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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-147 Chapter

Chapter 147 - The reasons for warmth and cold.

147,1. Mathael says: “My Lord, that one will apparently be me! In all seriousness I still have a trivial matter in the back of my mind which I can not make sense of however hard I concentrate!”

147,2. I say: “Yes, yes, you are the one I had in mind. Tell us what is troubling you!”

147,3. Mathael continues: “When I and my father left our house together to go with young Lazarus to Bethania and saw the large column of light on our way there, we were also struck at the same time by the considerable warmth in the air. When however the apparition of the light phenomenon totally disappeared, there was sudden total darkness and it became noticeably cold, so much so that I began to shiver through and through. I am unable to figure out the reason for this drop in temperature but, My Lord, if it pleases You, I would appreciate an explanation!”

147,4. I say: “The reason for it is so close at hand you could almost stumble over it! If you rub two pieces of wood against each other they will become warm, then hot and finally ignite and start to burn. Why does this happen? This is because the natural spirits of life present in the wood and inside its cells and organisms are awakened and aroused from their silent, dull state of inertia in an excessively forceful manner. They begin individually to vibrate violently, light and fire appear causing the still lethargic spirits nearby also to become agitated so that all these spirits then vibrate together with the utmost intensity until finally, in a word, they ignite. If the excitation should cease or the fire go out, all the natural spirits quickly cool down. The more violently they are stimulated, the more quickly they tire, are brought to rest and become cold.

147,5. A glowing piece of wood or a glowing coal, even if is burning very fiercely, is never nearly as hot as a piece of metal giving off the same glow. The reason for this is that the natural spirits inside the metal have the ability to become much more stimulated than those in the wood. If therefore the coal and the metal are cooling down in the same ambient temperature, the metal will cool more rapidly than the coal and when it has completely lost all heat it will feel significantly colder than the completely cold piece of coal.

147,6. If it is very hot and sultry on a summer’s day, the natural spirits of life start to move and this increasing activity also augments both the warmth and the sultry atmosphere. If this becomes greater or more intense, that is because these spirits begin to exert pressure on each other and soon become visible to the naked human eye in the form of fog and clouds.

147,7. You are aware that on these occasions the clouds become more and more dense and that finally there will be lightning flashes in the clouds, it will start to rain heavily and sometimes even to hail, an effect brought about by the spirits of peace with whom you are already familiar.

147,8. The more violent and vivid the lightning is during a storm, the colder the air will be afterwards - which is the result of the aroused natural spirits coming to rest, a position they are of course forced to adopt by the mighty spirits of peace. The same effect was seen with your mighty column of light and that is the reason the air became quite cold afterwards. – Is this clear to you now?”

147,9. Mathael says: “ My Lord, thank you for this clarification; I now understand completely!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-147 Chapter