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Chapter 149 - The spirit apparitions at the accident. The suicide of the Essenian who was cursed by the temple.

149,1. (Mathael:) “Simultaneously my father asked me if I have seen anything else remarkable about the boy.

149,2. In Greek I said to him: ‘The large two bats came together above his chest to form a very sad looking monkey, and are now trying to release themselves from his body. It appears however that they are still strongly drawn towards it and that it is for the time being impossible for them to separate from the body. The longer they attempt to do this, however, the more they become one being - look, now they have freed themselves and have risen into the air as one independent entity which still crouches and jumps round the body as if it is looking for something!’

149,3. ‘Is this not the boy’s soul?’ said my father

149,4. I replied: ‘I absolutely do not know the truth myself! Should a boy abandoned like this not in all seriousness have a better soul?! Now this strange apparition is still sitting beside the bloody shattered head and behaves as if he is licking the blood from the open wound. It is however having no success all! It merely sucks at the barely visible blood as it turns to vapour and in so doing its own appearance becomes a little more human. Now helpers are coming who probably wish to remove the corpse! I am curious to see if this ape-like being will accompany it!’

149,5. At this moment four bearers arrived with quite a long pole, bound the corpse to it with strips of linen cloth, lifted it high and carried it away.

149,6. I said: ‘However, the apparition has remained and is looking round like someone in a large empty space, where there is nothing to see. It appears not to see those of us here in the flesh. It is now cowering at the place where the boy fell from the tree and looks as if it wishes to go to sleep. In all seriousness, it must be the boy’s soul!’

149,7. My father said: ‘Now, fortunately, the ceremony to sacrifice the goat is nearly over! It only remains for them to pass sentence on those, who have been excluded from the atonement because of their excessively blatant and evil sins and it will then be over! Every year it is always the same old story - for me it is as devoid of any ability to bless, empower or improve me, as it is, I also believe, for everyone else!’

149,8. My father then fell silent, listened to the sentences passed and became quite annoyed when the first curse was inflicted on the Samaritans and only then on all the gentiles, the Essenes, the Sadducees and, and in a lighter way also on the unrepentantly incestuous, those guilty of murdering brothers, fathers or mothers, those who had violated animals or had committed adultery. Then the harshest sentence was finally handed down to the critics of the temple and its sacred relics.

149,9. After this certainly not very edifying ceremony, during which every curse caused an immense tear to appear in the vestment worn by the high priest, they all returned to the city. There was only one person, probably more deeply affected by the judgemental curses, who remained standing beside the pond, which was not far away from us and was in fact a deep hole created by the River Jordan. Some foolish people spread the fairy tale that this hole, which has a diameter of about two hundred metres, drained all the Great Flood waters from the whole surface of the earth in one year and a few days. It is true that this pond is very deep but it is surely not bottomless.

149,10. My father was quite suspicious about the way this person was staring with very glassy eyes and a confused face into the black pond, standing on a prominent rock. He asked if I could see anything unusual round or above the man.

149,11. I told him the full truth: ‘I can see nothing but I can not deny that I do not like this person at all! I believe it would not be wrong to forecast that he will soon investigate how deep the pond is, using his own body!’

149,12. I have intentionally told you the story in the precise words I used at the time, although my father never approved when I started to joke a little about quite serious matters – I had quite a special talent for that. I therefore ask for your indulgence, My Lord, if I here and now continue to use the same words as I used at the time!”

149,13. I say: “The way you are speaking to us is appropriate and in accordance with my wishes. Besides, I Myself am putting theses words into your mouth! Just continue to speak as they are all listening to you very attentively!”

149,14. Mathael continued, saying: “I had hardly finished speaking, when the man raised his hands and said loudly: ‘The high priest has cursed me because I was an Essene but I have abandoned the temple to learn another, better wisdom, although I was however unable to find it elsewhere just as I had been unable to find it previously in the temple in Jerusalem. I regretfully returned to the temple, prayed and made a sacrifice; but the high priest rejected my offering, called me the worst kind of desecrator of a holy place and cursed me for eternity, tearing his vestment seven times as he did so. On this Day of Atonement I had hoped for a reversal of the curse but to no avail! He merely reaffirmed the old curse and damned me before God and society! I am cursed! - So be it that I am cursed!’ – He shouted out these words in an exceedingly loud voice, then threw himself off the cliff into the water and drowned.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-149 Chapter