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Chapter 155 - Snake venom as a remedy.

155,1. (Mathael:) “As I stood there, completely absorbed in my inner vision, I heard a voice as if someone was whispering in my ear: ‘Catch a rattle snake and a viper, chop off their heads, boil the bodies thoroughly and give the soup to the widow to drink. Then advise her that the courts of justice of which she is so endlessly afraid, can not possibly have anything against her and she will immediately regain her health! In future, however, if someone should begin to waste away having inhaled her poisonous breath, see to it that he drinks a brew made from these snakes as this has the property of being able to cure the old Aesculapian emaciation. Soon he will recover completely! These snakes are to be found in abundance on the southern slopes of Mount Horeb.’

155,2. The advice which I had very clearly heard, I conveyed briefly to my father. He was however beside himself with elation and immediately said to the widow that she should not worry as he was sure he had a remedy to help her. First and foremost, however, she was not to be in the slightest way concerned about courts of law with regard to the Greek doctor, as he assured her she should not feel in the least guilty about his death. He said that he himself was quite familiar with Roman law and did not consider that a prosecution case could possibly be made out against her.

155,3. This very serious portrayal of her innocence calmed the widow down to such an extent, that the bluish haze above her bed disappeared completely. I immediately told my father, who was overjoyed, and he immediately sent to Mount Horeb for the snakes. Some of the best snake catchers and charmers lived there and within a few days several samples of each type had arrived. They were of course already decapitated and properly sealed in clay, so that all the air was excluded and they were prevented from decaying. On Mount Horeb a kind of oily yellow clay is to be found and human corpses can be preserved in this substance for hundreds of years without degenerating.

155,4. After the snakes had been brought by camel, the quantity required was cleansed of the clay, and then put on a fire in a good cooking-pot and boiled for about three hours, during which time the widow still lay in bed and knew nothing about it. The time which elapsed from sending the request for the medicine to Horeb until the actual moment of preparation was four days, during which time my father had to console the widow several times a day and promised her full recovery within five days. As a result the widow visibly improved day by day and already wanted to rise from her bed on the fourth day. My father did not wish her to get up and kept her away from the preparation of the snake brew. If she had seen something of the preparation method, her acceptance of the cure might have become very dubious. By keeping her in bed, my father ensured she saw nothing and when he handed her the brew, she happily drank it down to the last drop and finally said that the medicinal brew tasted quite good.

155,5. After a couple of hours my father gave her a second and final portion of the brew and the widow afterwards began to feel so much better that it was nearly impossible to keep her in bed on the fourth day. However, the strict orders from my father were that she had to stay in bed for at least half of the fifth day after we arrived. She then left her bed fresh and completely recovered. She rewarded my father very generously and did not forget me either!

155,6. When we departed she asked my father confidentially if he knew the Greek doctor and if he could help him.

155,7. My father said: ‘Yes indeed, I knew that wretched charlatan quite well and he has surely never helped anybody - except into the grave!’

155,8. The lovely widow was quite content with this comment and sent us on our way with her best wishes. Father carefully packed the remaining sections of the snakes preserved in clay together with other objects and items of great value which were then loaded on a camel. We mounted our own camels and travelled home in high spirits.

155,9. Using this very strange medicine, my father subsequently healed many emaciated sick people and in so doing earned a great deal of money and a famous reputation. For that reason he was not of course very much in favour with the temple clerics or the Essenes. On the other hand the Romans respected him even more, gave him their full protection, praised his skill and his science to the heavens and gave him the honorary name Aesculapius Junior. Whenever the supply of snakes ran out, my father immediately ordered a new shipment from Mount Horeb and used his brew to cure these emaciating diseases. In all seriousness, nobody then died from them any more.”

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