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Chapter 156 - The spiritual processes at the death of the widow and her daughter.

156,1. (Mathael:) “A few years passed since widow was cured, during which time we heard nothing more of her. Suddenly, early one morning, on a Sabbath to be precise, a messenger arrived from our widow and requested my father to make his way to her as soon as possible. It was said that our widow, and also her daughter, had suddenly become so ill that her circle of neighbours were extremely sad and none of them dared to hope that either woman would recover.

156,2. Despite the fact that it was a Sabbath, it goes without saying that we immediately mounted our camels and my father did not forget to take along the correct quantity of the strange medicine as he quite naturally assumed that the widow had suffered a recurrence of her previous illness. This was frequently the case with this type of illness and every doctor knows that a relapse is often a much more stubborn condition than the first occurrence of the problem.

156,3. After a couple of hours we arrived at our familiar destination. However from a distance about half-an-hours’ walk away I noticed that the whole of the large house was enveloped in thick, blue smoke. The closer we came to the house, the more clearly I was able to see the familiar beasts swimming around inside the blue haze. ‘Stop’, I said to my father when we were still some sixty paces away from the house, ‘To preserve our good health we should not take one more step in that direction if we do not wish to die in the near future as the evil blue haze with its extremely uncanny inhabitants now envelopes the whole house!’

156,4. My father, now completely puzzled, stopped suddenly. He sent the messenger into the house where the two sick people lay so that he could bring him back news of their condition. The messenger immediately hurried to the house and found both the women unconscious, struggling to escape the relentless onset of death.

156,5. When father heard this from the messenger, he said to him: ‘ My friend, I can not perform miracles, and I have therefore no other choice open to me but to turn around, and the quicker the better! It is not advisable to approach either of theses sick women too closely!’

156,6. The messenger however asked us to stay for another hour as no one could know for certain whether either of the two women might regain consciousness again.

156,7. My father said: ‘You would not of course know, but I am very certain! Everything in this world quite often displays in and around itself, sometimes in a wide circle, certain characteristics which a knowledgeable person can examine and establish with great certainty the composition of any object or organism and that is also the case here! I am able to tell just by looking at this house that neither of them can or will live for longer than one hour! Any attempt to save them would be futile!

156,8. All you male servants in this household should try to find rattle-snakes and vipers, catch them, chop off their heads, clean them and boil them, then drink several portions of the resultant brew otherwise you will all be totally emaciated and will die within a year. The nature of the substances which is given off by these two female beings and about which you have no knowledge, is such that every man who approaches them too closely especially at this time and is infected by them, will completely resemble a mummy within a year and a half!’

156,9. The messenger thanked us for this advice and wished to give my father valuable gifts but he did not accept anything and began to turn the dromedaries and the pack camel around, a task which is not always easy with these animals, especially if they are exhausted and hungry. Father was always a little irritated when preparing our mounts to turn around, but this time the delay was to the advantage of both of us. If the animals had responded quickly to our commands, we would both, but especially I myself, have missed out on one of the most thought-provoking scenes.

156,10. In time the volume of the blue haze increased at least by half, soon rising up above the whole of the large house like a giant ball. It was packed not only with the two snake species, but also with an exceedingly large number of all kinds of creatures some of them unpleasant but also others of a very gentle nature. They flew around the giant ball in the way cranes do when they take off and leave the ground. However, the whole ball was only held by two weak- looking strings or rather straps. The somewhat smaller half of the ball was lighter than the other larger half.

156,11. It seemed very odd to me that the quite strong early evening wind was unable to move the hanging balloon at all. While I looked at the apparition in amazement and reported everything to my father in the Roman tongue, I finally discovered ever increasing numbers of larger animals like rats, mice, rabbits, chicken, doves, geese, lambs, goats, hares, roe deer, stags, gazelles and a great variety of other animals, all fully formed and floating inside the large ball.

156,12. My father commented: ‘My son, are you telling the full truth? This story is getting a little too colourful for me

156,13. I strongly emphasised to my father that I always only tell him about things I can clearly see before me - not one word more, not one word less. My father then fell silent and paid great attention to every word I spoke.

156,14. When I looked at this bizarre pictorial once-in-a-lifetime experience more intently and with greater excitement, the two straps which seemed to hold the great ball, suddenly broke and I was then watching two large separate balls floating in the air, about the height of two men above the house. The wind as it continued to strengthen did not cause them to move at all and the two balloons floated above the large dwelling as if imprisoned at that spot.

156,15. I did not see any more of the lower animal orders in the separated balloons when they had parted company. One of them seemed to be a little smaller and was also brighter than the larger one. The smaller one contained a colourful mixture of all kinds of more gentle animals, while the bigger one also held wolves, bears and a number of foxes, which quite peaceably floated up and down in the company of the many gentler species. It was also strange that I could see everything clearly as if the scene was illuminated by the midday son, despite the fact that darkness had already fallen significantly.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-156 Chapter