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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-153 Chapter

Chapter 153 - On the philosopher's stone.

153,1. I again say: “As we still have a few hours left, Mathael should tell us about one last death scene, very memorable in its way. Before that however, as it is already dawning, Raphael should bring the ball of light back to its correct location and at the same time produce those granules which were promised to Cyrenius!”

153,2. Raphael soon completed that task and brought Cyrenius seven of the globules of light, each the size of a ripe pea. The globules which Raphael gave Cyrenius were so very bright that no one could look directly at them. Each one had the luminosity of more than ten thousand lamps burning very brightly and was therefore already so bright that it could light up a large hall on its own if positioned on a high central plinth.

153,3. Cyrenius did not know how to preserve these seven light globules and asked Me for advice. I again called upon Raphael to bring Cyrenius a suitable container to keep them safe.

153,4. Raphael was soon at hand to give Cyrenius a box made from pure gold and loosely filled with asbestos. He placed the seven globules inside and closed the box with a lid which was decorated with symbolic, high quality workmanship. After the seven globules had been safely stored away, he handed the box to Cyrenius and said: “Keep them yourself! None of these very precious stones should ever decorate a king’s crown and that will ensure that another king’s desire to own a similar crown can not become a reason to make war. The outcome would be that thousands of people would tear each other apart like raging wolves, hyenas or bears, just to possess one of these globules of light!”

153,5. Cyrenius thanked Me and also Raphael who, however, immediately declined his gratitude and redirected the thanks to Me. 06 ] I said however: “It is good that this matter too has been brought to a conclusion! The globules promised to you, Cyrenius, are now in their storage container and you must never attempt to make use of them on this earth and never be boastful that you own them, not even in the presence of your closest relatives! If you want to make a prophecy, place the box on the pit of your stomach and you will then be empowered to receive the brightest visions. It should however be a fact which is known only to you that your ability to prophesy is enhanced by your ownership of these globules! People will pay attention to your predictions and act in compliance with them, but no man must ever discover the origin of your gift! If you have heard of the stones used by wise men, you now have them yourself in the form of those seven globules - but they are only for you and for nobody else!”

153,7. Cyrenius says: “My Lord I will however pass away one day and what will then become of these seven globules?”

153,8. I say: “At that time of your life pass them over to Josoe and rest assured that he will know what he must do to dispose of them to ensure that they positively benefit the whole world! However let us discontinue the discussion of this topic. You, brother Mathael, must begin your story which thousands of times greater in its value to all of you than a hundred thousand of these luminous pebbles! Be brief so that today’s very memorable sunrise will not interrupt your narrative!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-153 Chapter