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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-160 Chapter

Chapter 160 - Cyrenius' concerns about the earthly system of soul development.

160,1. Cyrenius says: “My Lord, Your wisdom and Your judgement have prevailed regarding this story and it is now totally clear to me. I see that the truly divine artistry emanating from You is part of the natural progression of Your creation; I see Your everlasting ordinance and I also see that all things are possible for You within Your established order. One thing remains obscure and even if I think about it very seriously enlightenment does not come to me.

160,2. I still do not understand why our human soul, before its transformation into a fully intelligent human form, must exist fragmented into thousands of plants, yes, or even minerals or an even greater number of animals. Before becoming a perfect human soul, it must be released by lightning and rain from rocks - and who knows from what else – its deliverance so to speak being achieved by flushing it out after a fire?! Afterwards this soul migration and amalgamation story meanders boringly enough through the whole plant and animal world, until finally it is honoured, as its power as a human soul develops, to be slaughtered as at least twenty oxen accompanied by about one hundred sheep, calves and donkeys?! This is what we Romans call a Doctrina dura (a difficult lesson).

160,3. Is it then not be possible for God to immediately create a perfect human soul and then to clothe it with flesh and blood? Why does the boring process take so long? Look at our Raphael here! What is he lacking for a perfected life?! As a soul how does our mixed bag compare with his?! Does he not have a greater reserve of extra power and wisdom in his little finger than any of us has in his whole body?! I do not wish to witness the destruction of a thousand legions of the finest soldiers but in an instant he would crush them all to dust! This I what I call perfection in life! If that can be given to him by You, why not to a human soul as well?! Or was it also necessary for his spirit as a former soul to complete this immense journey on who knows how many levels? This, My Lord, is my dark side! Give me therefore sufficient clarification and I will not bother You further with any more stupid questions!

160,4. In his writings, Your Moses says: ‘And the Lord God made man from a lump of clay, and blew the breath of life into his nose. Man then became a living soul.’ According to this of course quite vague description - taking the words literally - if You as God indeed blew an already perfect soul into a man’s nose, the whole man would then be an already perfected soul in Your own image. However, each alternative is as obscure the next. Therefore I ask You – would you please shine some light on the subject for me?!”

160,5. I say: “Yes, My dear friend Cyrenius, I can not help it if occasionally your memory starts to fail you. This matter you now wish to have explained, I have already gone over at great length quite some time ago! You have simply forgotten. I will jog your memory a little and everything will then become very clear to you!”

160,6. Says Cyrenius: “Yes, yes, My Lord, You are always right! I am already completely clear. On this mountain and during this night everything has been explained to us down to the last detail and the visions hovered in front of us illuminated magically by the ball of light - namely the manner of creation and even the outflow of Your thoughts and ideas, their endless diversity and even our very own thoughts – all in the form of fiery tongues large and small! Yes, all of this we have not only already heard, but have also been able to picture it in the proper way!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-160 Chapter