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Chapter 151 - The Lord's explanation of the state of the victims' soul in the afterlife.

151,1. (Mathael:) “These were the two events at which I was present. I certainly do not know what happened to those two in the spirit kingdom and despite Your earlier explanation I also do not understand the significance of the two bats which appeared when the boy fell from the tree and later combined to form the image of a monkey., Nor do I understand why the soul of the suicide appeared to me to be a complete, almost lifeless skeleton floating on the surface of the water. Where did the ten black ducks come from and why did they torment the skeleton? How could the ape-like figure of the boy overcome the ten evil birds? What does the clothing signify, what was its origin and how did it affect the two different souls?

151,2. Indeed there are many elements which could give rise to many questions but for me the ones which are especially important are those I have posed, all of which are in themselves evidence of my lack of knowledge. These points are however of particular interest and Your kind explanation would be much appreciated. If anyone else here also wishes to have any lesser apparitions explained to him, he will surely be allowed to put his questions too?!”

151,3. Cyrenius said: “My friend, I felt quite strange when you were speaking! Human life seems to me like a stream on top of a high plateau flowing along quietly and harmlessly. Then, at the edge of the plateau, the stream which was previously so tranquil suddenly drops precipitately with a thunderous roar and awesome finality into an abyss of unpredictable depth and drills a deep pit for itself in which to rest - but it does not find any rest! The powerful forces generated by its own fall drive it further and further away from the point where it came to rest and the stream is compelled to rush onwards until at last it is consumed by the omnipotence and immeasurable depth of the sea.

151,4. My Lord, Please console us by explaining to us these very frightening moments in our otherwise beautiful life! Take the man who, in our brother Mathael’s words, jumped in despair into the pool of water, with which I am quite familiar, to end his life. How frightening the change immediately after he jumped! The shock then appeared to be dampened down but how did that happen? What uncertainty, what misery! Lord and Master, give us some comfort in Your explanation of the events that brother Mathael has clearly described in such dreadful detail!”

151,5. I say: “Of course we are seeing here two terribly sad moments in life and they certainly have a very serious side. What are you willing to do to rescue a life which has been influenced by the world to be totally dissolute, driven only by its own hellish cravings so that you are in time to return that life to the right path and prevent it melting away and becoming lost? Should not a life like that be taken in hand in a very serious way?

151,6. It is true that the moment the problem is addressed is very repulsive for any spectator! The transition through a very narrow opening is of course not as pleasant to contemplate as, for example, the face of a radiantly healthy virginal bride; but it guides the essential man back to life, this time to a true and eternally indestructible one! For that reason a moment of life, so solemnly serious, in the end offers a man who understands it, more comfort than the radiant spring face of a virginal bride. However, now we will proceed to explain the scenes described by Mathael!

151,7. Mathael initially saw two large bats flying around the boy when he fell from the tree and immediately lay dead on the ground. The first point is that the boy was a descendant of this earth alone. However, the pure children of this earth, as you have heard in many of My explanations and have clearly grasped, are both in soul and body a complex which stems from the entire organic creation of this earth. Proof of this is found in the very wide variety of food for their bodies consumed by humans, while the choice of food for animals is very limited. For man to feed all the particulate intelligence of which his soul is composed, absorbing the appropriate soul food from the natural intake he consumes, he is enabled to take a wide variety of nutrients from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms because the substance of the soul’s body is fed and matured, just like his body in the flesh, by the natural foodstuffs consumed.

151,8. Now it also depends from which previous sphere in creation, arranged in ascending order, a man has received his soul if he is purely of this earth. Especially with children, one has then also to consider the possibility that their souls still carry traces of those species of early creatures within them, before transformation to human form. If a child is correctly brought up from birth, the elements stemming from the original creature are soon converted into human form and become more and more embedded in it. However, if a child’s upbringing is neglected, the original creature increasingly gains ascendancy in the soul even seeking to force the fully developed body to revert to that original state. The result is that with some coarse people it is quite easy to recognise which form undoubtedly predominates in their soul.

