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Chapter 166 - The marvelous morning.

166,1. After this heartfelt expression of his gratitude spoken with great warmth, Ouran went back to his place; and at that moment the sun began to rise in a way never before seen and the whole horizon was so bright that the people hardly dared to look at it. Thousands of little clouds hung in the bright red light and appeared to tremble with deep reverence as they awaited the arrival of the splendid mother of the day.

166,2. After a few moments the great sun began to rise and cast the awesome vision of a bright rainbow over the far mountains. Its diameter, however, seemed to be ten times greater than usual and at the same time many of those present noticed large flocks of birds circling quite high up in very pure light-coloured currents of air and these also contributed a worthwhile side-show to enhance the sunrise.

166,3. The wide mirror surface of the lake was covered by a light mist which reflected the rainbow colours of the sun in the most splendid way. At the same time a number of large white seagulls flew over the wide surface of the lake, bathed in the brilliance of the light, and their wings shone as if they were encrusted with diamonds and rubies.

166,4. At the same time there was a pleasant, fresh-smelling, breeze to cool the morning causing Cyrenius and many of the others to call out loudly: “The eyes of mortals have never before seen such a wonderful morning and their senses have never before experienced such invigorating morning freshness!”

166,5. Even Jarah, who had been quiet all night and had been busy watching and listening, suddenly screamed out delightedly: “Oh, this is a morning like those which the angels enjoy in Heaven! There is indeed such beauty, such indescribable enchantment! This is a morning which is appropriate to follow the dawning which took place in our hearts in its all-embracing abundance during last night! Is it not true, My Lord, You who are My only true love, that this is a heavenly morning of great significance?”

166,6. I say to her with a smile: “Quite so, My very dear daughter, beautiful as a rose, if everything that is within a person has become heavenly, everything surrounding that person will also be heavenly! The mornings become heavenly mornings, the days heavenly days, the evenings truly heavenly evenings, and the night becomes a time to rest in Heaven – no longer dark but resplendent with the most intense light to illuminate man’s pure soul at one with its spirit. Just enjoy to the fullest extent the invigorating wonder of this most fragrant morning!”

166,7. The girl weeps tears of joy and rises from her seat so that her whole body can enjoy the fresh morning fragrance.

166,8. Then Marcus the innkeeper also arrives. As he was arranging for the morning meal, he had missed the sunrise. But as he sees the sun shining from the sky in the full range of its brightest rainbow colours, he asks in an awe-struck voice what special morning this might be. The reason is that he is already quite an old man, who has travelled far and wide in Europe, Africa and Asia, but has never before seen the sun and the little morning clouds in such splendour! He asked Me to tell him what it meant.

166,9. My reply was: “Look, if the emperor from Rome were to arrive here, all the subservient nations would arrange every conceivable kind of celebration for him, partly out of pleasure at having the opportunity to see their emperor, but partly also in the hope that they might receive some act of grace or forbearance, if he were to be in a cheerful mood. Just consider that an emperor and a sole ruler over all the heavens and worlds is sitting here in My person!

166,10. Those who dwell in Heavens, as our Raphael here, know what great revelations of life I have given you tonight, and grasp that it is permitted to see Me among you face to face as Your Father, present in the flesh as Your teacher. The present feeling of supreme, blissful joy is expressed by these active spirits of nature here on earth.

166,11. However, it is not only on this earth, but also on all the worlds in the whole infinity of creation that celebrations are now being held, each lasting seven hours. No creature in all Creation will die during this time and procreation will cease. When the seven hours have elapsed, the celebrations will end and everything will return to normality.

166,12. Now you know the reason behind the splendour of this morning! Go now, Marcus, and arrange for us an especially good breakfast as we wish to celebrate a special festival!”

166,13. He hurries off while the others present join in the joy from the heavens and praise Me, but Jarah most of all.

166,14. After they have all offered Me their praise for a good hour, Marcus arrives and invites us to sit at table. However, many of them seem to wish to stay for a while longer on the mountain.

166,15. I say to them, however: “Down below at the tables in the open air we shall have the same morning as we have here on the mountain. You will enjoy it on the short way down and when you are there you will enjoy it twice as much! Our bodies need refreshment so let us proceed quickly to our tables down below!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-166 Chapter