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Chapter 152 - The different kinds of people who commit suicide and their states in the afterlife.

152,1. (The Lord:) "However, there are different ways of committing suicide. When someone takes his own life because his own arrogance has been excessively humiliated by someone else and there is no possibility for him to take revenge - that is the worst kind of premeditated suicide. It is never possible for a soul to make amends completely for this type of suicide. A thousand times a thousand years must pass before a soul like that can be brought to a point where its withered, loveless phantom bones can at least be covered in a thin skin, far less an incarnation ( Author’s footnote:- Here in the sense of fully enclosing the skeleton of the soul in spiritual ‘flesh’) of its whole being as incarnation is in reality a product of love and in its turn it re-awakens love.

152,2. If somebody looks at a maiden, who is very complete in the development of her body and is brimming with voluptuousness, he is immediately obsessed with her image. His heart will immediately glow with love and he will express the desire to call this maiden his own. Why is that so? Because the maiden’s fully developed figure is purely a product of a great deal of love! The substance which is the basis of love can and must also arouse a similar feeling in her fellow men.

152,3. If on the other hand we were to consider another maiden who is terribly thin and I were to say to you, that she would not greatly arouse the heart of any man. He might secretly feel sorry for her, but it would still be difficult for him to fall in love with her. Again, why is this? Because her bones are covered with too little of that substance which is purely a product of love!

152,4. A soul that even on this earth has already been pure love, immediately appears in the hereafter to be most attractive, well developed and perfect as far as form is concerned. An avaricious, very selfish soul, however, appears to be very thin in the hereafter. There is still however some flesh and blood left because this soul at least has some love of itself, whereas a suicide is completely devoid of any love and his soul will necessarily appear as a skeleton in the after life. The only question that is open is whether it is a human skeleton or the skeleton of some animal!

152,5. We have already mentioned that there are several kinds of suicide, and I have specifically dealt in detail with the worst cases. A suicide of the worst kind does not appear in the hereafter in the form of a human skeleton, but as the skeleton of a dragon or a serpent or some other fierce wild animal. Why? You can easily think that out for yourself! A soul like that will never be able to achieve full perfection in its life.

152,6. Then there are those who commit suicide out of jealousy because of a maiden who, by no fault of her own, preferred another man to the jealous fellow who, when they met, tormented her with all kind of reproachful words, accusing her of infidelity which she never even thought to commit. A suicide like this arrives in the hereafter as the skeleton of a wolf, a dog or a cockerel because the inner nature of these animals rules the mind and the will of a fool like that, because those are the precedent origins of his soul which best represent the present main characteristics of his suicidal soul. These suicides also find it very difficult one day to achieve even a small degree of perfection in life.

152,7. Again, there are other suicides who have secretly committed a serious crime which they know to be punishable by a dishonourable and painful death. They know that their crime must come to light. What usually then happens? Driven by his terrible fear and his deserved pangs of conscience, a furtive criminal like this descends to the depths of despair and hangs himself. This soul will appear in the hereafter in the shape of the skeleton of its predecessors, creatures such as, for instance, salamanders, lizards and scorpions, all huddled together in a heap and surrounded by a wall of fire, usually in the shape of a giant fiery serpent. The wall of fire is part of one and the same soul as the other creatures from which the soul stems and is an element of their intelligence.

152,8. In summary, once a soul, because of a bad upbringing, is without any love, even love of self, the whole soul is permeated by hell as life’s most vicious enemy. The soul within itself then becomes inimical to its own life and being and continually strives to end it in some painless way. Faced with this enmity, life in the end must itself fall apart and the soul can not possibly appear in the hereafter unless it has been dispersed into its individual primordial life forms, and even then only if they appear as fleshless skeletons which are merely evidence of the inevitable judgment.

152,9. With both man and animal, bone is the element which is most judged and most devoid of all love. As love can survive in bones as little as it can in stone, bones remain as a residue, even if only as soul substance, building blocks which can never contain love. It is still however easier for human bones to accept new life than it is for animal bones, far less the skeletal shells of insects or the gristle, cartilage and bones of amphibians.

152,10. Just imagine what will happen if one of these suicides enters the hereafter. What a difficult and lengthy process it will be before that soul can even begin to take the shape of a human skeleton and then to be covered with a skin and even with flesh, all of this from within itself.

152,11. In your minds you are now asking whether that soul will also suffer any pain. I can tell you; at times the worst, most searing pain and at other times none at all. When the soul is aroused in some way by approaching spirits which intend if possible to restore life to it, the soul suffers a terrible, burning pain all over but as soon as it comes to rest again, it has neither feeling nor consciousness and does not therefore feel any pain.

152,12. There are still many more ways of committing suicide which are not so detrimental in their effect on the soul as the two I have just described. However, no suicidal act can have favourable consequences for the soul.

152,13. The case described by Mathael was still one of the more acceptable types and the resuscitation and restoration of that soul therefore proceeded quite easily and quickly. Nevertheless, there will always remain a flaw in that soul which means that a soul with this provenance can hardly ever achieve the full status of a child of God. The soul of a suicide can seldom reach the first, outermost and thus the lowest order of Heaven, not even reaching its fringes.

152,14. For the most part only souls from all the other worlds reach the first stage, the heaven of wisdom, but they are joined from this earth by the souls of those wise gentiles who have lived a decent, just life, but who do not wish to hear of My person in the afterlife. If in time they absorb some of this knowledge, they can certainly enter the second or middle heaven. They can never enter the third, the innermost and highest heaven, the true heaven of love and life. There the only ones accepted are those who have already attained the full status of a child of God."

152,15. I think that also these ways of dying as related by our brother Mathael have been explained sufficiently. If, however, something is still unclear to one of you, he or she is free to ask. There are only two hours left before the sun is due to rise above the horizon when we will all undertake something completely different. Therefore any one of you wishes to say something should speak now!”

152,16. Everyone says: “Lord, that is all clear to us. Such a vivid explanation can not leave anybody in any doubt!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-152 Chapter