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Chapter 165 - The true teachers of the gospel.

165,1. I say to him: “I like your truly good and serious intentions but even your memory is somewhat short-lived, as I gave very adequate instructions both to you and more particularly to Mathael as your senior advisor. Reflect for a moment and you will recall them! It goes without saying, of course, that he who wishes to lead the blind, must himself be able to see, that is if he wishes to avoid the situation where they both fall into the same pit. You can not say to your brother: ‘Let me remove the splinter from your eye!’, if a whole beam is embedded in your own.

165,2. A true teacher must therefore be free of faults which could be an obstacle to him in the execution of his duties; as in that situation, no teacher at all is better than an inadequate one! As I am training you as teachers, I am illustrating and explaining to you a variety of unusual issues. So it is that every perfect teacher must be taught by God, just as you are. The Father in Heaven must gain his attention, otherwise he can not aspire to the truth in the fullest intensity of its enlightenment If he fails to reach his goal and therefore does not become a source of light himself, how will it be possible for him to enlighten his benighted neighbour?!

165,3. Any source designed to illuminate the night and transform it into day must itself be like the sun as it is about to rise above the horizon. If the sun were to be dark and black as coal, could it possibly transform night on earth into a beautiful day? My opinion is that it would make the night even more black and bereft of light than it was before.

165,4. Therefore a teacher who has not been trained by God to be a teacher, is worse than no teacher at all! As an unenlightened teacher he resembles a bag full of bad seed, which can only serve to disseminate the weeds of black superstition in the furrows of human life which is in its nature always wretched and impoverished in spirit.

165,5. If you wish to teach your people to read, write and calculate, you can employ suitably qualified tutors to impart this knowledge to the children in your schools. On the other hand, however, My gospel can and may only be preached to the people in a valid manner and with My blessing by the chosen few who are in full possession of the necessary attributes, which I detailed before and which are essential for in the correct performance of their duties.

165,6. That goal does not, however, necessitate any special school buildings but merely a suitable emissary from Heaven going from community to community with the message: ‘Peace be with you; the Kingdom of God is at hand!’ If the emissary is well received, he should stay and preach but if he is not accepted by a community, which is too worldly and possessed by the Devil, he should move on and even shake its dust from his feet! A community like this does not even deserve that a true emissary from Heaven should carry its dust to another place.

165,7. However, My teachings should not be forced down anyone’s throat and it is preferable that one or two members of a community should first be told of the overwhelming advantages of My gospel from Heaven. If those members choose to listen, the lessons should be presented to them concisely and without excessive detail. If they prove to have no or very little interest in hearing his words, the emissary from Heaven should immediately move on. Pearls of great value must never be thrown to swine as food!

165,8. You now know how the dispensation of My gospel should be effected and from now on you should never again forget My instructions! Moreover, you should leave this most holy task to Mathael and his four companions as they know exactly what they have to do and what arrangements to make and their hearts will constantly maintain their dialogue with My heart as this is also a necessary prerequisite for the true dissemination of My teachings.

165,9. Any person who teaches his brothers, whether they are noble or humble, in My Name, must not draw from his own well, but always from Mine! It should not be necessary for him to think: ‘What shall I say when I bring the words of the Lord to this person or that one?’ If it proves to be necessary he shall find his text in his heart and the words he requires shall be placed on his tongue.

165,10. Anyone blessed in this way should not hesitate to speak out loudly perhaps out of anxiety, fear or shyness in front of a powerful ruler in case he might offend or even enrage him with his words! Anyone who fears the world more than Me is unworthy of Me or an iota of My mercy and unsuitable to become an emissary from Heaven.

165,11. However, in your kingdom you will have less difficulty as there you are a legislator and a supreme judge and the people are in fear of you, because they know the unbending nature of your judgements. However if a teacher comes as an emissary from heaven to a place which is under the thumb of a hard ruler, he will necessarily require greater courage than you will as you are already established as a respected prince throughout your wide lands.

165,12. Anyone who is or aspires to be a true emissary from Heaven, should not carry a stick or any other weapon. Neither should he carry a bag with him to hold his necessities as I Myself will alert friends to his presence and they will give him all he requires as a man of flesh and blood. In the same way a true emissary should only wear one garment, except in winter or in a cold northern country, so that he can not be reproached for having too much while someone else has too little. However, if he should be offered a second or third change of clothing, he should simply accept it as he will find more than enough opportunities to put these devout gifts to good use.

165,13. Ouran, you are now aware of all the rules under which should govern the conduct of a true teacher and I will only add one further point: Every true emissary from Heaven will receive from Me the capability to cure any person who is sick by laying on his hands. Furthermore the true emissaries should in fact be asked to heal any sick persons in a community as his action will arouse a positive attitude within the community and its members will more readily accept the new teachings from Heaven than they would after hearing any formal speech however well prepared.

165,14. Every person would in any event rather hear the words of a doctor than those spoken by a prophet however eminent. The things that I do should also be done by a genuine emissary from Heaven sent by Me to every country in the world. A true emissary should also be able to recognize whether an illness is of such severity that the sufferer is already more in the hereafter than on this side. If the emissary from Heaven sees that the soul has already left the body, he should not lay on his hands, merely offer a prayer for him and bless the departing soul in My name. In a word, every true emissary from Heaven will recognize what he should do when the time comes. - Are you, Ouran, clear about everything you wished to know?”

165,15. Ouran replies: “Yes, My Lord God and Master, the only True One! My warmest loving gratitude goes out to You! My people all over the country should and will thank You and praise You because You have shown so much grace to their undeserving old king which will also be of benefit to them. I therefore give You once more my most loving and sincere thanks!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-165 Chapter