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Chapter 163 - The fourfold meaning of the Mosaic history of Creation.

163,1. (The Lord:) “Look here, Moses must be read in this manner and must also be understood in terms of your knowledge of nature! Of course there is a deeper, inner, purely spiritual interpretation, which must be adopted as signifying that the whole story of the creation must principally be considered to be God’s endeavour to give mankind the necessary upbringing to ensure mutual recognition and love as well as for Him to be their ultimate goal. In this context God walks with Adam in spirit and instructs him, gives him laws, punishes him if he transgresses, and renews his blessing if Adam - or for that matter and in general terms the first primordial members of the human race on this earth – recognizes and loves God and respects His ordinances as he progresses.

163,2. Even if this did not take place very frequently in the material world, it nevertheless did in the spiritual one and this can readily be seen to be natural behaviour in very pure, unspoiled, extremely simple people. You can therefore study Moses’ writings four times if you will and always understand him well without discovering any ambiguity.

163,3. First: purely in terms of nature, when at certain times one can see necessary new creation emerging in accordance with God’s eternal immutable ordinance. Natural scientists of all kinds can feast their minds and draw their conclusions which can never be other than extremely shallow. If they follow that path they can theorise but they will never reach firm and solid ground.

163,4. Secondly: a blend of the natural and the spiritual. This likewise very valid sphere suits those people best who strive to please God. In this state where both worlds go hand in hand, they are transparent in their deeds as well as revealing themselves tangibly and comprehensibly. (N.B: This category includes the ‘Household of God’)

163,5. Thirdly: the exclusively spiritual. In this area no consideration whatsoever is given to physical appearance in nature or to its transitory stability and changeability. This only covers the spiritual development of mankind and Moses emphasised this point specifically in his choice of comparative images from nature. Those possessing God’s wisdom - to whom the development of mankind is entrusted - must understand this.

163,6. Fourthly and finally: the purely divine, where the Lord is the ultimate yardstick and everything is compared to Him. How this is to be taken on board and understood by you can not be grasped until you have become one with Me in the full renaissance of your spirit, just as I too am one with My Father in Heaven. The difference is however that all of you will become one with Me as separate individuals, while I and My Father, who is My love, are perfectly at one with each other as a single inseparable personality for all time.

163,7. I now hope, my dear Cyrenius, that you now have a higher opinion of Moses; or do you still think that Moses – whose work you are interpreting as if you were a blind man - did not understand what he was writing down?!”

163,8. Cyrenius replies full of contrition: “My Lord, let me be very still and quiet in my total embarrassment as I already feel very stupid and lacking in refinement. From now on I just wish to listen and say absolutely nothing!”

163,9. Cornelius comes up to Me and says: “My Lord, before the sun fully rises, please permit me one small comment and possibly ask a not too unimportant question which may turn out to be just a remark!”

163,10. I say to him: “Go ahead; whatever is troubling you must be allowed come out!”

163,11. Cornelius continues: “The scriptures of Moses will in future certainly be understood exactly in the way you have now explained them to us so clearly and we humans will probably be able to distinguish between the first, second and third categories by closer observation as there will always be comparisons available to us between spirituality and materiality. Apart from Yourself, however, who has the correct key to unlock all this?

163,12. We understand your explanations quite well of course but as far as I know, Moses has written five books. They are couched in more or less the same style and spirit. Who can read them and who can understand them? Would it not be possible to give us a set of general instructions? I for my own part will from now on busy myself mainly with the Holy Scriptures of the Jews, as I was able to obtain a good copy from the temple, but of course I also wish to understand the meaning of the texts which I am reading.

163,13. I have complete mastery of the Hebrew language and fully understand the nuances in the words chosen for the scriptures. However, of what value are words to me in their meanings in the material sense, if I cannot fathom the spiritual element?! Therefore, My Lord, Please instruct us so that we can understand the texts we are reading!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-163 Chapter