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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-145 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Wrath of God, Volume 4 - Chapter 141-145)

Chapter 145 - The influence of evil on good.

145,1. (The Lord:) "To an even greater extent, an avaricious and greedy man is an exceedingly large poisonous plant which has far-reaching influence. All the natural life spirits surrounding him for some great distance, the vapours exuding from his body and his whole external life sphere will conform to his inner nature. The corrupted natural life spirits around him will seek to convert to their own evil, avaricious and greedy ways, the natural life spirits which venture into their vicinity and are still untainted.

145,2. Since these natural life spirits remain in constant conflict, not only with man, but also with the animals and the plants, the water and the air, they invariably cause much friction, many disputes and unnecessary jockeying for position in the elements - air, water, earth and fire - and in the animal kingdom.

145,3. Anyone who wishes to consider a practical example of this should go to a very good man. All the animals surrounding that man will have much gentler natures. Dogs are the best example as within a short time they will fully adopt the character of their master. The dog owned by an avaricious man will certainly also be avaricious and when it is feeding it is not a good idea to approach it. Go to a generous, gentle person and you will notice, if he keeps a dog, that this animal will be very good-natured and it will prefer to abandon any claim to the food bowl rather than involve itself in a vicious battle with an uninvited guest. All the other domestic animals belonging to a gentle and kind-hearted owner will be significantly more compliant and, indeed, even with the plants and trees which he owns, other people with sharp senses will observe a significant difference.

145,4. On the other hand, consider the servants of a miser and judge whether or not they are in general becoming greedy jealous and parsimonious and for that matter back-stabbing, false and deceitful! Even an otherwise good, generous person, if he spends a long period in the company of a miser who is up to his ears in gold and silver, will finally also be convinced of the necessity to save money and start to think deeply before performing any charitable deed.

145,5. Add to this the fact that, on this earth, the effort required by the bad to change something that is good to conform to its own nature is much less significant than the other way round!

145,6. Consider a rather bad-tempered man who wants to destroy everything in his vicinity in his fury and anger! Thousands of quite placid people looking at him might finally become enraged themselves and begin to wish to take hold of the ill-tempered man and shake the anger out of him - if only their sharp, clutching fingers could find some place to grab his skin. Why does one furious person incite thousands of others to violent opposition and why are the thousands of well disposed people unable to influence the one exception to become eminently good-natured?

145,7. All of this is due to the fact that, especially on this earth with regard to the upbringing of children, the temptation to succumb to bad and evil influences is much greater than vice versa – and this must always be the case. The reason for that I have already explained to you in general terms and I do not need to repeat Myself.

145,8. Look again at these two plants and imagine that you have a very large brass cauldron in which you intend to prepare a brew of a health-giving tea using a thousand of these medicinal plants. The intention would be that anyone suffering from a chest complaint who drank from it would soon start to feel the beneficial effects as the good natural life spirits would soon put to rights the small number of evil ones in his body.

145,9. However if we take this particular poisonous plant and throw it into the cauldron where a thousand plants are being boiled to make a health drink, the effect is that this single poisonous plant will turn the entire remedial infusion into a deadly poisonous brew. Woe betide the invalid who dares to take a sip of this tea! The truth is that it would certainly cost him his life, and he would be beyond help in any natural way!

145,10. Consider also the opposite case! If we boil a thousand of the poisonous plants in the same cauldron to make a deadly tea and finally add just one of the remedial herbs to the brew with the thousand poisonous plants! How quickly all the good remedial natural spirits will be converted to the deadly toxicity of the other thousand!

145,11. The conclusion from all that is as clear as sunlight. On this earth it is true that,for the reasons given, evil much more frequently overturns good so that it conforms to its own evil nature than vice versa.

145,12. Imagine now a large number of bad people in a region, or even in a whole country, and ask yourself, bearing in mind what you have already heard, if in all seriousness it really depends on God’s wrath, if there are all kind of evil influences at work! I say to you, especially to my friend Stahar, that all of this uniquely depends on the way of life and the behaviour of the people in that place. The wrath and vengeance of God has nothing to do with it at any time, except that I have ordained the nature of things and that order must of course remain unaltered, as long as this earth exists. Otherwise our earth will dissolve and be unable to provide mankind with a place in which to dwell in his trial life.

145,13. The solution is therefore to embrace all the good things in life with serious intent and with all our power and strength, so that there is no way we can be swallowed up by the proliferation of evil.

145,14. Try therefore to perfect your inner life by the faithful observance of my teachings, so that the poisons of the world are no longer able to harm you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-145 Chapter