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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-158 Chapter

Chapter 158 - The poison in minerals, plants, animals and human beings.

158,1. I reply: “Is this story equally unclear to all of you?”

158,2. All of them answered in the affirmative and requested an explanation.

158,3. I said to all of them: “You have read about the snake children yet your reaction to this story is as if you can see no light whatever! Consider that on this earth there are poisonous minerals, plants and also animals which are all well known to you! Poisonous minerals are very toxic, poisonous plants are for the most part less toxic and poisonous animals, taking into account the range of the species, only to a very minor extent. You have also heard that the human souls on this earth are a conglomerate composed of mineral, plant and animal souls. This is a matter which I have already quite often explained to you, although I have only spoken in general terms without specific instances and until now I have not pointed out any special exceptions. Here however we have one of the exceptional cases and I wish to make you all more familiar with the details.

158,4. You all know God’s just and true ordinance and are also familiar with the exceptions to the rule as you are able to find them in your minds, in your feelings and in your senses! However, whatever you are able to do, God can too. He surely knows His own everlasting ordinance in the best and clearest way, as well as all the possible very diverse exceptions to and violations of this order of life and He must therefore also be able to ponder and feel them intensely.

158,5. As you know, it is true that God must even implant in creatures which are already free as well as in those which are to become independent and also wish to become free, especially in the angels and mankind on this earth, the stimulus to rebel. The effect of this is to ensure that, for those who are chosen in this way, true uninhibited self-determination can become complete reality. From this it is however clear that rebellion must be just as well understood by God as His good and true ordinance of life.

158,6. Rebellious thoughts and feelings in God as well as in mankind have the same effect among disciplined thoughts and feelings as poisonous minerals, poisonous plants and poisonous animals. However, because they are also God’s thoughts and God’s feelings, they can not die away but rather they remain in the shape of fiery-tongued primordial intelligence formations, which can combine with their peers in a negative sphere to create their own range of beings.

158,7. The majority of all controlled material creation originated in fact from this primordial source. However as its purpose is not only to test the creatures of the spirit world in its poisonous effect on their lives, but also to serve as a salutary balm for their lives if the result is achieved that there is a satisfactory segregation of the excessively rebellious primordial concepts of materiality from the much more compliant ones. As has already been mentioned, the former then create toxic ranges of beings in all three realms of nature’s visible, external, physical kingdoms. .

158,8. At first the poisons are found in their coarsest materiality in minerals and then, when their effect has already been somewhat reduced, they are absorbed into an appropriate part of the plant kingdom. Finally when their toxicity has been reduced to a minimal level they represent a danger in the better, more positive physical lives of some lower animal species. They can even under certain conditions damage, but not destroy, their inner, very positive, true life.

158,9. Now the powers specifically possessed by the souls of these poisonous beings together with their gift of intelligence finally combine to create a form - but only a female form - which then of course does not come into existence without quite a dangerous leavening of toxicity. These souls finally enter the way of the flesh through the widely practised act of procreation by copulation.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-158 Chapter