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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-164 Chapter

Chapter 164 - The key to understanding spiritual scriptures.

164,1. I say: “Yes, Cornelius My friend, In the sphere of physical life there are no existing rules or instructions to cover that; the only attribute which can provide you with a key to the spiritual understanding of the scriptures is your own spirit reborn in Me and in My teaching. As long as you are not reborn in spirit, no rule is of any value to you; on the other hand, once you are reborn, then you have no further need of rules, since your awakened spirit will easily and quickly find its peers without following any general rule.

164,2. If however you wish to understand the sense of scriptures in terms of nature better than you have until now, then you have to become very familiar with the language of the Illyrians, which most resembles old Egyptian and is almost the same as primordial Hebrew. Without this linguistic knowledge you will never read Moses’ scriptures properly or even correctly understand the meaning of his words. If you do not even understand the earthly images which have been chosen, how can you proceed to understand the hidden spiritual meaning, even with the benefit of many thousands of rules and instructions?!

164,3. The language spoken by the Jews nowadays is almost completely foreign compared with the original language spoken by Abraham, by Noah and even by Adam. But if you remain steadfast in your faith and love for Me, correct understanding will come to you of its own volition and this will happen after not too long a time has elapsed! It will incidentally do you no harm to read the Scriptures more frequently since that activity will encourage your soul to remain in an inquiring and thinking mode. - Are you happy with this answer?”

164,4. Cornelius says: “Certainly, My Lord and Master! Hope founded on good, safe ground is worth more than the full realisation of the hoped-for outcome. I will therefore rejoice in the blessings I have received from You. Please accept my heartfelt warmest thanks!”

164,5. After our Cornelius had expressed himself to be satisfied, the former commander Stahar came to Me at once and said: “My Lord and Master, the words which we have all now have heard from Your own mouth, are a teaching which we here now understand - but will someone else also understand if we convey this teaching to him? Considering everything we have experienced, heard and seen which was intended to enable us to understand your words, those who we will in future be educators have, comparatively speaking, not previously experienced, heard or seen anything at all! How will they be able to understand your teachings to their advantage?”

164,6. I reply: “My friend, were you not listening when I said to you right at the beginning, even with the force of a command, that you were not to disclose to any other person anything which you have seen or experienced during this night?! These matters must remain hidden from everyone else in this world! Anyone who is truly reborn in the spirit shall receive everything in any event. However, one who stubbornly remains in his state of worldly physical presence would regard this as a folly designed to increase his great anger, if he heard anything of it. Therefore it is better that the world should know nothing about it; for you on the other hand it is essential to your strength of character that you understand the secrets of the kingdom of God, and that should be enough for the rest of the world!

164,7. The lessons you should teach in My name are already known to you for the most part. Everything else is a blessing for you, as you have been selected to be the people’s teachers, in that you must unswervingly believe that I alone am the Lord and Master since time began. If you yourselves display true and invariably steadfast belief, you will also easily awaken the same feelings of unbending and active belief in your followers, primarily through the example of your own steadfast conviction. To ensure that you could demonstrate this with all the power available to you, it was however necessary that you should first know Me and understand that I went forth from My Father’s dwelling and adopted your flesh in order to guide you along the true path of life.

164,8. Hopefully, if you have grasped this, you will also know what you are required to preach to the people when I send you out to perform this task. Love God, your everlasting Father above all and your neighbour as yourself and keep the commandments which God has handed down to all mankind through Moses - these points are the essence of my teaching when you preach to the people; nothing else is required.

164,9. However, everything else that you learnt here belongs only to you, as I have explained to you repeatedly. Now you hopefully know what you have to do and attend to in future. You may therefore return to your place!” Stahar duly complies.

164,10. Now King Ouran rises and asks Me: “Lord, Master and God! You know why I came on this trip! I have found what I sought and this pleases me greatly. It will certainly please everyone else who made the same discovery! Without teaching, nobody can find it! The question therefore arises as to who should teach and what does it take to be a teacher of the people! Should the teachers travel like messengers from town to town or move from country to country, or would it be better to open public schools, equip them with qualified teachers and enact laws to ensure that people attend these schools? My Lord, Master and God, I beg You graciously to give me some instruction in this regard as I intend to ensure that I do everything that You wish and require that I should do!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-164 Chapter