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Chapter 175 - Simon's thoughts about the sexual nature of the Lord as a human being.

175,1. I reply: “Now you are indeed pure, and there is nothing in you which might ever confuse you in your faith in Me. However, now I wish to show you as well as all the others, how an impenetrable forest of doubt could have grown within you, if you were to have failed to rid yourself of this tiny seed of doubt. In time you would simply have begun to speak philosophically as follows:

175,2. What would happen if I lay with a maiden and her body afterwards bore the fruit of our union? If her issue were to be a male child, would he also be a God? If it were to be a female child, what then? Would it undermine the laws of Moses if I were to have sinned? Would it not make My Godhead unworthy to retain the Holy Spirit? Would I myself be capable of the act? How could I arouse mankind to perform the act, if I Myself were to be incapable of it?

175,3. If this act is a sin of the flesh which weakens the soul and the spirit, why did I implant this sinful act in man’s flesh and soul for the purpose of reproduction? Could I not have arranged for reproduction in a purer way?! But if this act of reproduction under God’s ordinance is the only correct and possible way, a God must be able to perform it as well as a man! Why is this act a sin for man but not for God or can God under some circumstances sin against His own order? How can God be the purest love, if He were to be guilty of a sinful human weakness?!

175,4. God as God can not possibly sin against His own ordinances! But if He has adopted man’s nature, is His flesh able to sin or not! Must He also resist the temptations of the flesh? If He is tempted, who permits Him to succumb? Is there yet another higher, more senior God, who is testing this young would-be God in all kinds of harsh ways and will make Him reborn in the spirit? If this young God sins like a man, can He also be cast out like a man?

175,5. Could the old Egyptians not be right regarding their genealogy of the principal gods? Uranus’ issue with Gaia, was Chronos (Saturn, Time), who constantly destroys his works. Zeus, as the will of Chronos, is saved by love, grows up in secrecy and becomes exceedingly powerful. The power of Zeus places Uranus and Chronos in retirement for ever and he rules absolutely on his own. He creates mankind on earth and is subsequently greatly tormented by all kinds of human weaknesses, as ordained by the terrible, unpredictable Fate as the oldest primordial Godhead. Fate seems to be the unknown supreme God; but now, somewhat tired of ruling, he has invisibly and secretly placed a divine spark in a pure maiden, has now become rejuvenated and has created his successor in a son who now stands before us and makes His first tentative attempts to rule as a god!

175,6. I could still tell you about a large number of similar offshoots which combine to produce a forest of doubt, as well as detail the other thickets and weeds that it can generate. As however the seed has now been destroyed within you, you are now cleansed and there can be no talk of the weed blooming again. As you now stand here totally pure, you are completely suitable to become one of My first disciples.

175,7. Furthermore you will now understand, how and why this little maiden clings to Me with all her love. None of you loves me as much as she loves Me as your love is more amazement at My wisdom and My miracles which you can not understand. This little maiden loves Me completely purely for My own sake as she knows who dwells within Me. This is worth more than admiration for Me as God, since it must be clear to everyone, that with God all things are possible. This is also good in itself but the alternative is better.

175,8. Which would you prefer - for people to love you because you are a man or only because you are a wise man well versed in all kind of arts? The first is love which originates from life and embraces life in turn; the second, however, has its origin in artistic inclination and only appreciates the artistry and skill of those who possess them. Tell Me which of these loves do you regard as the superior one?”

175,9. Simon says: “Obviously the first one! Anyone who already loves me as a man, will also love me even more as a wise man and an artist. However if someone loves me because he is of the opinion that I am a wise man and an artist, he will soon abandon his love if he discovers that I am not wise nor an artist! Therefore this very pure love for You, My Lord, coming from this little maiden, is truly an exemplary love and is greatly superior to the love of any of us!

175,10. Of course it is certain that a maiden loving a man for his own sake is more natural than one man loving another man. However, if a man in his heart and mind has a high regard for the value of another, say a brother, he will, as he appreciates and recognizes his own value, also respect and love his fellow-man irrespective of his abilities. If as time passes he discovers other hidden, desirable character traits in him, his love will surely grow! - My Lord! Every word and teaching which we receive from You is worthy and noble and true for all the eternities of eternity!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-175 Chapter