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Chapter 159 - The poisonous nature of the two deceased women.

159,1. (The Lord:) “Once a soul like this is living in the flesh, it introduces its poison into the flesh and blood of its own body, but this does not really affect the health of the body too much as it lives its life. This has been the arrangement since time began.

159,2. For a person of a positive disposition, however, it is never advisable to approach this type of person too closely. Although she can not directly harm his soul, his body can be damaged as it has not been adapted to be immune to this kind of toxicity. And now we are back to our widow again!

159,3. Her otherwise quite correct soul which made the transition in good order as she passed away, has however introduced its toxic primordial element into her body in the spleen and the liver. These organs behave normally and therefore benignly as long she is not roused to a passion by any outside influence but once a truly toxic person like this has become excited, it is high time for every man to withdraw immediately from her dangerous presence.

159,4. As the poison harboured in her body affects the nervous system, it penetrates the aura which surrounds that person’s physical life. Any man whose nervous system is exposed to infection in her toxic presence by inhalation or prolonged close proximity, is lost in body, especially if he is not aware of the antidote.

159,5. If the nerves have not all been excessively irritated, the brew previously described would be the antidote. The snakes should be drowned simultaneously in a large jar filled with olive oil and when the brew is drunk, the snake oil should be massaged thoroughly into the whole body at the same time. It is only in this way that complete recovery can take place, because the poison is induced to leave the nervous system and partly reacts with the primordial elements of the brew in the stomach or in the oil. It is now unable to affect or harm the nervous system again.

159,6. When you, Mathael, were invited to visit her for the first time with your father, the widow was made ill by her own toxicity because the Greek doctor had excited her too much. She could have died at that stage as easily as later because it is rare for people like her to die from any other cause than their own toxicity.

159,7. The blue haze, which was seen and within which a number of repulsive animals were swimming around, was a release of toxic ether and its visible inhabitants clearly indicated which spirits gave rise to this toxicity.

159,8. When your father with his clever eloquence had considerably dispelled the fears within the very excited widow, the evil haze returned to the now calmer spleen and liver while any excess went into the gall bladder and after four days was totally adsorbed by the antidote and excreted in the natural way. The widow now recovered fully. The voice which told you about the antidote was that of a spirit serving as one of the widow’s spiritual guardians.

159,9. When you and your father were called the second time, the widow was very annoyed by her deaf-mute daughter, who, despite her affliction, had begun to fall seriously in love with a somewhat extrovert man. This situation made both the widow and her similarly infected daughter excessively excited and their toxicity affected them as if they had both been bitten by a thousand highly venomous snakes throughout their nervous systems. From that moment on, nothing could save their bodies - unless of course I had used My own power to intervene. Because of their intense agitation both souls nearly dissolved completely, which means that they regressed to their primordial elements which as they expanded to occupy a necessarily larger space, rose high above the house in which both women lay dying.

159,10. When total separation from the body occurred and as the calming process continued to affect the primordial elements inside the hazy cloud of spirits and they began to recognize their peers again, the entwined clusters in the balloon divided into two separate balloons, the larger of which contained the primordial elements of the widow’s life and the smaller one those of the daughter’s life. However, all the elements are now already much calmer and they increasingly continued to recognise and bond with each other. A higher order in the animal kingdom at once appeared to be present inside the balloon.

159,11. As the clusters of life continued to calm down within themselves, the earlier soul forms recognized each other more readily and they then changed into two female eagles. Soon a flock of magpies was to be seen attacking the balloons and they were the spirits of external life which had not yet re-united with the two souls. When this happened and the apparition became visible to you in an appropriate way, two cows immediately appeared. These are of course already akin to man but there was still something lacking of a primordial nature.

159,12. The two male souls, who were the widow’s former husbands, recognize this deficiency and then rectify it in the best way. New life enters the bovine images and when the resultant turmoil has abated, a new organic order is created and two perfect new human shapes soon appear. They are lovingly welcomed by the two male souls and this expression of love immediately provides the correct primordial materiality to provide suitable clothing for the two women. In this way the two souls which had previously been so fragmented again became enduring and complete human forms, fully equipped with the necessary cognition, as they clearly showed as they departed towards evening.

159,13. The last words of thanks which you, Mathael, heard at the end, was once more the voice of the same guardian spirit, which had given you two years earlier the correct antidote to cure the emaciating illness. That spirit understood the great difficulties which had to be surmounted in order to change a totally abhorrent situation and create instead true, divine, good order. This is also a case where a little poison can convert a large amount of balsam into poison, while it is nearly impossible to change a large quantity of poison into a curative remedy using only a little balsam. All things are possible to God alone and that therefore explains the final words to thank the Lord God which were uttered by the guardian spirit!

159,14. Have you now understood all this properly? Any one of you to whom something is still not clear should speak up and he will be enlightened!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-159 Chapter