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Chapter 17 - The Templars' policy of state.

17,1. Says Zinka: “Dear friend and noble lord! We all see this quite clearly; but in addition we see something else which you apparently do not!”

17,2. Says Cyrenius: “And what would this be?”

17,3. Says Zinka: “It is preferred national policy in nearly all times and in all countries of the earth, that priesthoods possess certain privileges, allowing them to do many things, which would be regarded as crimes if committed by other men. Priests are bold enough to impose themselves upon the people almost as gods and to use their mouths to carry the supposed word of God to the people in ways which best suit their own interests. And nobody stands up against them, and even the emperor must watch this impudent game with friendly eyes because of long established popular superstition. This ensures that people retain a certain obedient, modest attitude and do not rise up against the king of a country, if he mainly passes laws which are difficult to follow and imposes heavy taxes on them.

17,4. But if the priests are allowed to act and rule as they please in place of God, even the emperor will not interfere too specifically if those country-wide deceivers should deem it necessary, sometimes in secret but at other times openly, to slip into the monarch’s skin, to speak in his name or even impose laws, should they regard such actions as advantageous to the ruler, to his country and of course also to themselves. Such behaviour must appear so much more forgivable in those provinces which are at a great distance from the ruler’s residence, as is here the case with the Jewish homeland.

17,5. If the emperor should today demand their account of and explanation for their unauthorised activities, they will not deny anything that they have done or that they acted without any instructions. They will however also be able to give the emperor a very good reason as to how they have only acted in the best interests of the monarch and his state! And they will also try to prove in minute detail and with the utmost clarity, why such intervention was necessary, and what useful purpose it served for the state and the monarch. In the end the emperor will be forced to praise and reward them.

17,6. Question them today, and at the end of the interrogation you will be able to punish them just as little as the emperor himself and in the end you will even be forced to confirm the existence of a certain authority for Herod himself, if they can prove to you that their action was necessary, specifically to put up certain barriers to contain Herod’s hunger for power. Without their intervention, Herod could easily have used his immeasurable treasures and wealth to set up a powerful army and thus put himself in the position to start frank and specific negotiations with you Romans! However, they discovered the plot and enlightenment from above immediately showed them the correct course of action, with the result that Herod received a stylized authority with the emperor’s connivance, an authority which he would otherwise have achieved by force with a minimum of further delay. - If the temple clerics come to you with a similar explanation, what else can you do but praise and reward them?”

17,7. Says Cyrenius: “I am not yet completely convinced about that! If Herod had such an evil plan in mind and wanted to carry it out, why was I not informed about it in some secret way? I also could have adopted the correct means to counter it! It is not so far from Jerusalem to Sidon or Tyre! And finally, how are the temple clerics going to explain the large quantity of treasure and the thirty camels which they have stolen from the emperor? I think this will be somewhat difficult for them!”

17,8. Said Zinka: “Noble friend, noble lord! You clearly possess a fund of sound knowledge of affairs of state, but in this matter you seem to be very inexperienced - like someone who has only ever held the key to one house in his hand! There are two reasons to put to you. Firstly, there is danger in delay; and secondly, there is the necessity to avoid any dangerous publicity in this matter! If you had obtained this knowledge too soon, you would have immediately encamped in the whole of Jerusalem and have guarded it so thoroughly that you would have caused great excitement among the people and they would have hated you bitterly for it. Herod would then have used the popular mood against you to his own advantage and incalculable evil consequences could have resulted!

17,9. Taking all this into account and with prior knowledge, the temple in its divine wisdom did something, which silently put the unfavourable matter in order. When the time was right they would in any case have informed you and the emperor quite calmly about what had happened, accompanied with advice regarding what should be done further. At all events, the treasures destined for the emperor could only have been handed to you after they had concluded that it was it advisable to inform you of everything.

17,10. If you, noble friend and noble lord, were to have undoubtedly received similar answers to some of your questions, tell me whether you, basing your decision on true state politics, could have done anything other than praise the temple clerics highly and reward them according to the law, in the same way that every good and honest business leader must be rewarded with ten shares in one hundred!”

17,11. Says Cyrenius: “But if I myself am only too convinced of the extraordinary wickedness of the temple clerics, how can I still praise and reward them? Does there not exist any means or any way of attacking these brothers of Satan?”

17,12. Says Zinka: “Whether I, Zinka, or you know the evil priests better and abhor them more than any other, is a significant question. If I could destroy all of them, the temple and all their synagogues with one breath, believe me, I would not need more than two moments to think about it! But the situation is such, that even a God can give you no other advice, than to look at the evil game with a friendly face for now. If the appropriate time comes later, so also will the advice.”

17,13. According to my calculation and that of John, forty years time from now they will be completely ready to collapse, and you will be forced to conquer Judea and the whole of Jerusalem again. You must then destroy their nests from the ground upwards. Until that time comes very little or even nothing at all can be done against them by force of arms, except what I have advised you before. In time you can ask them about known matters and events. However, if you openly receive an immediate explanation, then act as I have told you, otherwise you risk bringing the matter to a bad end!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-17 Chapter