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Chapter 162 - The creation of Adam and Eve.

162,1. I say: “Your comments on Moses are not so wide of the mark, if measured on the scale of current earthly comprehension but, in the judgment of the spirit, Moses is something entirely different than he appears to you to be in your criticism of the text. Furthermore, comparing the texts of the two versions, the first one does not differ too much from the second, as you suggested, since the later text is more of a commentary on the earlier text and more accurately describes the ways and means - even if it is the spiritual path that is chosen – which brought about the creation of man.

162,2. The way creation should be understood in terms of nature, I have even tonight already explained, as far as it is necessary for you to grasp. Furthermore, Mathael who is quite familiar with comparative science has explained to you yesterday how Moses’ scriptures should be understood; and I must again comment, My friend Cyrenius, that you really have a very short memory! A while ago I refreshed your memory, so that you are able to explore more freely with it, if you really wish. However with regard to your doubts about the description of the creation of man as set down by Moses, I will only add a few pointers to set you off in the right direction so that you and a few others as well, can use them to work out the real truth of the matter.

162,3. You should consider that everything that Moses is saying and wishes to say in his description of creation refers solely and primarily to the upbringing and spiritual development of the first humans in general, and it therefore applies by inference to the very first human couple as well.

162,4. Furthermore, Adam’s body has been created and given its shape in accordance to My Will and My established ordinance, as I have shown you a short time ago, using the ethereal elements of the finest clay on this earth. Once My Will had charged up his body with a wealth of experience and when it had reached the necessary level in its physical strength which compels it to transform itself into a fully active external sphere of life and when finally he fell into a deep sleep, exhausted by work and travel, only then had the moment arrived for a natural soul embracing all the levels in the natural world which are familiar to you, to enter the external sphere of Adam’s life.

162,5. This soul, finding itself to be in the external sphere of his life, immediately began to create from the very attractive external elements in Adam’s life sphere, or from the extremely rich vapours of life itself - just as even today the souls of some dead people will do if they seek to make a final brief appearance before mankind – and thus created a suitable companion in accordance with My will and My ordinances, a work completed within three days.

162,6. When Adam awoke, he was full of amazement and happiness seeing his image beside him, which of course well disposed towards him as it had to be because its body originated from his own being.

162,7. However he felt a pressure in the area of his heart even if it was quite a pleasant sensation and at times he also had an empty feeling - this was the beginning of sexual love - and he could never distance himself from the image which was giving him so much pleasure. Wherever he went, the woman followed him, and wherever she went, he was quite unable to let her go alone. He appreciated the woman’s value and her love and therefore said to her in a clairvoyant moment: ‘We, I as a man and you as a woman grown from my rib (near my heart) in accordance with God’s plan, are therefore one flesh and one body. You are the most treasured part of my life, and so it shall remain, for man will leave his father and mother (the man’s seriousness and care) and will cling to his wife!’

162,8. Where it is written that God covered the part of Adam with flesh when he removed his rib, hopefully none of you will be so stupid as to assume that God seriously wounded Adam by cutting away a rib in order to make a large woman from it. The ribs are an outer, rigid defensive shield to protect the soft, internal organs of life.

162,9. When David said: ‘God is our strong fortress and reliable shield!’, did he mean that God is really a solid castle build with bricks, or a large body shield made of metal?!

162,10. The same thinking applies to the rib from which Eve was made! The rib is only symbolic of the true essence of the matter which is Adam’s powerful love of life. That rib, which serves as a shield in this life, was chosen by Moses in his writings for the following reasons – firstly, since it protects life in man’s environment as his outer shield, it can therefore represent this quality figuratively and, secondly, because later on a good, faithful and loving woman can also be regarded as a shield to shelter and protect her man’s life, an apt metaphor for her man’s rib – and finally the ethereal aura emanating from external life is also a very powerful shield to guard the natural life of the inner soul, without which no human could survive for longer than a few moments.

162,11. Now this Eva, to judge from her tender physical presence, was created from the exceedingly abundant ethereal aura of active life surrounding Adam and as this aura comes from the area of the ribs and the chest cavity and then surrounds a man in all directions for a considerable distance, Moses, who fluently made use of appropriate imagery in his language, was quite right to have Eve originate from Adam’s rib and to have God cover the wound with her flesh. Eve was truly flesh which had its origin in the ethereal aura of Adam’s physical life and it was God’s intention to replace the portion which Adam had now lost. He therefore healed the wound with Eve’s flesh which was very acceptable to Adam and was in fact also his own flesh.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-162 Chapter