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Chapter 178 - On the nature of the angels. Heart and memory.

178,1. The other guests continue to help themselves, especially Raphael once more, which finally gives Cornelius good reason to whisper a rather laconic remark to the Romans sitting next to him. These Romans were Faustus and Julius, and Cornelius’ remark was: “These very well prepared fish taste very appetising to men of flesh and blood and they can consume a large number of them. However, Raphael, a spirit with no flesh or blood, bears comparison with the giant Hercules and the Philistine Goliath! It is astonishing that a spiritual being can eat so much! He is now eating his twelfth fish and for a spirit that is truly an amazing quantity! I have hardly managed to eat one fish, while the angel has polished off twelve in the same time! This is too much! I believe he could eat another twelve!”

178,2. The angel says: “Not just twelve, but ten times a hundred thousand times twelve in the blink of an eye, even if they were all enormous whales, like the one in whose belly the prophet Jonah was accommodated rather uncomfortably for three full days!

178,3. I do not need the fish to nourish me, but rather to produce the naturally spiritual ether which it is God’s will that I should generate to maintain this visible body for a time, which, although it is spiritual, has no shortage of flesh and blood. Look at these - are they not veins carrying blood - and is this not flesh?!

178,4. The power which I have received from the Lord to dissolve and withdraw this body into itself in an instant is an attribute which results from my highest possible spiritual perfection in life. However, I am not only able to dissolve my body in an instant using my will power, but I can nevertheless dispose of your own body in the same way and, just as quickly, or for that matter even the whole earth.

178,5. Does your body not therefore consist of flesh and blood because I could dissolve it in an instant?! Or does the earth not consist of extremely solid matter as well as water, air and a countless number of primordial materials, if I am able to reduce it, with the permission of the Lord, to its specific primordial constituents within an unimaginably short time, so that its volume, even if it were still to be a material something, would appear to your eyes to be absolutely nothing?!

178,6. Therefore, friends, think, think before letting a single word pass your lips and ensure that you as disciples of the Lord never speak any nonsense, which would bring down disrespect on your Master! You have now already seen, heard and experienced so many things. However when it comes to the inner spiritual majesty and power of, say, an angel spirit, not to mention the everlasting spirit of God, you certainly do not have the slightest idea! Yet you can still make witty remarks about an archangel’s requirements to sustain a temporary existence in a false body?!

178,7. Do you really consider that you could endure the presence of my image in its true primordial light if I were to reveal myself to you?! Look here, the fire from the light of my primordial being is intense enough to destroy an infinite number of primordial central suns, far less only you and this whole earth! To ensure that this is not the effect of my presence, I have to structure this false body in accordance with the Lord’s almighty will and conceal my true being to avoid any possibility of impairment of good order in the judgement of materiality. Nevertheless, materiality must be tempered in advance by the fire of my inner life which will then be able to serve it as a protective shell! Consequently, I must necessarily take in more of the food of materiality than any of you.

178,8. You did not and could not know this but you should know that someone like me would not been called by the Lord to be revealed as a glutton or a comedian or a trickster in order to annoy you, but rather to be useful to you in many ways and to give you tangible proof of the power and presence of the angels of God! Nevertheless if you understand this, how can you make pointed remarks about my eating habits?”

178,9. Cornelius says: “My dear Raphael, you who are the Lord’s most illustrious emissary from Heaven, do not be angry with me. You can see that spiritually we are like newborn babies in the cradle and that we live a dream life in a semi-conscious state! In future eat as much as you like and none of us will ever again even dare to think about it in any way, far less comment on it. At the same time we take the liberty of thanking you for the extraordinary lesson which you, in your justifiable annoyance, have given us regarding our unwavering stupidity. Since we now know the ‘why’, we will certainly forbear to make any inept judgement on the ‘therefore’! But if the ‘why’ is foreign to us, how can we know about the ‘therefore’? Please therefore accept my special thanks once more for your great and important lesson!”

178,10. Raphael says: “Gratitude belongs to the Lord alone as He is your, as well as our, Father for all eternity! Let this lesson spill over onto all your other experiences and revelations in life, and soon you will see us angels standing as worthy brothers at your side! You should not criticise or deride anything except lies and deception! The liar should always stand disgraced and the deceiver exposed, so that they taste the bitter fruit of lies and deception!

178,11. At every opportunity you should gently teach the people if they stray. If they take heed of your words, that is fine and good; if not, you can tighten the strings! If this is also of no avail, lock up the obstinate ones in a house of penal correction and let them fast. If necessary beat them since, when punishment is good and just, the rod should not be spared! We, your secret educators, make use of the rod when dealing with people who are wilful and very stubborn. Learn this lesson too and put it into practice whenever necessary and you will walk tall among men. Otherwise you will find yourselves beset by all kinds of wild animals, who are no more than human larvae!”

178,12. Cyrenius says: “Lord, did the angel work this out himself - or did he take everything from You?”

178,13. I say: “My friend, your memory is again rather short! Did I not, a few days ago, carefully explain to you, what the angels are, and what their thoughts, wishes and actions are - and now you are asking me again! If they are only images animated by My will, what independence do they enjoy? What thoughts can they think for themselves, as they are only an extension of My will and a receptacle for My thoughts, My ideas and My intentions?

178,14. If they were to think, wish and act independently, they would firstly have to dine like you at the children’s table and bless this earth in your flesh! From this it is as clear as the sunlight that what the angel Raphael has said just now is My word, My speech and My will, which you must observe as if I Myself had spoken directly to you.

178,15. You must absorb My words more deeply in your hearts and they will then not be so easily forgotten by your memories as everything which lives in the heart also remains fixed in the memory and you can easily access it at a suitable opportunity. On the other hand if you only try to memorize what I have told you, you will for the most part forget it at least a hundred times a year as when you are older your memory is not as fresh as in your youth. However, even the young quite easily forget what they have learned, far less older people. Anything that the heart has embraced has entered life and remains there for ever!

178,16. I am telling you that whatever you have absorbed into your memory in this world, not one iota of it will remain in the hereafter; therefore all the dry worldly scholars appear there to be deaf, blind and mute, knowing nothing, recalling nothing. Not infrequently they arrive in the hereafter without an idea in their heads, like babies born into this world fresh from their mother’s womb. They have to learn and experience everything from first principles, otherwise they would remain deaf, blind and mute for eternity and would have nothing more than a vague feeling of existence but without feeling that they are the ones who have already dwelt on earth. All of this has to be taught to them little by little through their senses.

178,17. Where there is darkness in a man’s heart, his whole personality is sombre too but if there is light and brightness, the whole person is bright, and he can never be shrouded in darkness again! Therefore, take what you hear immediately to heart and you will soon be filled with brightness!

178,18. If all of you have understood that and absorbed the lesson in your hearts, let us prepare ourselves for something else! What will soon happen will make you think deeply but you will also learn a great deal from it and when the times comes, you will make very good use of it.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-178 Chapter