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Chapter 150 - The souls of the two victims in the afterlife.

150,1. (Mathael:) “It was not long before I saw something like a grey human skeleton floating and moving slowly on the surface of the water, accompanied by very strange looking black ducks, about ten in number. Below the ankles, only the feet had a little flesh remaining and everything else was skin and fleshless bones, which seemed most odd to me. To begin with the floating skeleton had its face turned upwards but after about an hour it turned over and started to use its hands and feet like a skilful swimmer, seemingly also fending off the black ducks. However, they were persistent and did not wish to allow the gruesome looking swimmer to escape them.

150,2. The puzzling figure drifted around in this way for a good hour on the surface of the pond in all directions, sometimes moving more quickly and then more slowly, even diving a few times beneath the surface and re-appearing again. I would have taken this monstrosity for a water animal if my father could also have seen it to confirm my view. Concentrating his very sharp eyes intently on the water, he was nevertheless unable to see anything. This forced me to conclude that the floating dead skeleton must be something supernatural, therefore a soul or a spirit. After an hour it was very still and the black ducks behaved as if they were nipping off some last pieces of flesh from the skeleton.

150,3. Since nothing of any importance was happening, we returned to our monkey, who had just started to get up, then tried to stand on his two hind legs and even to walk hesitantly. But the walking went badly. After every five steps the ape put his front legs on the ground, then quickly stood up again. All the time he was looking round everywhere and his eager searching invited the conclusion that the apparition was either afraid of something or that it was extremely hungry and was badly in need of some suitable food. As it progressed with these efforts to walk and stand it reached the pond mentioned earlier, where it soon saw our skeleton floating around accompanied by the weird ducks.

150,4. When our monkey, or the soul of the fatally injured boy, saw the skeleton, it gave out a loud shrill cry and looked intently at the skeleton. After doing this for about half an hour it stood erect like a man and I could clearly make out his words in a lisping voice: ‘This was the unfortunate father of my miserable body! Woe to him and to me as the wrath and judgement of Jehovah has befallen both of us! I still can be helped; but how can he be rescued?’

150,5. Here the monkey paused with a very sad expression on his face while in the pond the black ducks were still quite content to continue plucking at and pushing the skeleton which was showing little sign of life. This again continued for half an hour and by then all the people had left except for a few Romans and Greeks. They were however engrossed in a business discussion and took no notice as we quietly observed the scene.

150,6. My father then asked me whether I could see anything else. I said no and added briefly: ‘Nothing at all!’

150,7. He then said that we should go since every noteworthy or remarkable event had already taken place and because we should not concern ourselves with any further action Jehovah might decide to undertake with regard to the souls.

150,8. I said however: ‘Father, we have already devoted three hours to these two souls and I have gained nothing from the quiet, sad spectacle unfolding before my eyes. May we therefore spend another hour here and perhaps something interesting will still happen!’ My father was quite content to accept my suggestion and we stayed. Within a few moments of the end of our conversation the situation suddenly looked very different.

150,9. The monkey was suddenly possessed by a violent rage, stood up to its full height, jumped onto the surface of the water and began to attack the weird ducks - and woe betide any one he managed to catch! In a split second the monkey tore it into a thousand pieces! Five of them he slaughtered before the other five made themselves scarce.

150,10. After the evil ducks had flown away, the monkey lifted the skeleton out of the water and laid it down a short distance from the pond on a rather pleasant stretch of lawn where I could still see them and he said: ‘Father, in your great misery, can you still hear my voice, can you grasp my words?’ The sitting skeleton nodded its totally exposed skull and in so doing gave his son a clear signal that he was able to understand him.

150,11. The monkey increasingly assumed a more human appearance, stood up as if he possessed considerable power and said in a voice which was now very clear to me: ‘Father! If there is a God, there can only be a good and just God! This God does not curse any man as, if mankind is this God’s work, man could never be a bungled absurdity but only a masterpiece! However, if He were to be a master craftsman who is able in all seriousness to curse His own work, His standing would rank below the worst bungler. Even a bungler does not condemn his own work, but regards it as worthwhile. Should God, as the grand master of all master craftsmen, be able to curse His own work?

150,12. The practice of cursing and condemning was invented by mankind and arose as a result of the blindness and immaturity of human nature. The errors which are made by a newly created man are attempts by the now independent entity to exercise the freedom of his will. Man’s behaviour is part of an effort to determine his own destiny in the sphere of cognition as well as in the sphere of free will, as this is an established order which has been evidenced by an endless series of major creations by the one wise Creator. It is only in that order that the existence of all creation is and can remain conceivable now and forever more.

150,13. The act of invoking curses by man comes from an evil segment of his darker side; they destroy those who invoke them as well as their fellow men and finally bring entire nations to the depths of deprivation, misery and despair. You, my poor earthly father, were killed by the tenfold curse invoked by the high priest, although this was undeserved before God. In the depths of your self-doubt you took your own earthly life and it was your fate here to become the miserable victim of the arrogance of a man who considers himself to be God. However I have received God’s blessing, as well as the necessary intuition and power, to remove the tenfold curse by the high priest which tormented you in the form of those black water-fowl. Now you are in the open and on dry land. I will now do everything possible however to help you in your great misery and deprivation to the maximum extent that my life’s strength permits!’

150,14. During these words the former ape-man increasingly looked like a human being, and when the other had stopped speaking he had taken on a fully developed, quite graceful human shape and was dressed, as if out of thin air, in a light-grey pleated garment. Next to him something was lying on the ground wrapped in a cloth. The now quite handsome boy unpacked it, took out a long dark-grey shirt, saying: ‘This is for you; allow me to help you put it on!’

150,15. The skeleton man nodded his agreement. The boy put the shirt onto his body in an instant and wound the wrapping cloth which was of a slightly lighter colour around his forehead as a kind of turban, and the skeleton began to look somewhat better as a result. The boy was now emboldened and grasped the old man under the arms to help him to stand upright but he was unable to succeed.

150,16. After several attempts, the boy now already the size of a youth called out loudly in a penetrating voice which even my father pretended to have heard, although the articulation was poor: ‘Jehovah! If You are out there somewhere, please send me and my father some assistance! He has not sinned but those who claim for themselves the reputation of divinity in order to obtain even greater respect and value from this world, those people have committed a cardinal sin. They have crushed him as if he had been struck by a stone falling from the clouds, and now he lies here as a soul condemned by the world! Will You therefore also condemn him for eternity? Give him at least a skin over his bare bones! I am horrified by my father’s terrible nakedness! Help us, Jehovah, please help!’

150,17. Soon after these words two mighty spirits appeared and touched the skeleton on his temples. In an instant the victim had tendons, skin, a few strands of hair and - it seemed to me - even eyes, but they were very hollow looking and deep set. However, neither of the spirits uttered a single word and they then immediately disappeared.

150,18. The boy who was now looking quite pleased tried again to make the old man stand on his feet and this time he succeeded. When the old man was upright, the boy asked him if was able to walk. The old man confirmed that he could in an extremely croaking hollow voice so the boy immediately supported him under the arms and they both now moved off towards the south and disappeared from my view.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-150 Chapter