151,9. When I said earlier that the boy’s body and soul purely originated from this earth, you will therefore readily understand, taking into account the neglect in his upbringing, why his soul was already visible as two bats while he was still in the tree and before he fell. The reason for this was that he had lapsed into spasmodic unconsciousness partly due to his very strenuous efforts to cling to the tree and partly due to the suffocating effect of the thick smoke. It was his unconscious state which kept him in the tree for a while, although he himself already knew nothing of what was happening.

151,10. At the moment of death, as long as a soul is not completely separated from the body, that soul will remain totally unconscious and this state is a result of its anxiety and confusion. The soul feels like a man who has been bound face outwards onto a shaft which is rotating at high speed. The man may look about him as much as he wishes but he will be unable to see any object clearly. Initially he might see a hazy matt-coloured circle around his body but as the rotational speed increases and consequently his eyes are increasingly unable to focus, he can be engulfed in complete darkness.

151,11. Just as the eyes must be at rest to see an object for what it is, so the soul also requires a certain inner tranquillity to achieve secure, clear self-consciousness. The more a soul is restless within itself, the more its clear self-awareness vanishes. If the soul should become highly agitated, then it loses that awareness until it has returned to a state of rest. When people are dying, this moment comes to them with greater intensity and in inverse proportion to the level of perfection in life which they have achieved. However, a soul perfected in life does not experience this rather sad moment, as Mathael clearly saw at the moment when old Lazarus died, as that soul was never restless in any way.

151,12. The boy in the tree was for about a quarter of an hour nearly completely dead in the flesh and knew nothing about his condition; his soul and his body were therefore both engulfed by intense darkness. A soul which becomes too restless begins to divide itself in an orderly way into the smaller creatures from its original life and this explains the apparition of the two bats. It was only after the boy’s brain had been shattered that he lost all contact with his anxious soul, which then in turn became more tranquil and the two creatures from his original life combined to form the last creature from that life to appear, a monkey. However the monkey required a longer rest period before emerging completely and even longer before it achieved self-recognition and self-consciousness. That is why it cowered for a while where the boy’s body fell, driven more by instinct than a knowledge of what had happened.

151,13. Gradually consciousness and self-awareness returned and the monkey, looking increasingly human, began to stand upright. Its constantly improving perception of its surroundings enabled the soul to sense the nearness of the unfortunate soul of his earthly father. Leaving the spot where he crouched and prompted by his intuition, he moved over to the pond and fully recognized the soul of his father, burdened and tormented by its tenfold human curse.

151,14. His love for his father was rekindled at that moment when his question about God and His true justice came to mind. After that he justifiably became very angry about the curses which men in their boundless arrogance dare to fling at their poor fellow men many of whom are actually much better than they are. The monkey man, now much more perfected, became confident of his own strength and began to attack the ten devils in the form of black ducks which had been invoked by the curse and were tormenting his father's soul beyond belief.

151,15. With this increased confidence the monkey man jumps into the water and, driven by his love for his father, he begins to play havoc among the ten devils invoked by the curse. In a few moments they are destroyed and when the job is done the monkey man now looks almost completely human.

151,16. Now his love also begins to implant new roots of life in his father’s dead soul. This fills the son with even more love and strength which he uses to pull his father away from his place of death and destruction onto dry land where, through the son's love, a solid resting-ground for the father's future existence takes shape and begins to look inviting.. However, as the son's love grows, the light from him also becomes more intense and enables him to recognize the limitations of his own strength. He now properly turns to God, asking Him to help his father. Help is not long in coming; clothing is provided together with the strength to advance to a better and more perfect way of life. There, the father's soul is nourished by the son's ever growing love, attains once more spiritual flesh and blood and, finally, is enabled to recognize God and accept His ordinances – a task always exceedingly difficult where suicide is involved."

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