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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-177 Chapter

Chapter 177 - On the purpose and nature of sensuality.

177,1. I say: “My friend and brother, why the concern about the flesh and what happens when you are in it?! If I had not implanted this attribute into the flesh, would a man ever take a wife and awaken the fruit of life in her body?!

177,2. If I had not put the desire to eat into the stomach would anyone ever consume any food? In what other way could spirits specific to nature enter the blood or other bodily fluids and from there transfer to the nervous system and, purified in this way, become soul substance? By the power of My Will certainly, among primitive orders; but what would then become of the essential ability to preserve continuity? It would only be preserved by means of a rigid enduring judgement but what would then become of self-sufficiency and the future spiritual freedom of life?!

177,3. Look, if even one brick in My order of life is dislodged after it has been put in place – any self-sufficiency and freedom becomes an impossibility for ever more. Have I not breathed into eyes the ability to see and into ears the ability to hear, as well as giving the tongue the power to speak and to taste and the nose its sense of smell?!

177,4. Are you therefore a sinner because you from time to time become hungry and thirsty? Do you sin, if you see, hear, taste or smell? All these senses are given to you to perceive the form of all things, to listen to the wise meaning of words, distinguish good from evil, select good or bad and detect harmful spirits in unfermented, raw materiality!

177,5. Of course you can also sin using your eyes, ears, nose, palate or tongue, if you do not use these senses in accordance with divine order, if you only direct your eyes into a direction, where there is fleshy matter, or if you preferably and selectively only listen to sacrilege, invective or obscenities, or if you only sniff for your own pleasure at stinking things which contaminate the flesh and make it ill and incapable of work. You are also sinning using the palate or the tongue, if you do not curtail an excessive desire to enjoy the most expensive delicacies. Why should your palate be tickled with the most expensive and lavish food while close at hand many poor wretches must perish of hunger and thirst?! If you are hungry and thirsty, satisfy yourself with simple, freshly prepared food; but if you descend to gluttony and overindulgence, you are clearly sinning against all God’s ordinances.

177,6. Look here, all this is not true in your case. On the contrary, you have already achieved some quite glorious victories over the demands of the flesh by yourself! You have also been moderate in all things and have acted soberly in your desires. The part that was more or less evil in you was based in your inability to believe in the scriptures, which you previously could not understand; but your disbelief was honest, while Gabi’s lack of belief was dishonest like that of a true Pharisee. You, however, did not reject the scriptures; you only sought enlightenment and clarification so you also studied all the worldly Egyptian and Greek seers. This course of action nevertheless did not enlighten you and outwardly you remained a Pharisee. However in your heart you always diligently sought to find the truth. Because I knew this, I have aroused you and have opened for you, as well as all the others, the portals which guard the most illuminating truth.

177,7. Now you can never return to darkness again and therefore you should promote My spiritual kingdom on this earth! Through you the heathens in Persia should receive light in abundance! Now eat and drink again as you are still hungry and thirsty and you have eaten only half your fish and your mug is not yet empty! Just help yourself, My young brother Simon!”

177,8. Simon is still moved and close to tears, but he sits down and slowly eats his fish with bread and wine.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-177 Chapter