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Chapter 176 - The individual becoming one with God. Simon's confession of his carnal weaknesses.

176,1. (Simon:) “I can see now that You, My Lord, are revealing Yourself fully to man and that You are holding nothing back or keeping any secrets as the old Prophets did when they only revealed You to mankind under cover of an impenetrable veil and scarcely showed mortal man the hem of Your clothing. They did indeed found a religion and a church but what were that religion and that church? The religion was an almost invisible star sending out a very feeble ray of hope from somewhere in infinite space down to an earth blanketed by the darkest night, while the church was a building made of hard rock, a temple surrounded by blind alleys and gloomy forecourts, which the people were permitted to enter - never the inner sanctum of the temple, where all the great secrets of life were revealed, displayed on golden tables.

176,2. Here however, not only is the inner sanctum of the temple freely accessible to the people, but God too, the everlastingly Inaccessible One, completely reveals Himself to the people in His own person, as He was, is and will be for ever. It is therefore also necessary to accept God not just half-heartedly but completely in body, soul and spirit, by offering exclusive love to Him alone. This interaction between the Creator and the created and conversely between the created and their Creator must finally bring about full mutual identification by both the creative primordial Being and His created issue.

176,3. God becomes one with us, and we become one with Him, without in any way limiting our individuality as persons and without any loss of the perfect freedom of choice in our minds! If the created beings are not perfectly identified with the Creator, perfect freedom of choice is unthinkable, as it is only the will of the Creator that can enjoy complete freedom without any limitation and the will of the created being only enjoys that facility if it has perfectly become one with the will of the Creator.

176,4. If we desire what the Lord desires, our will is perfectly free, because the Lord’s will is also perfectly free; but if we do not seek that outcome or are only partially convinced, we are wretched slaves to our own unending blindness. It is only in God that we can become perfectly free; without God there exists only judgement and death!

176,5. Lord, You see that I am unafraid to speak out and I believe that this time I have also hit the nail on the head! However, please give Your almighty blessing to the wonderful seed corn which You Yourself, My Moat Holy Father, have brought from Your everlasting Heaven to plant here on this unfortunately very barren earth, the earth of our still stupid hearts, so that it will come to fruition a thousand fold! Most Holy Father, become one with us, Your creatures, Your children still in privation, so that we shall one day resemble You and can even become one with You!” - Here Simon, completely overcome, bursts into tears.

176,6. I get up and say to Simon: “Come to Me, you My dearest brother, and embrace Me not as Your Creator, but as your brother, so that you may be the first one to become one with Me!”

176,7. Simon says quite full of remorse: “You are too holy, My Father! This is a blessing which sinful Simon is unworthy to receive!” He continues to weep. However, I then go to him and hold him to My heart in a long brotherly embrace.

176,8. After a while, when Simon had ceased to be overwhelmed and I had had a calming effect on his mind, Simon said: “My Lord and God! What did I do, for You suddenly to be so lenient and merciful to me? Look here, I am a sinful person and I am open to the temptations of the flesh. Beautiful, attractive maidens make a deep impression on me and from time to time quite immoral thoughts force themselves upon me. I quite often indulge these thoughts with a kind of lustful joy, although I never turn them into deeds because of a lack of opportunity. Nevertheless my mind behaves as if it approves during these lustful episodes.

176,9. But then I also have quite lucid spells when I take reasonable views and decisions about this matter but to what avail? If I again see a beautiful maiden, all the lucid moments, all the reasonable views and decisions are gone in an instant and the sinful old goat, armed with all his indecent intentions, resumes his place. Of course I do nothing; but my inactivity is nevertheless not intentional but is simply the outcome of lack of opportunity. The fear of temporal punishment and disgrace is the barrier, not my own free will which is consumed by desire on these occasions and would not hesitate to act, given a good opportunity! I unfortunately know my sinful flesh only too well and therefore as a sinner I am not worthy of Your bounteous grace.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-176 Chapter