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Chapter 146 - The miraculous little medicinal plant. The nature of light and darkness, of good and evil.

146,1. (The Lord:) “For the moment let us again return to our cauldron of poison in which a thousand poisonous plants are brewing! Understand that ten thousand, or for that matter, a hundred thousand of these medicinal plants will not be able to detoxify this vessel filled with poisonous tea! But on this earth, in the Indian High Alps and also in Sinai, a very small plant grows. .If only a very small piece of it, about the size of the average blade of grass, is thrown into the poisonous brew, it will transform all the poison instantaneously into the most wholesome remedial tea!

146,2. ‘How is this possible?’ You ask, wise Stahar, quite surprised. I am able to tell you that this transformation takes place in a very natural way. The reason will immediately be clearly explained to you and all the others.

146,3. Imagine that there is a moonless stormy night, as black as coal or a raven, during which it will seem to you that the whole of infinity is equally dark. Although it at least for the time behaves like a deadly poison in its effect on the vision because it robs the eyes of their ability to see, this darkness can be instantly dispelled by the smallest spark of light from the sun and become a bright light.

146,4. Can you already judge where this is leading us? You can certainly exercise your mind and make suppositions, but you can not know for sure! As you can not possibly know, please listen!

146,5. How can a spark of sunlight chase away all the darkness, and why is darkness unlit the first place? The air is made up of the same spirits during the darkest night as it is during the brightest day!

146,6. Once the sun has set, the natural spirits of life soon find their rest, each one as an individual, and since they rest within themselves and their light little shells do not vibrate, the human eye of the flesh can not detect their presence or their existence. The image received by the human eye is therefore that of a dark night completely without light.

146,7. You will of course say that the wind also blows at night and therefore the natural spirits of life are not at rest! No, you are mistaken and have no concept of the specific activity within a natural spirit! The wind of course blows at night and these spirits are therefore not at rest - but their movements are not as individuals within themselves as they are merely moving as a group in the same direction, compelled to do so by a superior spirit. If however at some point a natural spirit or even all the members of a large group of these spirits - these are the fiery tongues that you and all the others here have seen – are aroused so that they vibrate within themselves in an extraordinary way, that place will become extremely bright and light as seen by the human eye. This signals the moment when they begin to form clusters and the significance of that is that something is being created.

146,8. At the same time, however, an unimaginable number of natural spirits of life in all the surrounding area are also aroused and the whole vicinity becomes light and bright. The more the nearby spirits are aroused by the active cluster of natural spirits as it vibrates, the brighter the light everywhere, and this causes the whole assembly of spirits forming the cluster to strive in unison to achieve the same result; while the light of the sun offers highly tangible evidence of this through the effects of its life-giving power as they influence the world bodies which are sufficiently close to it

146,9. It is not only the free natural spirits of life on the planets which are aroused to creativity by the sunlight, but also those present in the free firmament of the ether where the free natural spirits of life as they agglomerate can often trigger creations which you could never even dream of in your earthly imagination.

146,10. As you have now seen, a single spark of light supported by the power of sunlight can instantly convert an immensely large dark space into bright light, in the same manner that our little medicinal herb can turn a large cauldron full of poisonous tea into a wholesome drink, because the natural spirits of life in the medicinal herb are correctly organised to be intensely active and are therefore able to force the more lethargic and disorganised spirits which make up the poisonous plant to be instantly aroused to behave in an orderly way.

146,11. The same effect is achieved by a person who is truly perfected in his life, firstly in the effect he has on his neighbours but in a wider context in the way he influences the natural spirits of life around him which are still free.

146,12. Good and well-organised people will also have a positive influence on their fellows who are themselves more good or less good, and the latter will be affected as if they had been given the remedial herb. However if these people who are by nature quite good should come among basically evil and hedonistic people, whose evil nature is evidenced by the hair on their teeth, they will easily be ruined as well, since the power which controls their inner life can not act as a counterbalance. On the other hand, the man perfected in himself resembles the small medicinal herb in the large cauldron full of poisonous tea or the little spark of sunlight in the vastness of the night.

146,13. When you have digested this properly, you will finally fully understand, how all the evil among mankind on this earth does not stem from the wrath and vengeance of God, but only has its origin in the way of life chosen by mankind, just as good often originates from just one single perfected person.

146,14. As I have guided you back to the correct path by giving you this lesson, it is again up to you to ask Me about something else which might appear to you to be strange in the story of old Lazarus as he lay dying. If one of you back there still has a small question, he should speak out!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-146 Chapter