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Chapter 15 - The enigmatic Roman authority of Herod.

15,1. Cyrenius says:- “Whatever you desire will be granted to you as I am quite satisfied with your description of Herod and now know how I have to deal with him. Tell me, however, whether the authority delegated to him is in fact as you have described it to me earlier! Have you seen my signature at the bottom of the document? Or did you ever have or make the opportunity to have a look at that document? Be truthful and tell me exactly what you know!”

15,2. Says Zinka: “Nothing easier. Since I know how to write and can speak three languages, I have already made about fifty copies of this document, each one of which Herod had to take to the governor for certification as a true copy of the original in exchange for ten silver coins! I did not see your name, however, only that of the present emperor. I can not tell you anything more about it.”

15,3. Says Cyrenius: “Apparently this is a new authority, the content of which is completely different from the document I myself have countersigned! Could you also tell me when this infamous authority reached Herod from Rome?”

15,4. Says Zinka: “Oh, nothing easier! He had already obtained this authority a year ago and I know this very precisely since I wrote the application for it myself. It was indeed requested in the application that the emperor, as supreme autocrat and ruler, should override all subordinate offices, and should provide an authority ad personam (for his person only) to cover Herod in the way and to the extent set down in the wording of the application. According to my viewpoint, however, it is behind this application that the main deception lies!

15,5. That Herod actually made an application to Rome, I can vouch for as a trustworthy witness, since it was I, as I have already said, who drafted and wrote the application myself. This extraordinary request did not travel to Rome - as is easily understandable - without being accompanied by a heavy tribute in gold and silver. The couriers were five of the highest ranking Pharisees, who at the same time in their own capacity had undertaken a trip to Rome. A few days before their departure they came to Herod and asked him, if there was anything they could do for him there.

15,6. When they came to Herod it was as if he had called them since for four weeks he had already been considering every possibility, as to how and by whose hand, he could deliver this extraordinary request to Rome in the safest and most secret manner. This opportunity was even more welcome as he had a good relationship with those five clever Pharisees and regarded them as the most trustworthy of their kind. When he asked them to state their price for delivery, which was not normally less than two hundred pounds from Jerusalem, they said it would cost him nothing; what they did for him they would do out of pure friendship, because he had also helped them with several important services as a friend!

15,7. Herod was more than fully satisfied with that and gave the application to the five together with the heavy tribute which needed thirty camels to carry it. In this way the words contained in the extraordinary application went to Rome, but the real truth was most probably elsewhere. Unfortunately that we can not know!

15,8. A trip from here to Rome lasts, under favourable weather conditions, three full weeks but it may take a month. One stays in Rome for a few days, sometimes even for a few weeks, and it takes time to arrange an audience with the emperor. An application of this kind is in the most favourable case not completed in less than six months, because the emperor has to deal with thousands of more important government issues. Then there is the return trip which must take a similar time as the outward trip! Based on experience and precise calculation, nothing ever returns form Rome to my knowledge in under nine months.

15,9. However, the five messengers handed Herod the approved authority, precisely in accordance with the wording of the application I had written, within in a period of less than six weeks. It was complete, written on fine parchment with all the recognised marks and signatures of the emperor and greeted Herod with all due pomp. Although I kept my thoughts to myself at that time, I would nevertheless now put my head on the block and affirm that the five messengers, with the time available to them, had spent just as short a part of that time in Rome as I myself had!

15,10. The scoundrels have hidden the heavy tribute well, not to mention the thirty camels, they have forged the signature and other marks reserved to the emperor and have given Herod a secret imperial authority, of which Herod himself certainly knows as little as you do, noble lord and master! Please note, noble lord, that this is only my personal opinion as it is possible that the authority did in fact came from the emperor! Perhaps the ships had good following winds, both there and back, which would perhaps at least explain a rapid trip to and from Rome. They could also have chanced to find the emperor in a relaxed moment free from business pressures immediately on their arrival in Rome. Perhaps he granted them an audience and issued the required authority without delay, whereupon they immediately found a ship destined for Asia, embarked on it and blessed by a highly favourable wind they reached the coast of Judea! In summary, I do not wish to judge the matter! The source of that sequence of events is purely my own surmise and deduction.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-15 Chapter