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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-16 Chapter

Chapter 16 - The false authority of Herod.

Herod’s fraudulent authority

16,1. Says Cyrenius: “My friend, that is more than conjecture, that is the plain truth! Even if the emperor had granted Herod the requested authority within the quickest time, it would have been impossible to have it sent back from Rome to Jerusalem within six weeks, since each order despatched from Rome to Sidon takes around forty days under the most favourable wind conditions. In any event no ships take to the high seas, where the distance might be shortest, and anyone sailing along the coast of the Mediterranean or the Adriatic past Greece to here will require at least forty days. It follows therefore that nobody can make the return trip in that same period of time.

16,2. In addition each foreigner who comes to Rome and wishes to ask the emperor for a favour, must previously have spent seventy days in Rome. Before that time has elapsed no one other than a general or a high ranking dignitary would be allowed to see the emperor and certainly not a foreign messenger or private person. It is an established custom in Rome that every foreigner who wishes to obtain a favour from the emperor in Rome, must first make a sacrifice to the city by consuming as much as possible and also by bringing other presents and sacrifices to the many facilities and institutions there. Any foreigner coming from faraway countries is unable to do this, unless he is very rich, and he would not come to Rome to ask for any special favours. For normal, penniless people laws and fair judges are established and sanctioned so that if someone is wearing a shoe which hurts him, he knows where to go. If he does take this step, he will be helped fairly and according to the law; since with us Romans there are no exceptions, and the principle applies throughout our world: ‘Justitia fundamentum regnorum!’ (Justice is the foundation stone of all nations!) as well as ‘Pereat mundus, fiat jus!’ (The world may perish, but justice will be done!) These are not empty words to us Romans but principles which have been followed very strictly until now.

16,3. It is not unreasonable for those who come to Rome to bring a sacrificial offering to the capital city of the nation before being considered worthy to receive any kind of imperial favour. From this it can be deduced in turn, that the five messengers from the temple could not have come before the emperor in less than seventy consecutive days and it would have been impossible for them to make an actual trip to Rome and back within six weeks. But if they could not do this, the verdict in law is inescapable that the five kept for themselves the treasures intended to honour the emperor and handed a forged and therefore completely fraudulent authority to the power- hungry tetrarch! Herod now thinks that he has greater powers than those originally granted to him by Rome as a tetrarch. However, he will very soon be disabused of this conviction!

16,4. Yes, now I understand why Rome has not made any contact whatsoever with me over this! As Rome has given me the most wide-ranging powers over the whole of Asia and the adjoining area of Africa, I must be informed of everything that Rome decrees regarding Asia. If this were not so, I would be forced to regard legislation unknown to me which was being brought into effect as a local show of force and thus as an uprising against Rome and its rule. I would then have to intervene against it immediately with all the powers at my command! You must now therefore understand that the authority exercised by Herod can only be false! But if the authority is false, you must also understand that I firstly have to inform Herod about the deception and secondly remove his false warrant and send it to the emperor, so that he himself can punish the evil criminals who have dishonoured him!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-16 Chapter