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Chapter 173 - Gaby's former Pharisaic principles.

173,1. I say: “It was extremely good that you have expressed yourself so freely. There is nevertheless one thing you still have to tell Me very straightforwardly - but again, not for My sake but only for your own! Think back to the time when you were consecrated at the temple - did you not at that stage believe in any God at all, because you immediately began to practise deception and strove with all your senses to use every trick to become a fully fledged Pharisee? Did nobody tell you that a Pharisee is a servant of God and a priest who is a follower of Aaron and in no circumstances a selfish, power-hungry swindler of the people? How could you ever have allowed such a fundamentally evil attitude to take root in your heart?

173,2. Is not the gift of being of value to other people wherever possible already a most marvellous principle of life, which even the old pagan seers held in the utmost esteem as they lived their lives accordingly?! Was it not Socrates who once said: ‘If you as a mortal human wish to honour the gods in a worthy manner, then serve your brothers as they are, just as you are, the most precious work of the gods! If you love the people, then make sacrifice to all the benevolent gods and the evil ones will be unable to punish you!’ The Romans said: ‘Live honourably, harm no one and give to everyone that which is his!’ Just remember that that was the judgement of the Romans and they were heathen. Therefore, how could you, as a Jew, adopt that hellish attitude?

173,3. Were you unable just to think to yourself in a small way that there must be a God, who does not wish for anything except good to happen; a God who did not create mankind just for a short span of life here on earth, but for eternity?! Look, you still have to account to Me in a strictly factual way for your attitude and completely open your heart! Please speak up!”

173,4. Gabi says: “My God, My Lord and Master since time began, if I had ever had the opportunity to hear only a hundredth part of what I have learned in these highly noteworthy three days, I certainly would not have adopted such a miserable attitude; but - Exempla trahunt (example convinces) - as the Romans also found! I had so many examples and precedents available to me which were worse than bad! These bad examples and precedents went together well and always more closely the more they mastered the art of blatantly deceiving the people and keeping them in the dark.

173,5. For they said: Nature - not God, who was nothing but an old wife’s tale - has pointed brighter human beings from the cradle onwards in one direction - if he really wishes to live well, he must exploit above all things the stupidity of the people. Anyone who does not understand this will remain a fool for his whole life, condemned to be a human beast of burden with a small mind, sustaining himself on thorns and thistles and sleeping on stubble!

173,6. As teachers of the people one should only be concerned to keep the lowly human beasts of burden immersed in impenetrable superstition! As long as this can be achieved, the true men of spirit will live well enough; however, as soon as the common people are shown the truth and given enlightenment, the true men of spirit have to pick up their hoes, ploughs, spades and sickles themselves and consume their hard-earned bread with sweat on their brows.

173,7. The real human should strive to make enough progress for him to be regarded by the human beasts of burden at least as a demi-god. When he has reached this goal, he should bury his light as if in an Egyptian grave and put on a cloak with a false shimmer and an intoxicating aura. The human work-horses will then begin to worship him and increasingly so if he from time to time apparently seems to serve some useful purpose. In a word, he must be able to prove convincingly, but nevertheless falsely, to the human beasts of burden, that it is to their incalculable advantage to allow themselves to be beaten black and blue or even to death by their supposed demi-god!

173,8. Harsh laws should be imposed on them which sanction the most severe temporal and most threatening eternal punishments for their crimes. A man who faithfully complies with the law should certainly not be promised any reward here on earth, only even greater everlasting advantages after death. The lawmaker will then stand as a true man in the presence of innumerable human beasts of burden! If his successors are able to keep the mob shrouded in the dark night of their superstition, thousands of years will not suffice to enlighten them. However, if they are unable to achieve this, they will be exposed as having deceived their people and will wretchedly flee as far away as possible.

173,9. Moses and Aaron were true men who soon used their lively minds and their wide knowledge to work out the weaknesses of the Israelites, took over the leadership of the people and brought them prosperity. They were able to pin the people down by means of a cleverly crafted, but nevertheless extraordinary fraud, to such an extent that even today they are just as stupid as they were nearly a thousand years ago at the foot of Mount Sinai and will remain that way for many thousands of years to come. Basically this is still of benefit to man as from the beginning humans have been lazy beasts and must therefore be ruled with a rod of iron and soundly caned to make them do good!

173,10. Lord, my confession here was not just a vainglorious flight of fantasy, but the full truth! This is the attitude towards the divine revelation which is in the mind of every perfect Pharisee, which becomes ever more valuable, the more incomprehensible it is. Solomon’s Song of Songs would meet this requirement just perfectly and even the prophets, including Moses, would be very useful! This was another reason why I decided to throw myself into the Song of Songs so fervently.

173,11. I am again finished and I believe that I have adequately proved that my earlier statement could possibly have been different. The teaching becomes the man as well as his attitude of mind and his actions! The fact that I now look back on that truly hellish teaching with the utmost disdain is fully self-explanatory! However it is also my expectation, my Lord, that You, in Your Love and Wisdom, will graciously forgive me for thinking and acting in the way I have faithfully and truthfully revealed to You here!”

173,12. Says I: “How could I deny you that as you yourself have renounced all these hellish works for ever? This was the very reason why I asked you to express yourself loudly in front of us all and be rid of it, so that your heart could become completely free, and the innermost source of your life could now enjoy the fullness of truth! At the same time I intended that all those present should hear from the mouth of a reliable witness what the Pharisees of today really are and why it was necessary for I Myself to come into this world in the flesh to ensure that mankind would not perish and be lost. – Now, however, the two of you must make your mutual comparisons again and I would like you, Simon, to put forward your considered opinion of Me to us all!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-173 Chapter