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Chapter 174 - Simon's opinions about the Lord.

174,1. Simon says: “My Lord, I shall quickly and easily complete that task! You are the Son of God in the spirit and in our presence you are God and man simultaneously. You are also the only one in heaven as on this earth. In the whole of infinity no one is Your equal! An angel never subordinates himself to the will of a man but if You give him only the most imperceptible sign, he will give effect to Your will in an almost unimaginably short time. What You wish to happen, inevitably takes place. Any word which You speak immediately becomes a completed deed!

174,2. Your eye surveys in a flash the entirety of spiritual and material creation. The most secret thoughts of angels are as clear to You as if You had thought them Yourself, and what we poor mortals might think deep down in our minds, You see more clearly than we can see the brilliant rays of the sun. You know all the secrets that the sea holds in its deepest abyss, You know the number of grains of sand in the sea, every one of the stars, what they comprise and contain, the number of blades of grass on earth, the herbs, the bushes, the trees and the spirits in the whole of infinite space – all these are better known to You than the number one is to me! If I not only fervently believe this but also know all this very clearly, it is not in the least difficult for me to say: Lord, this is my most heartfelt opinion of You, as I have come to know You during the past three days! I would not know how to say anything else!”

174,3. I say: “Including today you have already been with Me for more than three days! Why do you only speak of three days?”

174,4. Simon says: “My Lord, why should I be concerned about the three materialistic days?! I only count the three days of spiritual awareness which are firstly the true recognition of materiality, secondly the recognition of the existence of souls, thirdly the recognition of the purely spiritual. These are the true three days of our life with You!”

174,5. I say: “Ah, that is of course something completely different! I am quite content with your explanation; since you are quite adept at finding analogies. However, you are not yet completely familiar with the knowledge of your inner self! In the same way, your opinion of Me does not fully come from your innermost being; there is still something lurking there which you have to eliminate yourself! It is indeed only the smallest seed of doubt about Me which is only infrequently evident – but, consider this, the seed must be removed, otherwise it will in time begin to sprout and can spread to become a forest full of the darkest doubt within your heart, which would then be somewhat difficult to root out and destroy! Look deep into your own heart, and you will soon find the evil seed of doubt!”

174,6. Simon has a rather confused expression on his face as he looks at Me and the other people at the table, but he thinks about himself and says after a while: “Lord, search as I may, I can truly not find anything worth mentioning! Any slight lingering doubts about You, I have ground to dust in a moment and there can not possibly be one left!”

174,7. I say: “And yet, and yet - just think hard and you will find it!”

174,8. Simon says: “My Lord, You make me afraid of myself! Am I then deep down really a monster? I can do or think whatever I will but I can still not find in myself anything you wish me to find, My Lord. In what respect could I still harbour a doubt or at the very least a reason to have one?”

174,9. I say: “Simon, My friend, look at Me! Do I really seriously look so punitive and vengeful, that you are afraid to confess freely and loudly, the thought that is already on the tip of your tongue?”

174,10. Hearing My comments, Simon positively takes fright and says: “But Lord! Why must I speak out about this trivial matter when I consider it inappropriate to do so?

174,11. Man can think many things to himself in his own mind but he often does this involuntarily! This thought comes from somewhere, is whispered into my heart and often remains there for a while. In the end, it goes away and is hardly ever even remembered again. The tiny doubt in question flew into my heart from somewhere in this way and I thought it - but then discarded it immediately again because my head and my heart are full of thousands of compelling pieces of evidence which refute it. I also seriously found it to be unseemly to say this thought out loud. If You, My Lord, insist, I will be pleased to comply. - Dear, true friends of our Lord, please however accept that I have already totally discarded it!

174,12. This is however the thought: During my time here, I have constantly seen the extremely attractive and voluptuous young maiden at the side of the Lord and the truly ridiculous thought forcibly entered my head entirely of its own accord that the Lord might also be in love in a sexual way, at least during the time when He walks on this earth in the flesh! Were that to be so, what effect would that then have on His absolutely pure spirituality? God can of course love all His creatures in a very pure way - however, what if He were also in an exceptional case to love an exceedingly beautiful girl on this earth in a sexual way? To affirm or deny this possibility was for my intelligence a little too difficult, although my soul cried out within me: ‘With You any love can only be pure to the highest degree, even a love that between humans we would regard as completely impure!’

174,13. There you are, My Lord, that is what you asked of me! Now I am finished with all the seeds and germs and You, My Lord, can make of that whatever You will! Or is it that Your divine all-seeing eye still notices something else inside me? If there should be something else which I can not perceive, please graciously draw my attention to it, and I will immediately and fearlessly, give my explanation!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-174 Chapter