even these measures should not be regarded as a consequence of divine wrath, as they are only caused by man’s inappropriate behaviour. Yes, God set down for the world and for nature their necessary and incontrovertible “must” laws in His ordinances but man also has similar laws which govern his behaviour and his physical presence. Whenever man tries to rebel against this order of life and change the world, he is not punished by the spontaneous wrath of God, but by the stringent and rigid divine ordinances which he has failed to observe and which cover the very things which must remain as they are.

143,3. You are now asking yourselves whether the Great Flood should also to be regarded as a natural and necessary consequence of inappropriate behaviour. I tell you that it should! I instructed more than a hundred prophets and emissaries to warn the people not to act in any way which might conflict with natural or divine laws. For more than a hundred years I earnestly pointed out the terrible consequences of inappropriate behaviour in the flesh or in the spirit. Their wicked wantonness went so far that in their blindness they not only mocked the messengers but even killed many of them and so they formally declared war on Me. However, I did not become angry or vengeful as a result but merely allowed them to continue to follow their chosen course of action and in that way experience the sad fact that unreasonableness and ignorance – both in themselves responsible for what they are - can in no way oppose the greatness of nature and God’s ordinances if, in their blindness, they see fit to do so.

143,4. Look, you are free to climb the rock located there towards the south which is the height of five hundred men and then deliberately throw yourself head first over the edge! In accordance with the essential laws of gravity affecting all bodies, this impetuous act will most probably cost you your life. Ask yourself if that fate would befall you as a consequence of My wrath and My vengeance!

143,5. Over there towards the East you see high, densely wooded rock-strewn mountains. Take an army a million men strong and set fire to the trees, burn down all the forests so that the mountains will then be completely bald. What will the consequence be? The many spirits of nature that will now be naked and deprived of their active lives will begin to display their anger and go berserk in the free air. Innumerable flashes of lightning, very violent cloudbursts and incessant hailstorms will ravage the land far and wide. All this naturally follows deforestation. Tell me whether there is any evidence of the wrath and the vengeance of God!

143,6. When a million men seriously endeavour to level mountains or to fill in great lakes or to construct broad highways to facilitate warfare; when people clear the slopes of whole mountain ranges, over a distance that can only be covered in several day’s travel, to a height of a thousand metres or dig four to five hundred metre deep moats around the base of mountains, and in so doing tap into the earth's hidden reservoirs so that the mountains begin to subside into the vast cavities which are now drained and the water begins to rise so that in Asia it rages like the sea, almost engulfing the highest summits - add to this the fact that, along with the mountains, many hundred thousand acres of the healthy forest land are destroyed, releasing myriads of earthly and natural spirits formerly fully occupied caring for beautiful, lush vegetation but now suddenly free and with no tasks to perform - ask yourself what an uproar there would be among the spirits in the air space above. What storms and what enormous cloud-bursts, what deluges of hailstones and what innumerable flashes of lightning were therefore discharged from the heavens onto the earth below for more than forty days, and what enormous quantities of water must have flooded nearly the whole of Asia – all of this for natural reasons! I ask again, was that also God's wrath and His implacable vengeance?

143,7. Moses described this event, as he did everything else, in the manner then commonly used, that is, by way of pictorial images. In selecting these he was inspired by the Holy Spirit and always allowed My divine foresight to prevail but this can only be done by drawing genuine and tangible comparisons.

143,8. Can you continue to call God a God of wrath and vengeance, because you and many others have never understood His many important revelations?

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-143 Chapter